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Black Desert Online Leveling Guide: The Fastest Way to Reach Level 62+

Looking to level up quickly in Black Desert Online? Look no further! In this guide, we will share the fastest way to reach level 62 and beyond. We’ll cover everything from early game leveling tips to endgame strategies.

So whether you’re a new player or just looking to speed up your progress, read on for the best ways to power through BDO!

What is the max level in BDO?

BDO doesn’t like hard caps and instead opts for soft caps for many of its stats, including levels.

There is no max level in BDO, but leveling becomes progressively harder, especially after level 60 and 62.

The highest level character in BDO in 2022 is level 67. Just going from 66 to 67 took him almost two and a half years of grinding around the clock.

Most players will stop actively trying to level up at 61 or 62, as this is considered a soft cap.

How long does it take to reach the max level in BDO?

As we said above, leveling to 67 will take years of non-stop grinding. But reaching around levels 55-60 can be done in just a few hours or days, depending on your play style and leveling method.

Leveling Your First Character

If you are leveling your first character, it is wise to stick to the main story. It’s fast and you will get a ton of valuable rewards like bag space, and you will also earn Contribution Points and Energy for your character and your whole Family/Account that you will need.

For more tips about your first character, check out our BDO Beginners guide.

Grinding Vs. Questing

As we said above, stick with questing for your first/main character. For your alts you can pick whatever you enjoy. At level 60 the fastest way to level 61 is questing with the Chenga Tome.

Season vs. Normal Character

For the purpose of leveling fast seasonal characters get a 100% XP bonus on Season servers amongst the plethora of other advantages to being a seasoned character.

Ancient Stone Chamber vs. Mountain of Eternal Winter

BDO Leveling Path
Ancient Stone Chamber has some amazing rewards for new characters. Mountain of Eternal Winter is faster.

New characters can choose to start in the Ancient Stone Chamber or the new Mountain of Eternal Winter Zone. The Mountain is faster and is designed for new players to quickly catch up.

It is recommended that you go through the Ancient Stone Chamber and the main story at least once though.


Powerleveling is possible in BDO. High-level players can group up with a lower-level player and grind high-level content.

The character being powerleveled will have few skill points and will need to grind those themselves.

AFK Leveling

AFK leveling in BDO is possible after level 50 and is a good way of spending your AFK time.

Simply head to Jamey Drucker in any major city to buy a “Book of Training – Combat”.

Now you can start attacking the nearby scarecrows for some free AFK XP.

BDO Afk Leveling
Jamie Drucker is the man to talk to start AFK leveling.

Leveling Items

Chenga Tome

“Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom” can be obtained through a series of quests from the Black Spirit at level 53+. It will grant you 30% extra XP from quests.

BDO Leveling Chenga Tome
The Chenga Tome is a must have at later levels.

Marni’s Stone

These can be bought from Wacky Toshi who can be found all over the world. If you are grinding it is worth picking up the appropriate Marni’s Stones for the spot where you are grinding for some extra XP.

BDO Leveling Guide Marnis Stone
Marni’s Stones offers a bit of extra XP when grinding.

XP Bonuses

BDO Leveling XP Bonus
XP bonuses can add up and make leveling a lot faster.

There are A LOT of XP bonuses available in BDO. Try to have as many as you can active but don’t stress out about getting all of them.

  • Various Events – 100-1500% XP (Keep an eye out on the BDO Events page)
  • Combat & Skill EXP 530% XP Scroll (60 min) – 530% XP (From Loyalties in the Pearl Shop)
  • Artifact/Lightstone Bonus – 400% (Equip 4 XP Lightstones in your artifact to get the dedication bonus)
  • Mercenary’s Experience – 100-200% XP (One claimable per day)
  • Blessed Message Scroll – 200% XP (Reward)
  • Olvia Server Buff – 150% (For new and returning players)
  • Season Server Buff – 100% (Above level 50)
  • Secret Book of Old Moon – 100% XP (From the Pearl Shop)
  • Extra Combat EXP Scroll – 100% XP (From the Pearl Shop or from rewards)
  • Golden Bell – 100% XP (From the Pearl Shop, affects the whole server)
  • Birthday Cake – 100% XP (Reward for returning players)
  • Tachros’ Spirit Stone – 50% XP (Season leveling reward)
  • Value Pack – 30% XP (From the Pearl Shop)
  • Pets – 5-25% XP (From quest rewards or the Pearl Shop)
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience x2 – 20% XP (Slot in Helmets)
  • Beast’s Draught – 20% XP (Buy on Central Market)
  • Black Spirit Energy Bonus – 20% XP (Exchange from Black Spirit)
  • Cold Dark Beer – 20% XP (From Events)
  • Splendid EXP Elixir – 15% XP
  • Church Buff – 5-15% XP (Exchange silver for buffs at Priests in Churches in cities)
  • Titles – 3-12% XP
  • EXP Elixir – 10%
  • Villa Buff – 10% XP (Bought in Villas)
  • Campsite Buff – 10% XP (From Campsite)
  • Simple Cron Meal – 10% XP
  • Experienced Cry – 10% XP (Guild Buff)
  • Call to Battle – 10% XP (Guild Buff)
  • Appearance Costume 4 item sets – 10% XP (From the Pearl Shop or login rewards)
  • GM’s Blessing -10% XP
  • EXP Scroll (10 min) – 10% XP
  • HAN Magic Crystal – Gervish or HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod – 1-9% XP
  • Milk Tea – 8% XP

Leveling 1-59

Main Story / Questing

Doing the main story and side-quests is still one of the best ways to level up your character.

