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Everquest Featured Guide 3

Project 1999 / Classic EQ Plat Guide

Welcome to our Plat guide for Classic Everquest. This guide was written with P1999 in mind but can be used on any classic or progression EQ server to make platinum.

Making plat in EQ is pretty tough, especially as a new player and gearing up is done mostly through plat, except from at the end-game when you can raid to get gear.

Well geared players,especially melee classes, have a huge advantage if they can afford to buy twink items such as the Fungi Tunic, haste items and powerful weapons when leveling. So it’s safe to say that making plat is an important aspect of the game. read more

Featured Guide Neverwinter 2

Neverwinter Astral Diamond Guide: Mod 15, the Heart of Fire

Welcome to our Neverwinter Astral Diamond guide, updated for mod 15, the Heart of Fire! In this guide we will go over all the possible scenarios for making AD in Neverwinter. From the basics to investing in the auction house to good old fashion farming!

Since mod 14, Ravenloft limited the max rough AD you can refine, I recommend everyone to save your AD for the moment as prices on the AH will hopefully drop within the next few weeks and months.

Astral Diamond Guide Index

1 – The Basics of Astral Diamond Making

2 – Converting Currencies to Astral Diamonds

3 – Farming for Astral Diamonds

4 – Investing and Reselling on the Auction House

5 – Summary

The Basics of Astral Diamond Making


First of all, if you are serious about making AD, you will want to invest in VIP. VIP will give you numerous benefits when making AD, and it basically pays for it self through the keys you get every day. The advantages of VIP are:

  • Rank 1
  • Daily keys that on average should net you around 20-60k AD per day. With the chance at getting rare items like mounts, worth millions of AD.
  • 1 reward reroll token
  • 15% bonus AD from Dungeons and Skirmishes
  • Rank 4
  • Travel Signpost, time is money and you will save time with this,
  • 1 extra Reward Reroll Token
  • Rank 5
  • 10% Bonus AD from Invoking
  • Rank 6
  • Summon Mailbox, save more time.
  • 1 extra Reward Reroll Token
  • Rank 7
  • 15% bonus rough AD
  • Rank 8
  • No Auction House Fees

Getting to VIP rank 8, for the no auction house fee bonus is vital if you want to make money by re-selling on the auction house, but there is little benefit of going past rank 8. See more about investing on AH further down.

Tip: Although it might or might not be against the ToS of the game, you can set up multiple accounts and get VIP rank 1 on them so that you can claim additional keys per day. This can be very profitable. People have been banned in the past for doing this, but this is mostly for usings a very large number of accounts.


Be sure to use your utility enchanments and Wanderer’s Fortune to make RP. The more RP you make yourself, the less you have to spend on it. You can also use that RP to refine enchantments that you can sell. See our Refinement Guide for more info on refinement.

I currently use x3 Dragon’s Hoard, x1 Quartermaster’s and x1 Fey’s Blessing, along with a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune. The Griffon mount is a good mount to get Wanderer’s Fortune. If you play a lot on your character you acutally only need one of each enchantment as you will hit the cap.

Rough Astral Diamonds and Refining

Refining Rough AD is the meat and potatoes of AD making, and you should aim to hit the cap as often as you can, preferably every day. As of Mod 14, Ravenloft, the cap for Rough AD is 100k for the entire account, as opposed to the previous cap of 36k for each character. While this might first seem like a bad thing at first, it really isn’t. Given time this change will lower the prices on the auction house and items will be cheaper and more accesible to normal players as AD farmers aren’t flooding the market with as much AD. It also makes the whole refining process a lot less time consuming and cuts down on all the micro managing between multiple characters.

Tip: Remember to Invoke when you can. Invoking will give you a Rough AD bonus. You can get Coalescent Wards from invoking which can make you 500k AD, read more about that below in the Converting Currencies section of the guide.

The in game queue system used to make rough AD.

To reach the cap, play through all the queues you have available to you. More queues unlock as you progress through campaigns. For AD purposes, I recommend only running the queues once a day, as the repeat bonuses generally aren’t worth it.

  • Leveling Queue: 9200 AD – 60 Seals of the Brave – Repeat Bonus: 1150 AD
  • Intermediate Queue: 13800 AD – 100 Seals of the Brave – Repeat Bonus: 2300 AD
  • Advanced Queue: 17250 AD – 120 Seals of the Brave – Repeat Bonus: 3450 AD
  • Expert Queue: 23000 AD – 20 Seals of the Crown

Queues also sometimes reward extra AD for Healers or Tanks.

After doing your queues, you might still need some rough AD to reach the cap, so here is where salvaging comes into play.

