Blade and Soul Leveling Guide

Blade & Soul Leveling Guide – Fastest Ways to Reach the Level Cap

Blade & Soul is a popular Korean MMORPG that features a deep and engaging story, intricate combat mechanics, and a wide variety of classes.

To experience all that the game has to offer, players must progress through the levels and unlock new abilities and content.

This guide will provide you with the most efficient methods for leveling up in Blade & Soul and help you reach the level cap as quickly as possible.

Leveling Tips

Join a Clan:

Joining a clan can significantly boost your leveling speed. Clans can provide you with valuable buffs, resources, and guidance throughout your journey.

Additionally, participating in clan activities and helping your fellow members can yield extra XP and rewards.

Utilize XP Boosts:

Throughout your adventures, you will acquire various XP-boosting items like XP soups and charms. Use these items strategically to maximize your leveling speed, especially during dungeon runs or when completing multiple quests in one area.

Wind Stride Points

Use Wind Stride Points to travel quickly across the map while leveling.

Daily and Weekly Challenges:

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Completing daily and weekly challenges not only provides you with XP but also rewards you with valuable in-game currency and items.

These challenges usually involve running dungeons, participating in PvP, or completing specific tasks. Be sure to check the “Challenges” tab in the user interface daily and complete as many as possible.

Complete the Main Story Quests (Yellow Quests):

Blade and Soul Leveling 1

The most important aspect of leveling in Blade & Soul is following the main story quests, indicated by yellow exclamation marks on your mini-map.

These quests not only provide a significant amount of experience points (XP), but also unlock essential features, gear, and abilities.

Always prioritize completing the main story quests to keep your character progressing smoothly.

Participate in Side Stories (Orange Quests) and Windwalking (Purple Quests):

The orange quests also known as Side Stories also reward you with a solid amount of XP and rewards. These are found in the Quest Letters tab of the quest journal.

The Windwalking quests also reward you with powerful bonuses like the Sprint bonus which increases the amount of time you can sprint which is good if you want to level fast.

Dungeon Farming:

As you progress through the game, you will unlock various dungeons. Running dungeons repeatedly can be an excellent way to gain XP and valuable loot.

You can use the Dungeon Finder tool (F8) to quickly find a party and start farming dungeons. Keep in mind that some dungeons have daily and weekly lockouts, so be sure to prioritize your runs accordingly.

PvP and Battlegrounds:

While PvP may not be the most efficient way to gain XP, it can still be a fun and engaging way to level up. Participate in Arena PvP matches or join large-scale battlegrounds to earn XP, gear, and other valuable rewards.

However, keep in mind that PvP can be challenging, so make sure you’re prepared and have a good understanding of your class.

Crafting and Gathering:

While crafting and gathering may not provide a significant amount of XP, they can still contribute to your overall leveling experience.

Crafting valuable items and selling them on the marketplace can help you acquire better gear, while gathering resources can be used for crafting or sold for in-game currency.

Leveling in Blade & Soul can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By following this guide and focusing on the most efficient methods, you will be able to reach the level cap quickly and enjoy all the content Blade & Soul has to offer.

Remember to stay focused, utilize your resources wisely, and most importantly, have fun on your journey!

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