BDO Drakania Guide and Build

Drakania Awakening PvE Guide & Build – Black Desert Online – Skills, Rotation & Gear

This Drakania Awakening PvE Guide & Build is your one-stop shop for becoming a Drakania expert in Black Desert Online. This comprehensive guide covers everything from Drakania basics, to the best skills for Drakania, and an exhaustive breakdown of the Drakania class.

Whether you’re a new player looking to get into Drakania or an experienced player, this guide has you covered!

Drakania are powerful and agile, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They are a great choice for new players as they are very powerful and can be played without relying too much on a difficult rotation.

This build is meant as a general guideline and anything can be swapped out to suit your style of play.


All classes in BDO follow the same progression for gear regardless of class.

Naru > Tuvala / Narchillan > Boss Gear

Damage Reduction or Evasion

Drakania should pick Damage Reduction over Evasion.


  • Armor: Dark Red Fang Crystal – Armor X2
  • Helmet: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience X2 > HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod X2
  • Gloves: Dark Red Fang Crystal – Valor X2
  • Boots: Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine X2 – HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod X2
  • Primary Weapon: Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power X2 > JIN Magic Crystal – Carnae X2
  • Secondary Weapon: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical Hit X2 > Corrupted Magic Crystal X2

Cosumables and Buffs

  • Church Buff from Priest
  • Villa buff
  • Simple Cron Meal
  • Frenzy Draught
  • Destruction Spirit Stone
  • Spirit Perfume Elixir

Awakening vs. Succession

When choosing between Awakening and Succession for your Drakania, you should choose the spec that suits your playstyle the most.

Both are decent for PvE. Succession has more hard-hitting AoEs that can make grinding a breeze, but Awakening is faster-paced. If you’re someone who likes to move around a lot and doesn’t want to be tied down by long animations, then Awakening is the way to go.


Minimum Skill Points: 1260


Main Skills

  • Markthanan’s Breath III
  • Abyssal Fang IV
  • Markthanan’s Scale V
  • Absolute Markthanan’s Scale

Secondary Skills

  • Scale Bastion
  • Dragonwalk III
  • Evasion
  • Refraction II
  • Absolute: Refraction


  • Infinite Mastery VI
  • Skilled Hunter V
  • Prime: Bloodthrist
  • Markthanan’s Rattle XX
  • Prime: Cinders V
  • Prime: Dragonborn Constitution
  • Markthanan’s Heart
  • Ceaseless Vengeance
  • Rage Absorption
  • Rage Transfer
  • Emergency Escape


Main Skills

  • Burning Resolve
  • Legacy
  • Elvia: Edict Unbound
  • Fate Beckons
  • Flow: Dragon Flight
  • Trion Training V
  • Implale

Hexeblood Skills

  • Tip of the Scale IV
  • Savage Decree II
  • Flow: Concealed Claw
  • Spiteful Soul IV
  • Aerial Burst III
  • Sundering Roar IV
  • Tectonic Slam III
  • Storm Maul

Dragonblood Skills

  • Tip of the Scale IV
  • Savage Decree III
  • Spiteful Soul III
  • Flow: Cloud’s Strife
  • Sundering Roar IV
  • Flow: Extinction
  • Doombringer
  • Tectonic Slam

Selected Skills

  • Sundering Roar

Skill Addons

  • Storm Maul – Critical Hit 20% & Attack Casting Speed +7%
  • Aerial Burst I – All DP -15 & All Evasion Rate -4%
  • Spiteful Soul – Extra AP Against Monsters +20 & Attack/Casting Speed +7%
  • Doombringer – Extra AP Against Monsters +30 & Attack/Casting Speed +10%
  • Sundering Roar – Back Attack Damage +5% & Critical Hit +5%
  • Tectonic Slam – Accuracy Rate +4% & Movement Speed +7%


  1. Storm Maul (W+RMB)
  2. Aerial Burst
  3. Tip of the Scale
  4. Tectonic Slam
  5. Spiteful Soul
  6. Sundering Roar
  7. Doombringer
  8. Savage Decree
  9. Sundering Roar
  10. Tip of the Scale + Flow: Clouds Strife
  11. Tectonic Slam

If you have any questions or suggestions to our Awakening Drakania Build, please leave a comment below!

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