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Best Solo PVE Classes in Blade & Soul

In the realm of Blade & Soul, understanding your class and its capabilities can be the difference between a satisfying solo PVE experience and an arduous grind. Every class offers a unique set of skills and playstyle, allowing for a diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.

6. Warden

Starting our list, the Warden comes with a unique balance of damage output and durability. Although they offer a strong presence on the battlefield with their greatsword and resilience, their solo PVE gameplay can often be challenging.

The Warden’s performance heavily depends on mastering complex skills and maintaining certain buff stacks, making them less beginner-friendly compared to other classes. Despite this, experienced players can still make a formidable solo PVE Warden.

5. Warlock

The Warlock, famed for their spellcasting prowess and the ability to summon a Thrall, sit higher on the list. With powerful ranged attacks and crowd control abilities, Warlocks can strategically dismantle their enemies from afar. However, their low defense and health make them vulnerable, requiring thoughtful play to survive tough encounters.

4. Assassin

Assassins, known for their stealth and high single-target damage, are a thrilling class for solo PVE. Their ability to evade enemies, coupled with lethal burst damage, make them an exciting class to play. Yet, the Assassin’s effectiveness can fluctuate depending on the situation, requiring a good grasp of the game mechanics to excel.

3. Summoner

Known for their versatility and sustainability, Summoners command the battlefield with their Familiar by their side. They can deal substantial damage while healing themselves and their Familiar, making them a solid choice for solo PVE. Their ability to adapt to various PVE scenarios makes them a stronger contender for the top spot.

2. Gunslinger

Gunslingers come with an array of high-damage ranged attacks that allow them to tear through enemies from a distance. Their high burst damage and multiple escape skills make them adept at handling PVE content solo. The Gunslinger’s combination of power and mobility allows them to navigate through challenging encounters with relative ease, placing them near the top of our list.

1. Blade Master

Finally, taking the crown as the best solo PVE class in Blade & Soul is the Blade Master. The Blade Master’s combination of high damage, solid defense, and flexibility makes them an exceptional solo PVE class. They offer a balanced gameplay experience with a comprehensive mix of offensive and defensive skills. Their Block skill allows them to mitigate a lot of incoming damage, while their various attack skills ensure they pack a punch.

It’s worth noting that every class in Blade & Soul can be effective in solo PVE with enough practice and understanding of the game mechanics. The best class often comes down to your preferred playstyle and what you find the most enjoyable. So, choose the class that you resonate with the most, and let your Blade & Soul adventure begin!

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