Farming for Rough Astral Diamonds read more

Featured Guide World of Warcraft 3

The Ultimate WoW Battle for Azeroth Gold Guide

Looking for the best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth 8.1 in 2018? Look no further, this is your definitive WoW gold guide! Back in the day there used to be a ton of relevant guides on how to make that sweet sweet gold, but it seems like most guides are no longer up to date with all the various gold making ventures in WoW. This WoW gold guide is a constant work in progress and will be continuously updated with all the best ways to make millions of wow gold.

WoW Gold Guide Index

General Tips

Making a Gold Farming Character

You might be thinking that you don’t need a designated gold making character. I certainly didn’t think so as i used my Paladin for countless hours of gold making (Paladins are one of the slowest classes in the game). But then I decided to try to make a Fury Warrior with 170% base movement speed. Boy did that make a different, I run dungeons several times faster than the Paladin, hence making 3 or 4 times more gold per hour. When making a gold farming character, these are the most important points to remember.

  • Bagspace: Get the biggest bags you can for your inventory and for your bank.
  • Personal Guild: Make a guild for just your character, so that you can use the guild bank for additional storage. The easiest way to do this is to ask in chat, and maybe pay a small fee to get people to sign your charter, then kick them from the guild.
  • Bank Alts: If you need even more bag space, consider making a bank alt.
  • Movement Speed: Movement speed is often overlooked when farming gold, but it is really important. Especially when farming older content. Most classes can clear any dungeon pretty easy but some do it faster. See our WoW Movement Speed Guide for info on how to spec for speed.
  • Personal Vendor and Repair: Having a vendor you can summon in some sort of way is very useful when farming so that you can sell trash quickly. One of the easiest ways of getting both a vendor and a repair guy is getting the Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak or Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur.
  • Opening Lockboxes: During farming you will be getting a lot of lockboxes as time goes by. If you don’t have a character that can open lockboxes, simply make a class trial rogue and mail all your lockboxes to him to open up.
  • Potion of Treasure Finding : Can be used in Cataclysm zones for additional loot. Also works in dungeons and raids.
  • Professions: Enchanting & Tailoring (for cloth scavenging) are great for farming old content and transmog. Herbalism & Mining are good for making easy gold in current content. See professions section further down for more info.

You might be asking yourself “What is the best gold farming class in wow?”. While this is not a straight forward answer, any of the classes in our movement speed guide is good for farming dungeons.

Personally I have a main that I use for current content, and a Fury Warrior movement speed twink for some dungeons transmog runs, a druid for gathering, outdoor farming and some dungeons. Monks also work very well, and having a Rogue for opening chests and boxes doesn’t hurt either.

Gold Making Addons

Tradeskill Master

When it comes to gold making addons, as most of you know, there is one that comes before all the rest, Tradeskill Master. This addon will help you make heaps of gold on the auctions house, and will give you a deeper understanding of your servers economy and the whole WoW economy. Learning how to use it well takes time, so read through all the info on their site and maybe watch some youtube videos on how to set up TSM. TSM will help you appraise items, sell items quickly on the AH and buy items that you can resell for a profit, amongst other things. Additionally the addon will help vendor and managing your mailbox, making this the only addon you need for gold making purposes. We will be coming back to TSM in the Auction house part of the guide.


Great to have alongside Tradeskill Master. Mostly use this for single high value items.

Loot Appraiser

Loot Appraiser is a great addon that works with Tradeskill Master. Not only is it helpful but it makes gold farming more fun. Loot Appraiser will let you know how much gold you loot in a given session and also the value of all the items you loot.

Auto Loot Plus

Auto Loot Plus is a nice addon to have for dungeon farmers that allows you to instantly loot when clicking a dead mob. Without it there will often be a bit of lag when looting causing you to lose a bit of time when farming.

Gathermate2 + Gathermate2_data

I mostly use this to be able to see where chests spawn. If you combine this with a Outlaw Rogues ability to see treasures on the minimap, you can basically just fly around and pick up treasures. Works well in Outland where every chest drops a rare item. See the Open World farming section further down for more info.

Picking a Realm for Gold Making

I won’t get too into what realms to pick for making gold. Generally High Population servers have lower prices but things sell quicker. Low population has higher prices but things can take a while to sell. Medium population servers are in between, and are often a good choice for making gold.

WoW Gold Transmog Farming

In this section of our WoW gold guide we will be covering farming mostly older content for transmog and other items. Most of  the items you will be getting are transmog, but also recipes, crafting reagents and pets.

The idea is simple; go out, kill things, take their loot, sell it. In this guide we split farming into three parts, farming raids, dungeons and open world.

