Intro Guide to Neverwinter Mod 18: Infernal Descent

Neverwinter Eternal Descent Guide

Welcome to our guide to Neverwinter mod 18: Infernal Descent. This guide is meant to be a quick update to get players familiar with the gear and currencies of the new mod. Having said that, most of the mod is about farming a giant ape over and over.

After you have done the short introductory quest given to you by sergeant Knox, you will en up in Vallenhas Stronghold in Avernus. This is the hub for this mod.

Mod 18: Descent into Avernus Campaign

The campaign is mod 18 is a short and easy one if you are geared to be able to do the quests. Like previous mods it has a weekly haul that starts at 100 and goes up to 175. Quests to fill the weekly haul are quick and easy and the haul can be filled without much time spent at all.

mod 18 infernal descent campaign

Infernal Descent Currencies

There are two important currencies in mod 18, Chaotic Writings and Seal of the Fallen.

Farming Chaotic Writings

Chaotic Writings are obtained through doing Heroic Encounters or killing rare mobs. You can spend these on Juma’s Surprise Bag from Juma on top of Vallenhas Stronghold, which reward you with some pretty good gear.

The easiest way to farm Chatic Writings is by doing the Heroic Encounter “Demonic Summing” that also goes by the name “Ape”, since the boss is a big ape. His real name is Soul-Infused Barlgura though. See the video below for the fastest way to farm the “Ape” for Chaotic Writings.

Where to find Juma

Finding Juma on top of the castle can be hard as there is no obvious path up there. See the video below for the path up there.

Gear from Juma’s Surprise Bag / Chaotic Writings

Farming Seal of the Fallen

Seal of the Fallen is the other currency and works like other seals before it. The easiest way to obtain these are through the Random Epic Dungeon Queue or from Heroic Encounters.

The gear from Seals are class specific and I won’t be posting it all here. Talk to the Seals Trader to see your class gear. It is all item level 1200.

Seal of the Fallen

Rare Mob Locations and Gear

Mod 18 also has a few rare mobs around the map that can drop good gear. These respawn fairly quickly and the drop rates are decent so obtaining the items isn’t too hard.

The easiest way to farm these is just to keep changing instances and killing the rare mobs over and over. I was able to get the Rusted Iron Leggins after farming the Abomination for about an hour. See the video below to see how I farmed him.

mod 18 rare mob spawn locations

The Abomination

Rusted Iron Leggings

Ralbog The Ruined

frenzy mitts

Abyssal Flock

Vicious Hell Hound

veil of the blinking beast

Deamon the Lithe

Bralliel's Planar Bindings

Sir Galahan & Pippy

Djugg the Destroyer

Infernal Citadel

The Infernal Citadel dungeon will also reward players with class specific armor called “Lion’s Guard”. More info on this to come.

Neverwinter Campaign Completion Guide

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Neverwinter Refinement Points Guide

Neverwinter Refinement Farming Guide

Welcome to our Refinement Points Guide! The Refinement system in Neverwinter got a much-needed update in module 12b. This guide is now updated for mod 18 Infernal Descent.

It is now much faster to refine gear, artifacts, and enchantments. The x2 enchantment events are now gone, but refining is double as fast all the time. You also no longer have to feed artifacts to other artifacts, and the cost of refining enchantments are much lower.

Refining is quick through the Refinement Menu accessed through the gear icon in your inventory.

All you have to do is farm or buy refinement and get going! In this guide, I will show you the best tips on how to refine your gear fast and farm refinement.

If you learn the ropes of real Astral Diamond making, farming AD is actually a lot faster than farming RP. See our Astral Diamond guide for more info on this.

When buying refinement off the AH, calculate how much you are paying for each point. For example, an Emerald is 550 AD on the AH on PC right now, it provides 250 refinement. 550 / 250 = 2.2. So you are paying 2.2 AD per refinement.

