Blade and Soul Gold Guide

Blade & Soul: Gold Farming Guide

Farming gold in Blade & Soul is essential for progressing through the game and improving your character. Whether you’re aiming for better gear, purchasing items, or crafting, you’ll need a good amount of gold. Here are some efficient ways to farm gold in Blade & Soul:

1. Daily and Weekly Quests

Daily and weekly quests are your primary source of gold income. Complete daily dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds to receive gold rewards and valuable items that you can sell on the marketplace.

2. Crafting and Gathering

Joining crafting and gathering guilds can also net you a decent income. Certain professions like Radiant Ring and Forgekeepers can craft items that are in high demand. Crafting and selling high-demand items like gems and transformation stones can yield a good profit.

3. Participate in Faction Quests

Faction quests give Soulstones as rewards, which are often in high demand for weapon upgrades. These can be sold on the marketplace for a considerable amount of gold. To farm more efficiently, join a group for faction quests.

4. Selling Loot

Any loot you pick up from dungeons and raids can potentially be sold on the marketplace for gold, especially high-quality weapons and soul shields. Always check the marketplace prices before selling or discarding your loot.

5. Arena PvP

By participating in Arena PvP, you can earn Zen Beans. These can be exchanged for Soulstones and Moonstones, which are valuable resources that can be sold on the marketplace.

6. Running Dungeons

Higher-level dungeons offer better rewards, including valuable items and a larger amount of gold. Running these dungeons, especially with a well-coordinated group, can be a lucrative way to farm gold.

7. Participate in Events

Blade & Soul often has in-game events that offer exclusive rewards, some of which can be sold for a good amount of gold. Make sure to participate in these events whenever they are active.

Remember, the key to farming gold in Blade & Soul is consistency. Keep up with your daily and weekly quests, monitor the marketplace for changes in demand, and participate in events. With patience and persistence, you’ll have all the gold you need to reach your Blade & Soul goals. Good luck, and happy farming!

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