An important aspect when selling transmog on the AH is that it often takes some time to sell. Therefore you will make more gold the more diverse your portfolio of items is. If you only farm one tier of gear. Lets say for example gear in the 60-80 bracket. You will be limiting yourself as the demand won’t be there and you will end up with too many items. You will end up with many of the same items for things that aren’t in demand but might sell occasionally.This means that spreading out your farming across all tiers is best, as you will get fewer of each item but more different items to meet the actual demand.

A good way to think about it is to each week go farm some vanilla, some TBC, some WotLk etc. So that you end up with a whole bunch of different transmog, and increasing your chances of selling some of it, even though a lot will take time to sell or not sell at all.

6 Minute Runs

When farming legacy raids or dungeons, you want to always try to keep your runs 6 minutes or around there for optimal farming. This is because you can reset an instance 10 times per hour, so if you do a run every 6 minutes you can keep farming non stop. Having the Loot Appraiser addon is an easy way to time your runs.

Exiting a Instance Quickly

To exit a instance quickly. Create a group in the Group Finder when you are finished in the instance, then leave the group. You will then be ported out of the instance after a minute. When you got a dungeon down, you can make and leave the group around one minute before you reach the end of the dungeon and you won’t have to stand around and wait for 1 minute. This will teleport you to the nearest graveyard, on most dungeons this is right outside but on some there is a bit of a run.

Druids can also use Dreamwalk and Monks can use Zen Pilgrimage at the end of the dungeon, reset the dungeon and port back.

Farming Legacy Dungeons for Gold

Below is a list of the dungeons that I think are viable to farm for gold. Vanilla dungeons is generally best, so spend most of your time in those. The dungeons below are just sorted by level and not by how much gold you make, since that is very hard to determine, and varies from server to server.

Vanilla Dungeons

The bulk of dungeons you will be farming will probably be classic dungeons. These have the most rare items and valuable transmog by far.

Wailing Caverns – !Click to see video on Youtube!

Not a dungeon you want to start of farming in, but if you have a good selection of items on the auction house, WC is worth a visit. You can either do half the dungeon up to Lord Cobrahn and then exit and reset. Or if you are very fast you can do the entire instance up until the last boss, but always skip the last boss.

Notable drops here are Gloves of the Fang and Ceremonial Leather Loincloth. Other than that, there you will get a lot of different mid value green items.

Shadowfang Keep – !Click to see video on Youtube!

Shadowfang is the twink dungeon. You can get a bunch of different valuable twink items here. When soloing at a high level though all items will be level 60, except for in chests. The items in the chests will be around level 20 and those are the ones with the most value. A level 20 Shadowfang will be worth several times what a level 60 one is worth. Bringing a Rogue or someone who can open locked chests is therefor advised.

When you get to this room it’s time to turn back, and jump down to the courtyard to go out and reset.

The big-ticket items in Shadowfang Keep are: ShadowfangGloomshroud ArmorAssassin’s BladeMindthrust BracerDuskbringer

Necrology Robes read more

Featured Guide World of Warcraft 2

Movement Speed Guide for WoW BFA 8.1

So you want to move fast? Speed is just fun in WoW, especially when farming old content like dungeons or raids for mounts or transmog. It’s fun to just zoom through the zone, killing and looting everything in your way.

During Legion, it was easy to farm a speed set for your character. And a lot of people were doing it after watching Asmongold with his 170%+ base movement speed set. Legendaries made it easy as some had huge increases to movement speed.

Now in BFA, it’s a bit harder to get movement speed gear, but it is still possible to move fast.

Farming old content is one of my favorite aspects of WoW. So I stopped leveling my Fury Warrior at 115 to still be able to use legendaries. (It is better to stop at level 111 but I had already leveled him past that.) That way I can move with around 174% base movement speed right now, which is a huge advantage in old content. With Bear Tartare and other procs I am normally around 185-200% with short bursts of 250%.


To turn of XP you can talk to Slahtz in Orgrimmar or Behsten in Stormwind.

If you are wondering how you can see your movement speed stat in WoW, you need to download the addon Deja Character Stats.

WoW BFA Movement Speed Guide Index

  1. Fastest Movement Speed Class
  2. Fastest Movement Speed Race
  3. Movement Speed Gear
  4. Movement Speed Consumables & Items
  5. Movement Speed Addons
  6. Movement Speed Macros & Key Bindings


Fastest Movement Speed Class

There are a few classes in the game that can move a lot faster than others, but no one class that is far above the rest. Classes with good movement speed are:

Fury Warrior

My favorite, but very gear dependant, and for top speed at the moment has to be locked at level 115 to be able to use legendaries from Legion. Whirlwind is very useful when AoE farming quickly.

