BDO Best Solo Classes

Black Desert Online: Best Solo PvE Classes

In the vast and complex world of Black Desert Online (BDO), a player’s class is a crucial factor that shapes their experience, especially in solo PvE (Player versus Environment) scenarios. Each class, with its unique strengths and weaknesses, caters to different playstyles. While all classes can hold their own in solo PvE, some simply stand out from the rest. Here’s a ranking of the best solo PvE classes in BDO, from least effective to the best, with the understanding that all classes maintain their viability and unique appeal in the game’s multifaceted PvE realm.

11. Guardian

The Guardian, despite her commendable AoE damage, high survivability, and low skill cap, ranks lowest in this list. While she’s capable of handling mobs and tanking damage effectively, other classes outshine her in solo PvE due to their versatility and higher damage output.

10. Ranger

The Ranger, with her quick, ranged AoE skills, and the capacity to kite enemies effectively, offers decent solo PvE capabilities. However, classes with more balanced attributes rank higher in this context.

9. Nova

Nova’s defensive prowess and summoning skills are valuable in solo PvE scenarios, but her slower, albeit powerful attacks, put her further down in the ranking.

8. Woosa

Woosa’s versatility and ability to summon spirits contribute positively to her solo PvE performance. However, she falls short when compared to the agility and damage output of other classes.

7. Wizard/Witch

These classes, with their powerful AoE damage and healing abilities, do well in solo PvE, but their reliance on pets for additional damage and crowd control limits their rank in this list.

6. Sorceress

Sorceress’s high mobility and dark magic AoE attacks make her formidable in solo PvE. However, her relatively lower survivability and high skill cap prevent her from ranking higher.

5. Archer

The Archer’s range and damage output are his main strengths in solo PvE. Nevertheless, his lower defense can be a challenge, especially against bosses or large mobs, which places him in the middle of the pack.

4. Drakania

Drakania is a relative new addition to the game and has already become a very popular class. The Drakania has stong AOE abilities and good surivivability making it a great solo PVE class.

3. Striker

The Striker, boasting a solid defense and high burst damage, ranks higher for solo PvE. His clones offer decent crowd control, but the lack of strong AoE skills prevents him from topping the list.

2. Lahn

Lahn’s aerial abilities and wide-range AoE skills make her an excellent choice for solo PvE. Her damage output and survivability stand out, placing her in the top three.

1. Hashashin

Topping this list is Hashashin, with his strong mobility and desert-themed skill set. His wide AoE skills make him highly effective at handling large mobs, and his improved sustain ensures his top-tier rank in solo PvE.

Despite this ranking, remember that the enjoyment and your personal playstyle are what truly matter in BDO. Every class can be mastered and enjoyed in its own unique way. From the powerful and resilient Guardian to the agile and capable Hashashin, every class offers a unique and rewarding solo PvE experience in the rich world of Black Desert Online.

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  1. All of this is incorrect. Hash is mid tier, while Woosa and Lahn are top tier. Berserker, one of the top classes, isn’t even mentioned on here.

    Provide proper information or don’t provide any at all.

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