OSRS Money Making Guide

OSRS Money Making Guide – Make Millions in OSRS

In OSRS, making money is essential for progressing through the game. This guide will provide you with various methods and skills to help you make money, for both free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (P2P) players.

Best Skills for Making Money:

  1. Slayer: Slayer is a profitable skill, as it involves killing monsters that drop valuable items. High-level Slayer monsters, such as Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, and Nechryaels, have generous drop tables and can yield substantial profits. Additionally, Wilderness Slayer tasks offer an increased chance for valuable drops, and Boss tasks (such as Cerberus, Kraken, and Thermonuclear Smoke Devil) provide high-value unique items.
  2. Farming: Farming enables players to grow and harvest various crops for profit. Herb farming is especially lucrative, with popular herbs like Ranarr, Snapdragon, and Torstol yielding significant returns. Tree farming, particularly Magic and Yew trees, and fruit tree farming (Palm and Papaya trees) are also profitable methods for generating income.
  3. Hunter: Hunter is a skill that involves capturing creatures for valuable drops. Chinchompas (Red and Black) are in high demand for training Ranged, and Implings (Eclectic, Nature, and Lucky) provide a variety of valuable items. Hunting Herbiboars is another profitable method, as it yields herbs and experience.
  4. Crafting: Crafting is a skill that involves creating various items from raw materials. Crafting battlestaves (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire) from orbs and unpowered staves can generate considerable profits. Making jewelry, such as Amulets of Fury, Glory, and Power, is also profitable. Crafting Dragonhide armor (Green, Blue, Red, and Black) is another method to make money, as it is in high demand for combat training.
  5. Runecrafting: Runecrafting involves creating runes for Magic spells. Crafting runes through the Abyss (Nature, Law, Cosmic, and Blood runes) is a profitable method, as these runes are in high demand. Crafting double runes (Astral, Death, and Soul runes) is another way to maximize profits, as players can craft multiple runes per essence at higher levels.

Worst Skills for Making Money:

  1. Agility: Agility doesn’t provide any direct money-making methods, as it primarily focuses on improving a player’s ability to navigate obstacles and traverse the game world.
  2. Firemaking: Firemaking is not a profitable skill, as the main activity involves burning logs for experience without generating any valuable items.
  3. Fletching: Fletching can be profitable at higher levels when making ammunition or high-level bows, but it is generally less profitable compared to other skills.
  4. Construction: Construction is a money sink, as players spend money to create and improve their player-owned houses without directly generating income.
  5. Thieving: Thieving can provide some profit through pickpocketing and looting chests, but it is generally less profitable compared to other skills, and it has an inherent risk of getting caught or attacked by NPCs.

Money Making Spots for Each Skill: (See the previous response for a list of money-making spots for the best skills for making money.)

Best F2P Money Making Methods:

  1. Telegrabbing Zamorak Wines: In the Asgarnian Chaos Temple, players can telegrab Zamorak wines, which are valuable for their use in Herblore. Beware of the nearby monks, as they become aggressive when wines are taken.
  2. Mining Rune and Adamantite ores: Players can mine Rune and Adamantite ores in various locations, such as the Mining Guild and Wilderness Resource Area. These ores are in high demand for Smithing and can yield a significant profit.
  3. Smithing Rune equipment: Players can smith Rune bars into various equipment, such as Rune platebodies, Rune swords, and Rune scimitars. These items are commonly used by high-level F2P players, making them valuable in the market.
  4. Fishing Lobsters and Swordfish: Fishing Lobsters and Swordfish in locations like Karamja is a popular F2P money-making method. These fish are in demand for their healing properties in combat situations.
  5. Crafting Gold amulets (u): Crafting Gold amulets (u) requires a Gold bar and an Amulet mould. These amulets are used for High-Level Alchemy or enchanting, making them a profitable item to craft.

Best AFK Money Making Methods:

  1. Woodcutting (Yew and Magic trees): Woodcutting Yew and Magic trees is an AFK method that provides valuable logs for Fletching and Firemaking. Yew trees are popular among F2P players, while Magic logs are in demand for P2P players.
  2. Fishing (Monkfish, Sharks, and Anglerfish): Fishing Monkfish, Sharks, and Anglerfish is an AFK method that provides valuable fish for Cooking and combat. These fish are in high demand due to their healing properties.
  3. Mining (Motherlode Mine and Amethyst): Mining in the Motherlode Mine is an AFK method that provides a variety of ores, while mining Amethyst provides valuable crafting materials. Both methods yield considerable profits.
  4. Cooking (Cooking high-level fish and foods): Cooking high-level fish and foods, such as Sharks, Dark crabs, and Anglerfish, is an AFK method that generates income. These cooked items are in high demand for their healing properties in combat situations.
  5. Fletching (Making arrow shafts, headless arrows, and broad arrows): Fletching can be an AFK money-making method by creating arrow shafts, headless arrows, and broad arrows. These items are in demand for training Ranged.

PK Looting:

Looting player-killed items in popular PvP spots, such as the Edgeville Wilderness or the Revenant Caves, can provide a steady income. Keep an eye out for valuable items dropped during player-versus-player combat and pick them up quickly. Be cautious of other players who might target looters.

Grand Exchange (GE) Flipping:

Buy low, sell high: GE flipping involves buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price for a profit. Some popular items for flipping include potions, runes, and commonly traded resources (such as logs, ores, and fish). To be successful at flipping, players must closely monitor the market and predict price trends.

Other Methods:

  1. Bossing (Vorkath, Zulrah, Raids, etc.): Bossing involves killing high-level bosses that drop valuable unique items. Bosses like Vorkath, Zulrah, and Raids (Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood) can provide significant profits.
  2. Barrows: Barrows is a combat minigame that involves defeating six Barrows brothers for a chance to receive valuable Barrows equipment. This method can be very profitable if players obtain rare drops.
  3. Clue Scrolls: Clue Scrolls are treasure hunts that provide valuable rewards, such as unique cosmetic items, valuable resources, and high-level equipment. Players can obtain Clue Scrolls from various activities, like Slayer, skilling, or killing specific monsters. The higher the Clue Scroll tier, the more valuable the potential rewards.
  1. Managing Miscellania: Managing Miscellania is a P2P kingdom management minigame that involves assigning subjects to gather resources. By investing in your kingdom and maintaining high approval ratings, players can generate a steady income from the gathered resources.
  2. High-Level Alchemy: High-Level Alchemy is a Magic spell that converts items into coins. By alchemizing items with a higher value than the cost of the nature rune and item itself, players can make a profit. Some popular items for High-Level Alchemy include crafted jewelry, metal equipment, and battlestaves.

Remember that the OSRS economy is constantly changing, and the profitability of each method can vary over time. Keep an eye on the market, stay up-to-date with updates and patches, and explore new methods to maximize your profits.

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