Fury Warrior Movement Talents & Abilities

Heroic Leap


Bounding Stride

War Machine

Demon Hunter

Has a ton of built-in mobility, and are good at soloing. Double Jump, Fel Rush, Glide and Vengeful Retreat can be combined.

Demon Hunter Movement Talents & Abilities

Double Jump

Fel Rush


Vengeful Retreat

Mastery: Demonic Presence


Feral Druid

Good base movement speed because of Cat Form. Good allrounders with a bunch of utility. Swipe is useful when AoE farming. Can use Dreamwalk to quickly reset dungeons.

Feral Druid Movement Talents & Abilities

Cat Form

Feline Swiftness


Tiger Dash

Windwalker Monk

Can use Zen Pilgrimage to quickly reset dungeons.

Windwalker Monk Movement Talents & Abilities


Flying Serpent Kick

Chi Torpedo

Tiger’s Lust

Subtlety Rogue

Can move very fast while stealthed, giving the option to bypass trash mobs.

Subtlety Rogue Movement Talents & Abilities




Fleet Footed



Good soloers with some great passive movement speed. Can multishot while moving which is great for old content.

Hunter Movement Talents & Abilities


Aspect of the Cheetah

Cunning Pet: Pathfinding



Fastest Movement Speed Race

There are a few races that move faster than others. It’s a bit imbalanced between the horde and the alliance though, as the alliance has all the fastest races.

Dark Iron Dwarves are the best race for farming dungeons quickly because of the Dungeon Delver bonus.

Night Elves are slightly faster because of the Quickness bonus.

Worgen have the Darkflight bonus.


Movement Speed Gear

A lot of movement speed can be gained through gear, although less in BFA than back in Legion. I will list both gear for level 111-115 movement speed twinks and for level 120’s below.

Head, Shoulder, and Chest

Any Azerite gear with the Longstrider Azerite Power. Longstrider scales with the item level of the gear. It also stacks.

At level 120 there are a lot of ways of getting Azerite gear. But if you want it for a level 111-115 twink there are still quite a few ways of getting gear with Longstrider.

When you do the quest The Heart of Azeroth, you will be rewarded with Azerite gear, some of these have Longstrider. Shift-click on the gear before turning in the quests to see the Azerite powers of each available piece.

The quest The Great Sea Scrolls can be completed quite easily by running around the BFA zones and looting treasure chests.

The main storylines in each BFA zone will reward you with pieces of Azerite gear, some with Longstrider. These are pretty quick to do if you only do the storyline quests.

Some rare mobs drop Azerite gear. Get handy notes for BFA to easily track them down and see their drops on the map.


Neck will always be the Heart of Azeroth to get Azerite powers and also for stats for Aggramar’s Stride. Do Missions and Island Expeditions to level it up either way.


Get a Warlords of Draenor cloak and enchant it with Gift of Haste, Crit or Mastery, which also gives 2% speed. You can solo WoD raids to get some good ones. I got lucky and got one on the AH with extra speed and crit, which is the stat I am stacking.


Wrist, Hands, Waist & Legs

At level 120 you can either get lucky and get an item with +speed to drop, or you can try to find ones on the AH. On the AH they will most likely be uncommon quality, or very expensive epic ones.

For a twink wearing

Aggramar’s Stride read more

Featured Guide World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft BFA 8.1.5 Leveling Guide Level 1 – 120

Welcome to our World of Warcraft leveling guide, updated in 2018 for Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1.5.  This WoW leveling guide will show you how to level as quickly as possible from level 1 to 120.

Leveling was nerfed back in patch 7.3.5 in terms of leveling speed. Most XP bonuses have also been removed from the game or have been nerfed.

In Patch 8.1 Leveling speed will be reduced by up to 40% for some levels, and was overall reduced by 22,3% for levels 20-120 making leveling in patch 8.1 much faster. Especially for leveling 60-80 which was very slow before this.

WoW BFA Leveling Guide Index

  1. General WoW BFA Leveling Tips
  2. Leveling in Dungeons
  3. Leveling with PvP
  4. Wow Vanilla Zones Leveling 1-60
  5. WoW TBC and WotLK Leveling 60-80
  6. WoW Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Leveling 80-90
  7. WoW Warlords of Draenor Leveling 90-100
  8. WoW Legion Leveling 100-110
  9. WoW Battle for Azeroth Leveling 100-120

General WoW BFA Leveling Tips:

Before starting with our WoW Leveling Guide, it might be smart to go over these tips as they will cut down on leveling time.

