OSRS Melee / Combat Skill Training Guide

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular MMORPG known for its retro-style gameplay and nostalgic appeal. In OSRS, combat skills are crucial for players to thrive in battles and complete various quests. This guide will cover the basics of training Melee combat skills in OSRS, focusing on Attack, Strength, and Defence.

  • Attack: Determines your accuracy in combat and allows you to wield better weapons.
  • Strength: Affects the amount of damage you deal to opponents.
  • Defence: Increases your ability to withstand attacks and allows you to wear better armor.
  • Combat Triangle: Keep in mind the combat triangle (Melee, Ranged, and Magic) when choosing your targets. Melee is strong against Ranged but weak against Magic.
  • Equipment: Invest in the best equipment for your level, such as weapons and armor, to maximize your training efficiency.
  • Training Locations: Choose training locations with monsters that have low defence and low damage output for faster and safer training.

Beginner (Levels 1-40):

  • Chickens (Lumbridge)
  • Cows (Lumbridge)
  • Goblins (Lumbridge)
  • Al-Kharid Warriors (Al-Kharid Palace)

Intermediate (Levels 40-60):

  • Hill Giants (Edgeville Dungeon)
  • Moss Giants (Varrock Sewers, Crandor Island, Brimhaven Dungeon)
  • Rock Crabs (Rellekka, Waterbirth Island)
  • Sand Crabs (Hosidius)
  • Experiments (Fenkenstrain’s Castle, after Creature of Fenkenstrain quest)

Advanced (Levels 60-99):

  • Slayer (Train by completing Slayer tasks)
  • Nightmare Zone (Minigame)
  • Bandits (Bandit Camp, Kharidian Desert)
  • Yaks (Neitiznot, after Fremennik Isles quest)
  • Giant Spiders (Stronghold of Security)
  • Ammonite Crabs (Fossil Island, after Bone Voyage quest)
  • Abyssal Creatures (Abyss, after entering through Mage of Zamorak in Wilderness)

Training Tips:

  • Train Attack and Strength first to increase damage output, then Defence.
  • Use the highest-level attack style available to maximize experience gain.
  • Complete quests with combat experience rewards to skip lower levels quickly.
  • Use potions (such as Attack, Strength, and Defence potions) to boost your combat stats temporarily.

Remember, efficient training in OSRS requires patience and dedication. By following this guide and adjusting your approach based on your preferences and level, you’ll be on your way to achieving your desired combat level in no time. Good luck!

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