General Refinement Tips

Enchantments & Gear

Certain Utility Enchantments will make it so that enchantments, gems and other items worth refinement drop from mobs.

These enchantments are Dragon’s Hoard, Quartermaster’s, Fey Blessing and Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment.

Personally I use One Dragon’s Hoard, two Fey Blessing, Two Quartermaster and one Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment.

By playing through the Storm Kings Thunder campaign up u you will get a special ring called Makos’ Signet, this ring has a utility slot. Using this you can slot up to six utility slot enchantments.

Makos Signet Refinement


There are two types of events to look out for especially when it comes to refinement points. Mobs you kill during the event will have a chance to drop Refinement, and you can pay Astral Diamonds to increase the amount of RP they drop. The best way I have found to rack up RP during the event is to run dungeons.


There is a cap of 100k RP for the event and when you hit certain milestones you get more refinement as rewards to a total of 125k RP and 5 Preservation wards for the entire event.

The second event is the 2x Refining Stones Event. All bags dropped from Enchants like “Spoils of War” from Quartermaster’s Enchantments should be saved for these events.

2x refining stones


Have a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune. This has a cooldown though so when you see that the Wanderer’s Fortune Proc is going off, you’re not getting items, you can unequip it if you want.

Wanderers Fortune


Invoke the gods when you can for some extra refinement items. You will also earn “Celestial Coins” that can be spent on Coffers of Celestial Artifacts that provide you with valuable Enchanting Stones, Coalescent and Preservation Wards that you will need to refine.


Having more alts that you simply use to “Invoke” daily will provide you with more coffers as they are account bound.

Farming Refinement Points

The best way to farm RP is generally by just doing the content you usually do with enchantments and Wanderer’s Fortune. So run all your daily queues and do the stuff you would normally do. There are a couple of spots that you can farm for additional RP.

Runic Corruption Refinement Farming

In mod 16 Undermountain, a good way to farm refinement points is by doing the Runic Corruption events.

These events are constantly going on in almost all open-world zones in Mod 16. Simply go to a zone and look on the map for an event. Start killing mobs, as soon as one finishes, a new one starts.

The reason this is good for RP is that there are a lot of mobs being killed, especially if there is a group farming them. In addition to all the normal loot, there also drops blue quality gear that can be refined. The epic loot cannot, however, be refined.

Dragon Runs in The Well of Dragons

These start every hour at quarter to the hour (12:45, 13:45, etc). Go to the Well of Dragons and watch the chat for what instance number the run is happening it and switch to that instance or ask for an invite if it is full. After the 5 dragons are killed in one instance, move to the next one and you will usually be able to kill all 5 there as well.

One run nets about 3500 RP

Dread Ring

Daily quests in Dread Ring offer some great rewards. The daily lair quest from Sergeant Knox can even reward you with Superior Enchanting Stones. Be sure to forge the Adamantine Gauntlet for extra rewards.

More lair keys can be bought through the Dread Ring campaign store with Vanguard Scrips. Vanguard Scrips can be bought from the Bounty Master in Dread Ring for Onyx Fragments which can be bought off the AH or farmed from Dread Ring mobs. Meaning you can farm the lairs more than once a day. You need 50 Onyx Fragments to buy 10 Vanguard Scrips for one key.

One run through all the dailies nets about 4000+ RP


Sharandar quests also offer great RP rewards. Complete 3 quests in each of the three areas, and earn an emerald from each. Sharandar mobs are also very weak so killing the mobs here is really quick.

Each area also has one lair. You will get a free key to the chest at the end of it from the Leprechaun but can buy more from him for 10 Gold Crescent. Gold Crescents can be bought for Fomorian Concoctions at the Bounty Master, and Fomorian Concoctions can be farmed or bought off the AH.

One run through all 9 quests and one lair nets about 7000+ RP

One lair nets about 2000 RP

That’s it for refinement point farming. If you have any tips for our refinement guide, let us know in the comments below!