BDO Silver Guide

Black Desert Online Ultimate Silver Guide

Silver is the main currency in Black Desert Online. It is used for buying everything in the game. In this Silver Farming Guide, we will show you the best ways to farm silver.

We will also cover the different silver farming spots depending on your level. So whether you are a beginner or an end-game player, this guide has something for you!

BDO is a very complex game and the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to making Silver. Some methods are very easy and can be done by everyone and some are more complex and require skill and power to do.

In this guide, we will go over the different methods of farming silver and show you what the best ways to farm silver are.

Gold Bars

BDO Gold Bar
Keep a look out for any Gold Bars in your inventory.

As you level up in BDO you will get rewarded various Gold Bars, be sure to trade these in at the “Storage Keeper” for silver.

Passive Silver Making

BDO Silver Passive
The more fame, the more daily Silver.

By passive we mean the ways of making silver by just showing up.

  • Increasing your Fame will increase the amount of free silver you can claim per day. Leveling alts is a good way to do this.
  • Events and login rewards will reward you with valuable items that can be sold for silver.
  • Playing the Black Spirit’s Adventure daily will reward you with Caphras Stones and other valuable items

Check out our Beginners Guide for more information about free rewards.

AFK Silver Farming

BDO is an MMO that you can put to work when you are not at the keyboard, and one of the things you can do is to farm silver.

AFK Fishing

BDO Afk Fishing
AFK Fishing is a good way to spend your time away from your PC.

Fishing is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to make money in BDO. You can fish anywhere in BDO, whether it’s from a river, lake, or the ocean, and doing so AFK is a great way of racking up some silver when you are away.

Set yourself up in a safe area, like a city where there is plenty of valuable fish. You can use the BDO Fish Map to see where the best fish are.

You should always use the Balenos Fishing Rod when AFK fishing, and maybe some other fishing gear. You can also join a Guild that has the Fishing Skill. A pet like the Otter will also increase your fishing skill, and lastly you can get fishing gear like the Loggia Fishing gear to further improve your stats.

The beach in Velia is the most popular spot for fishing, but there are plenty of other places to AFK fish. Picking a spot that is near an Imperial Fish Delivery NPC is important. Here are a few good beginner AFK fishing spots:

  • Grana- Kamasylvia
  • Duvencrune – Driegham
  • Heidel – Serendia

When you are done, turn what fish you can into the Imperial Fish Delivery

Imperial Delivery, sell the rest to the Trade Manager.

AFK Farming

BDO Farming
Spend some time setting up your farm and you will make tons of semi-AFK silver.

Farming is another great way of making AFK silver. You need about 100 contribution points to get started. Then you need to buy 10 strong fences from a material vendor and place them in you chosen spot.

What crops is the most profitable to grow will change, so you should check the Central Market and see what crops are selling for a lot at the moment.

Worker Empires

BDO Worker Empire
Spending some time learning the worker/node system is a good idea!

Having Workers work for you is another great way to make some semi-AFK silver. It will take some time and contribution points to get started from scratch but it is well worth it.

Start by investing Contribution into nodes around the map, once you have invested in a node you can invest in the nodes connected to it.

Click on the different nodes to see it there is anything your workers can farm there that is worth your time.

Now invest in some Lodging in town for your workers to live in and set them to work at your chosen spots.

You will now get free items straight into your storage in town.

Imperial Cooking

Another semi-AFK silver method. Head over to a Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC. You can either buy the items needed for the various boxes and turn them in and make a profit or you can make them yourselves.

Open the Processing Window (L), go to Imperial Cuisine and put your selected items into a box, and turn in.


BDO Gathering
Gathering is an easy way to make silver at all levels.

The best thing about gathering is that it doesn’t require much to get started, and even if you are not very good at it, you can still make some silver.

Gathering includes Lumbering, collecting Fluids, Hoe Gathering, Butchering, Tanning, Mining and Water Scooping.

Just equip the appropriate tool and get started. The better the tool, the faster the gathering will be. Also remember to pick up gathering gear, like the Loggia Gear.

With gathering you will also need to do some research on the Central Market to find out which items are valuable at the moment.

Below is a general list of some of the best items to gather for silver.

  • Troll Blood (at Troll farm north of Calpheon)
  • Deer Meat (around Behr)
  • Cedar (around Trent)
  • Fir (around Trent)
  • Birch (around Trent)
  • Rough Stone (around Pilgrims Haven)
  • Wolf Meat
  • Sheep Blood
  • Pig Blood
  • Scorpion Blood (around Tshira Ruins)
  • Snake Meat (around Tshira Ruins)

Grinding Spots for Silver

BDO Grinding SIlver
Cadry Ruins is a nice newbie-friendly farming spot for levels and silver. Move up from there to more profitable spots as you gear up!

Grinding is one of the main aspects of BDOs endgame gameplay. You will be grinding for levels, better gear, and silver! There are many grinding spots, but below you can see the best grinding spots depending on your AP.

  1. Hexe Sanctuary (Elvia) AP: 300
  2. Sycraia Lower AP: 280
  3. Quint Hill (Elvia) AP: 310
  4. Orc Camp (Elvia) AP: 280
  5. Tunkuta Turos AP: 270
  6. Olun’s Valley AP: 300
  7. Bloody Monastery: Cultists AP: 280
  8. Star’s End Pillars AP: 260
  9. Swamp Fogan Habitat (Elvia)AP: 260
  10. Glish Swamp Naga AP: 260
  11. Kratuga Ancient Ruins AP: 250
  12. Crypt of Resting Thoughts AP: 300
  13. Primal Giant Post (Elvia) AP: 290
  14. Saunil Camp (Elvia) AP: 270
  15. Rhutum Outstation (Elvia) AP: 280
  16. Taphtar Plain: Centaurs AP: 175
  17. Mirumok 12 Tree AP: 240
  18. Hystria Ruins AP: 250
  19. Thornwood Forest AP: 260
  20. Manshaums AP: 230
  21. Biraghi Den: Bandits (Elvia) AP: 240
  22. Roud Sulfur Mines AP: 200
  23. Tooth Fairy Forest Ronaros AP: 200
  24. Ash Forest AP: 300
  25. Padix Island AP: 270
  26. Murrowak’s Labyrinth AP: 280
  27. Aakman Temple AP: 250
  28. Polly’s Forest: Mushrooms AP: 160
  29. Pila Ku AP: 210
  30. Cadry Ruins AP: 140
  31. Bashims Base AP: 100
  32. Titium Valley: Desert Fogans AP: 100
  33. Fadus Habitat AP: 140
  34. Crescent Shrine AP: 170

Central Market Flipping

BDO Silver Central Market
Learn the ins and outs of the Central Markets and you will earn tons of Silver!

This is one of the best ways of making money in any MMO. The basic principle is easy, buy low and sell high.

This way of making silver will take some time to learn and perfect.

Prices on the central market will fluctuate, especially during events that reward certain items that flood the market with that particular item. The price will then go down and return to normal after the event.

A good way to track prices during the week is to make an excel spreadsheet and just track a few items that you think can be profitable.

No matter what level you are, there is a silver farming spot that is perfect for you! So get out there and start farming!

Do you have any tips on how to farm silver? Let us know in the comments below!

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