Bonus XP

  • Heirlooms: Heirlooms are the best source of bonus XP for leveling. All slots can be gotten pretty easily now, except the rings. The time you need to spend to get the rings if you haven’t gotten a level 3 shipyard in WoW is way too long, so getting the rings is generally not worth it. Having all your heirloom gear will boost XP by 55%. Generally, you want heirloom gear with crit on for leveling as you want to kill mobs in a few hits as possiblewow-leveling-guide-heirlooms
  • Enchants: Also remember to get enchants on your gear as it will increase the rate you kill mobs.
  • Recruit a Friend: Recruiting a friend and grouping together rewards you with 50% bonus XP. You can also do this yourself if you multi-box. See all RAF bonuses here.
  • Rest XP: Always log out in an Inn or in a major city to get rest XP. To see if you are getting rest, look at your characters thumbnail and see if there are a ZZZ mark where your level usually is. For more info about rest XP, see this article.
  • XP Potions: The Elixir of Rapid Mind and Elixir of Ancient Knowledge no longer drop. They can be bought on the AH still but are way to expensive for it to be worth it.
  • The Excess Potion of Accelerated learning is available from your garrison quartermaster but only works for level 91 to 99.
  • Potion Draught of Ten Lands. is from the new warfront and will give you 10% XP for one hour.
  • War Mode: War Mode can be turned on at level 30 through your talent window, and will give you 10% bonus XP. You will, however, be attackable by players of the opposing faction, but changes have been made so that all players have a fair shot in a fight and even low-level players can kill much higher level players, and at least not get ganked and one shotted. Note: As of patch 8.1, you can get an additional call to arms bonus with war mode on if your faction is underepresented.
  • Darkmoon Faire: The Darkmoon Faire comes around once a month and provides two ways of bonus XP. You can ride the carousel to get the “Whee!” buff (10% bonus XP for one hour). You can also get the Darkmoon Top Hat by playing a few games, which gives you 10% bonus XP but only works during the Darkmoon Faire. Both of these are generally not worth it for the most part, as you spend more time running to get the buff than you gain in XP when leveling.
  • Insightful Rubellite: At level 100 you can get an Insightful Rubellite and socket it into your gear for an extra 5% XP.

Join a Guild

There are a couple of benefits to joining a guild. You can also find leveling specific guilds that are generally more than happy to help you on your way to level 120.

  • Guild Perks: Some guild perks are quite nice when leveling like the mount speed bonus and the shorter hearthstone duration.

Other Items

  • Bagspace: Getting some nice big bags for your character won’t speed up leveling, but you won’t be needing to sell stuff to clear your bags as often.
  • Mounts: Always be sure to have the fastest possible mount speed.
  • Consumables: Stack up on food, drink and optionally healing and mana potions, to reduce your downtime.
  • Hearthstone: Always remember to talk to the innkeeper to change your home when arriving at a new quest hub.
  • Goblin Glider: The goblin glider can be nice to have to move around certain areas faster when a flying mount is not usable.
  • Leystone Buoy:Optional item but nice when questing underwater.
  • Felslate Anchor: Optional item but nice when questing underwater.


Picking up herbalism and mining is the best professions to have while leveling. Not only will you earn gold as you level, but you will also get extra XP. At level 20 you will get over 500 XP for picking up a ore or a herb while killing a mob only gives a little over 100 XP. Don’t go out of your way to pick herbs if you are trying to level quickly, but pick the ones that are on your way. Leveling from 110 to 120 can be done pretty quickly just by doing this. There are a few items that will help you if you decide to use professions while leveling:


Dugi’s Leveling Guide

Dugi’s leveling guide is the leveling addon I’ve always used to level as fast as possible. It will show you where to go and what to do in-game, speeding up the leveling process. This is optional though, as the game already does a pretty good job at showing you where to go at all times. The addon does, however, come with a couple of other nice features and perks.

wow leveling guide dugi

Azeroth Autopilot

A free alternative for leveling in Battle for Azeroth only. NOTE: Works updated to work from 20-120.


Same as Azeroth Autopilot but for Legion.

Legion Invasion Timer

Shows you the next Legion Invasion. Invasions provide a lot of XP when leveling from 100 to 110.

Handy Notes

Handy notes are useful to see treasures on the map. Get the Draenor, MoP, Legion, and BFA handy notes additions as well.

NPC Scan

Alerts you of rare mobs. Rare mobs award more XP than regular mobs.

Kill all rare mobs that you find as they award you with extra XP!


Titanpanel will show you how long it is until you level up and at which rate you are gaining XP.