You will get a lot of XP, skill points, money, and some nice gear and other rewards along the way.

If you are struggling with a quest feel free to ask for help in /region or use a leveling guide.

Follow the main storyline through the following areas:

Balenos (Velia) > Serendia (Heidel) > Calpheon > Media > Valencia

For an even faster route, choose the Mountain of Eternal Winter zone when making a new character. This will take you to level 51+ in just a matter of hours. Continue following the main quest line until you finish Valencia.

Remember to do the questline for the Chenga Tome at 53+.

Questing 59-60

At level 59 you can move on to grinding or for the fastest leveling you can do sidequests in the following areas:

Brellin Farm > Outpost Supply Port > Calpheon Northwestern Outpost > Star’s End > Ash Forest > Archer Guard Post > Polly’s Forest > Grana > Manshaum Forest > Viv Foretta Hamlet > Old Wisdom Tree

Questing 60-61

At level 60 the fastest way to level is still sidequests. Go to the following areas

Shady Tree Forest > Kamaslyvia Vicinity > Lemoria Guard Post > Caduil Forest > Ahib Conflict Zone > Marcha Outpost > Gayak Altar > Sherekhan Necropolis > Night Crow Post > Tshira Ruins > Black Spirit Questline > Khimut Lumber Camp > Marak Farm


Grinding is always a viable option in BDO, and you will spend a lot of time grinding anyway, especially at end-game. Follow the map/route below for the fastest grinding.

Fastest Grinding Spots

  1. Level 1-12 Grass Beetles and Steel Imps
  2. Level 12-15 Goblin Cave
  3. Level 15-18 Moretti Plantation
  4. Level 18-24 Castle Ruins
  5. Level 24-30 Bloody Monastery
  6. Level 28-35 Red Orc Camp
  7. Level 35-40 Abandoned Land
  8. Level 40-45 Marni Cave Path
  9. Level 44-50 Mansha Forest
  10. Level 50+ Helms Post
  11. Level 53+ Polly’s Forest
  12. Level 56+ Bashim Base
  13. Level 56+ Cadry Ruins
  14. Level 60+ Mirukmok Ruins

Alternate Grinding Spots

  • Level 1-9 Follow the Tutorial Questline
  • Level 1-12 Grass Beetles and Steel Imps
  • Level 9-13  Forest of Seclusion
  • Level 12-15 Goblin Cave
  • Level 13-15 Heidel Quarry
  • Level 15-18 Moretti Plantation
  • Level 18-24 Castle Ruins
  • Level 21-24 Glish Swamp Fogans
  • Level 24-30 Bloody Monastery
  • Level 29-34 Biraghi den Bandits
  • Level 28-34 Red Orc Camp
  • Level 30-35 Delphe Knights Castle
  • Level 30-35 Khuruto Caves
  • Level 35-40 Abandoned Land
  • Level 35-40 Caphras Cave
  • Level 35-40 Abandoned Farm Marnie
  • Level 38-42 Breewood Ruins
  • Level 40-45 Oze Pass
  • Level 40-45 Marni Cave Path
  • Level 42-45 Veran Camps
  • Level 44-45 Giant Camps
  • Level 44-50 Mansha Forest
  • Level 45-52 Catfishman Camp
  • Level 50+ Helms Post
  • Level 51+ Elric Shrine
  • Level 53+ Polly’s Forest
  • Level 54+ Sausan Garrison
  • Level 55+ Fadus Garrison
  • Level 55+ Pirate Island
  • Level 56+ Bashim Base
  • Level 56+ Desert Naga Temple
  • Level 56+ Titium Valley
  • Level 56+ Cadry Ruins
  • Level 56+ Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
  • Level 56+ Crescent Shrine
  • Level 57+ Basilisk Den
  • Level 57+ Taphtar Plain
  • Level 58+ Tshira Ruins
  • Level 58+ Blood Wolf Settlement
  • Level 58+ Navarn Steppe
  • Level 58+ Gavinya Great Crator
  • Level 58+ Pila Ku Jail
  • Level 59+ Manshaum Forest
  • Level 59+ Forest Ronaros
  • Level 60+ Aakman Temple & Hystria Ruins
  • Level 60+ Mirukmok Ruins
  • Level 60+ Gyfin Rhasia Temple
  • Level 60+ Sherekham Necropolis

That’s it for our Black Desert Online Leveling Guide! We hope you found it helpful and were able to get to level 60+ quickly

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to level up fast in BDO? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other BDO guides for more help with your adventure in Black Desert Online.

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