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Warrior Awakening PvE Guide & Build – Black Desert Online – Skills, Rotation & Gear

The Warrior class is one of the most versatile classes in Black Desert Online. With their great variety of skills, they can easily adapt to any situation and playstyle. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about the Warrior class, from gear and crystals to skills and addons.

They are a melee DPS class with a great variety of skills and abilities.

The longsword is their primary weapon while they use a shield as their secondary weapon.

Their awakening weapon is a greatsword.

The Warrior class is one of the most popular classes in Black Desert Online and it’s easy to see why.

Warriors are a very mobile class, with skills that allow them to easily move around the battlefield.

This build is meant as a general guideline and anything can be swapped out to suit your style of play.


All classes in BDO follow the same progression for gear regardless of class.

Naru > Tuvala / Narchillan > Boss Gear

Damage Reduction or Evasion

Drakania should pick Damage Reduction over Evasion.


  • Armor: Dark Red Fang Crystal – Armor X2
  • Helmet: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience X2 > HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod X2
  • Gloves: Dark Red Fang Crystal – Valor X2
  • Boots: Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine X2 – HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod X2
  • Primary Weapon: Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power X2 > JIN Magic Crystal – Carnae X2
  • Secondary Weapon: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical Hit X2 > Corrupted Magic Crystal X2

Cosumables and Buffs

  • Church Buff from Priest
  • Villa buff
  • Simple Cron Meal
  • Frenzy Draught
  • Destruction Spirit Stone
  • Spirit Perfume Elixir

Awakening vs. Succession

When choosing between Awakening and Succession for your Warrior, you should choose the spec that suits your playstyle the most.

Both Succession and Awakening are good for PvE Warriors, with Awakening being slightly better if optimized.


Minimum Skill Points: 1600


Main Skills

  • Slash X
  • Charging Slash I
  • Deep Thrust I
  • Ground Roar IV -> Absolute: Ground Roar
  • Heavy Strike I
  • Forward Slash IV -> Ultimate: Forward Slash
  • Sideways Cut I
  • Spinning Slash IV -> Absolute: Spinning Slash
  • Piercing Spear I
  • Frenzied Dash I
  • Scars of Dusk -> Absolute: Scars of Dusk
  • Ground Smash IV -> Absolute: Ground Smash

Secondary Skills

  • Shield Charge II
  • Charging Thrust IV
  • War Cry I
  • Evasion


  • Fitness Training XX
  • Soul of Warrior I
  • Infinite Master VI
  • Skilled Hunter V
  • Increase Grip
  • Unyielding Might
  • Rage Absorption (Common)
  • Rage Absorption (Innate)
  • Rage Transfer
  • Emergency Escape


Main Skills

  • Executioner
  • Greatsword Defense
  • Head Chase
  • Greatsword Training V
  • Burning Movie
  • Elvia: Divided Will
  • Solar Flare IV
  • Flow: Overwhelm
  • Frenzied Strikes III
  • Merciless IV
  • Balance Strike III
  • Flow: Hilt Strike
  • Grave Digging IV
  • Flow: Slashing the Dead
  • Pulverize III
  • Flow: Tempest
  • Flow: Reckless Blow
  • Flow: Armor Break
  • Chain: Heaven’s Cleave
  • Flow: Ankle Break

Selected Skills

  • Core: Frenzied Strikes

Skill Addons

  • Solar Flare I – ALL DP +15 & Critical Hit Damage 3%
  • Flow: Armor Break – All DP -15 & All Evasion Rate -4%
  • Pulverize I – Attack/Casting Speed +7% & Critical Hit Damage 3%
  • Flow: Reckless Blow – Extra AP Against Monsters +30 & Attack/Casting Speed +10%
  • Grave Digging I – Extra AP Against Monsters +20 & Attack Casting Speed +7%
  • Chain: Heaven’s Cleave – Critical Hit Rate 20% & Back Attack Damage 3%


For Movement

  1. Head Chase
  2. Solar Flare
  3. Heaven’s Cleave
  4. Charging Thrust
  5. Shield Charge
  6. Frenzied Dash

DPS Rotation

  1. Block (Q) for Buffs
  2. Grave Digging
  3. Armor Break
  4. Solar Flare
  5. Heaven’s Cleave
  6. Frenzied Strike
  7. Reckless Blow
  8. Ankle Break
  9. Pulverize
  10. Tempest
  11. Merciless

If you have any questions or suggestions for our Awakening Warrior Build, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you so much for this detailed guide! As a new player, I was lost in the vast array of skills and rotations for Warrior Awakening. Your step-by-step guide and suggested builds have been a huge help in improving my gameplay. I’ve already seen a significant increase in my damage output and overall performance. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more guides like this!

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