Leveling in Dungeons 15+

At level 15, you can start queueing for dungeons. To maximize leveling speed, you want to do each dungeon once. The first run of each dungeon will provide you with plenty of quests. Doing random dungeons gives you a big chunk of XP at the end, which can be further increased with a Battle Standard of Coordination if you plant it near the last boss.

I tend to do random dungeons until I have done all the available ones once, and then do quests in between waiting for queues. The game usually does a good job of sending you to a dungeon that you haven’t yet completed. With full heirloom gear, you should be around level 60 when you have completed all the dungeons if you quest in between queues.


Some dungeons are also much better than other. Some take a long time to finish and some are quick. Some have few quests and others have many. The ideal dungeons have a lot of quests and are quick to finish. If you are sent to a long dungeon that you have already completed, you can leave but you won’t be able to enter a new dungeon in 30 minutes. Dungeons like the Stockade are super quick, so it will still be good XP if you are sent here more than once.

Leveling with PvP

Leveling by doing PvP is also perfectly viable if you prefer it. You will earn a big chunk of XP from completing a random battleground. Quite a lot more if you win, but still a bit if you lose. You will also earn some XP throughout the battleground as you earn honor.

PvP leveling should be combined with normal leveling or by picking herbs and mining, as you will spend some time waiting in queues.

If you can get your hands on a Defending Champion Heirloom from the Gurubashi Arena, you will increase your battleground XP by 50%, which can make PvP leveling faster than normal leveling in some brackets.

WoW Vanilla Zones Leveling 1-60

First things first, let’s get started with the vanilla WoW levels. Since patch 7.3.5 all the zones scale, and all vanilla zones scale up to level 60. The map below shows the scaling of the different classic WoW zones.


WoW Leveling 1 – 20

The first 15 to 20 levels should be spent in your race starting zone. These areas are made for quick leveling and have a high number of easy and fast quests. Levels 1 to 20 should not take more than a few hours here. At level 20, remember to train your riding skill.

Check your journal to see if you have finished all the chapters in a zone, and can move on.


WoW Leveling 21-60

Most of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms will now be open to you. Most zones are perfectly viable for leveling but go for the zones below for the easiest route.

Eastern Kingdoms Leveling 21-60

  • Westfall
  • Redridge Mountains
  • Duskwood
  • Stranglethorn

Kalimdor Leveling 21-60

  • Southern Barrens
  • Dustwallow Marsh
  • Thousand Needles
  • Tanaris
  • Un’goro Crater
  • Silithus

You can still stay in these zones after level 60. After level 61, XP starts to decrease.

WoW The Burning Crusade & Wrath of the Lich King Leveling 60-80

Leveling will slow down a bit around now. Remember to train flying as it will increase your leveling speed a lot. You can choose to level in either TBC or WotLK zones from 60 to 80.

WotLK zones generally seem a bit faster than TBC zones, but it’s mostly up to preference here.

Continue to do every dungeon at least once to complete the quests.


Alternative Leveling Level 60 – 80

Many people struggle with the 60 to 80 grind and try to find alternatives. Pet battles and trash farming in Karazhan used to work for quick leveling, but both methods have been nerfed.

The only alternatives to questing from 60 to 80 are professions and PvP.

A battleground win gives about half a level of XP in your early 60s, so if you can rack up the wins, this method can be quite fast. A lost battleground gives about 1/4 of a level.

You will spend some time in queues so combining PvP with either questing or herbalism/mining works best.

You can earn a decent amount of XP by doing Herbalism or mining. Any zone works but I prefer Sholazar Basin as a lot of the mobs are not aggressive and the mobs are spread out so you will find a lot of herbs and ore that you don’t have to fight for. It is possible to make about a level every hour by doing this, or a level every 30-40 minutes with rest XP.

WoW Cataclysm & Mists of Pandaria Leveling 80-90

For levels 80 to 90, you can choose between Cata or MoP zones. It’s all pretty straightforward though. Some people prefer Cata zones and some MoP or a mix of both. Hyjal is great for Cata content and Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds will take you quickly to 90 in MoP.

For some additional quick XP, get the Pandaria Handy Notes addon and pick up all the treasures here for extra XP.


All Cataclysm zones can be accessed through portals in your capital.


WoW Warlord of Draenor Leveling 90-100 (101/102)

Good news if you are leveling an alt and you have Draenor Pathfinder so that you can fly in WoD, the next 10 levels will only take a few hours. Personally, I didn’t have this until recently and I went back and got the achievement and I’m glad I did. Now I can level all my future alts fast by just flying and picking up treasures for a couple of hours.

Even if you don’t have flying in WoD be sure to get the WoD handy notes. If you have flying simply fly and pick up all the treasures that you can and do bonus objectives. Not every single piece of treasure will be worth it though as some are hidden in caves or are just hard to get. So if you find yourself spending more than a few minutes finding a treasure, just skip it and move on, there is plenty of treasure to go around.

You will have to pick up treasures zone by zone, as they are locked to the level when you can start questing in that zone.

WoD Treasures with Handy Notes. As you can see, leveling is quick!

It is the same with bonus objectives. Some are super quick and easy while others can be a bit harder. You don’t need to do all the bonus objectives, I did 1-2 in each zone before reaching level 100.

Also, remember Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning from your garrison quartermaster for a 20% XP boost.

If you don’t have flying in WoD you will need to stick to questing, but combine it with picking up the treasures you can and doing bonus objectives.

Leveling to level 101 or even 102 is still good XP in WoD if you have more treasures to pick up. Level 100 to 101 only took me about 20 minutes by picking up the treasures I had left in Tanaan Jungle and at 101 I was still getting a decent amount of XP from bonus objectives, almost as much as legion invasions.


WoW Legion Leveling 100-110

Leveling to 110 is also very quick after BFA since your heirlooms can be upgraded all the way to 110.

Legion Invasions are a huge boost to XP and you can usually get a level or at least almost one from one invasion. You can either get the Invasion Timer addon to see when the next Invasion is or go to read more

Featured Guide Neverwinter Neverwinter Misc. Guides 2

Neverwinter Campaign Completion Guide

Welcome to our guide to completing Neverwinter Campaigns. In Neverwinter there currently are 15 different modules, each with their own set of quests and tasks, called campaigns. To progress in the game you will need to complete these campaigns, so that you can gain boons that will benefit your character in different ways and increase your item level.

Generally the newer a module is, the harder the campaign is. So as a fresh level 70, you might not be able to progress all the way on the newer campaigns. If you need are finding a campaign too hard, check out our Gearing Guide for Neverwinter, to upgrade your character first.

Start doing as many of the campaigns as you can, since you can only progress a little bit every day or week on most of them. Do your daily and weekly quests and come back the next day or week. In the sections below we will go over each campaign in detail.

Campaign Completion Guide Index

  1. Campaign Completion Boosters, Signet of Patronage, Genie’s Gifts / Relics and Events
  2. Modules / Campaigns
  3. Summary / Fastest Completion Order

Campaign Completion Boosters, Signet of Patronage, Genie’s Gifts and Events

First things first, there are a few ways to make campaigns go faster, or even complete instantly.

Campaign Completion Boosters

These will complete campaigns instanly. They can be bought on the auction house or in the zen store. In the zen store you can buy the full Campaign Buyout Bundle for 10000 zen, or individual campaigns for 2000. The Cloaked Ascendancy costs 3000. Chult, Omu and Ravenloft are not yet available. Be sure to use your discount vouchers from invoking on these.

On the auction house prices start at around 400k AD on PC. This is actually a great deal and I recommend that if you want to complete campaigns fast, that you buy these instead of doing the campaigns. Campaigns takes weeks to finish, and are a lot of work. If you use our Astral Diamond Guide, you can make enough AD in a day to buy a completion booster, saving yourself weeks of grinding, and you can spend your time on more important tasks.

Buying campaign completion boosts saves a lot of time.

Signet of Patronage

When you have already completed a campaign on a character, you can make Signets of Patronage. These items can be given to you other characters and when used will reduce the costs for completing campaigns. To make or use a signet, open up the campaign window for the campaign you want to do, and click the Create or Use button in the upper left corner. These signets costs some 50k AD and some campaign currencies, that can be farmed pretty quickly.

Signets of Patronage combined with Genie’s Gifts and / or 2 x campaign currency events, will allow you to finish off some campaigns really quickly.

Signet of Patronage lets you finish campaigns quicker.

Genie’s Gift and Relics

Genie’s Gift is an item that can be found in lockboxes or bought on the auction house, and turned in for Sharandar, Dread Ring, Icewind Dale, Tyranny of Dragons or Storm King’s Thunder campaign items. They are not too expensive so if you want a quick boost in either of those campaigns, buying a few is not a bad idea.

The in-game description of Genie’s Gift does not list Storm King’s Thunder, but they can be used at Dereth Hope in Bryn Shanderor just by opening the SKT store in the campaign window.

The best campaigns to spend Genie’s Gifts on is Dread Ring, as the whole campaign can be finished using them and Tyranny of Dragons.

Combining Genie’s Gifts with a Signet of Patronage can be a quick way to advance a campaign.


You can also get relics from lockboxes which will work in the same way as Genie’s Gift. These are:

  • Illefarn Relic Fragment
  • Thayan Relic Fragment
  • Relic of the Dragon Empire
  • Reghed Barbarian Fragment

Check the prices of these compared to the Genie’s Gift. At the moment on PC only the Reghed Barbarian Fragment is cheaper than a Genie’s Gift.

2 x Campaign Currency Events

Every once in a while you will see in your in-game calendar that there are events for 2 x campaign currencies for a few of the older modules like Sharandar, Dread Ring, Icewind Dale, Underdark and Tyranny of Dragons.

When you see these events coming by, be sure not to do your weekly quests early in the week. Save all the weeklies for the weekend or else you won’t get double currencies for the week. You can go ahead and do the dailies every day as usual. Also remember that the event lasts a bit into the next week so you can do the weeklies again on monday, giving you currencies from weeklies amounting to 4 weeks of work in just a few days. Combine this with a Signet of Patronage and you will finish a campaign very quickly on alts.

Modules / Campaigns

In general you should work on as many campaigns at the same time as you can. You can start working on The Maze Enigne and Elemental Evil at level 60 and Sharandar at level 64. If you are powerleveling your character, level 60 to 70 takes no time at all, so there isn’t really a point to starting these before level 70. But if this is your first character in Neverwinter, leveling takes a bit more time, so you can start these campaigns and level at the same time.

At level 70, start doing all possible campaigns for maximum efficiency. Begin with Ravenloft as the into quest is very easy and will give you a full set of gear at the end. The Maze Engine and Underdark is very fast and easy to work at while doing other campaigns. Some campaigns might be a bit hard depending on your gear and item level, so you can either choose to wait a bit until you improve your character a bit or you can try to find fellow players to help you for most of it. Joining a helpful guild is one of the best ways to find people that can help you with quests.

Completing The Maze Engine

The Maze Engine can be started at level 60, and is pretty straight forward. Do a series of quests from Bruenor Battlehammer in Mantol-Derith. When you have finished a few, you need to complete dailies to unlock the next few. Come back every day and do the available quests.

Farming The Maze Engine Currencies and Items

  • Tales of Adventure: Used to advance the campaign, can only be gained from quests from Bruenor.
  • Alliance Supplies: Used only for apperance items, also from quests from Bruenor.

Completing Elemental Evil

This one can be started at level 60 as well. There’s really no trick to this one, just start the quests from Archdruid Morningdawn, and work your way through the quests and zones. Unlike other campaigns, there are no cooldowns in Elemental Evil, so you could do it all in one go and be finished with it if you wanted to.

Completing Sharandar

Sharandar can be startet at level 64, so at level 70 it should be pretty easy and quick. The thing that will possibly hold you back and take time in Sharandar, is the Feywild Sparks, so buying Genie’s Gifts for addtional Feywild Sparks will speed things up.

Unlock the main advancment tasks, then the boons in Sharandar, before eventually getting the key, although the key isn’t really needed for anything anymore. The Item Reward tasks should be skipped entirely.

Farming Sharandar Currencies and Items

  • Feywild Spark: Doing the quests from Merrisara Winterwhite will unlock the daily and weekly quests to obtain Feywild Sparks. Additional ones can be gotten from Genie’s Gifts
  • Gold Crescent: You won’t be short of Gold Crescents, as they are rewards from pretty much everything in Sharandar. But if you need more you can buy them with Fomorian Concoctions from the Bounty Master.
  • Vibrant Seedling: Are gotten from daily quests in the first area, Blighted Grove.
  • Abjuring Charm: From dailies in the second area, Dark Fey Enclave.
  • Iliyanbruen Blades: From dailies in the third area, Realm of Malabog.
  • Fomorian Concoction: Drops from any mob in Sharandar, can also be purchesed but has little value.

Completing Underdark

Underdark is a super easy campaign to complete. You will get everything you need while doing Dread Ring, Tyranny of Dragons and Icewind Dale. Do the Demon Hunting quests in these zones from the Demon Hunter, and you will advance in both Underdark from doing the actual Heroic Encounter and in the other campaigns from the quest rewards.

Farming Underdark Currencies and Items

  • Faerzress: These are farmed in the Demonic Heroic Encounters. There are three different HE’s in each zone, the Demonic Encounter is the fastest one, and players will usually post in the chat if one is up. Farming Demogorgon, Epic Demogorgon and Underdark skirmishes will yield even more Faerzress, and nowadays even the epic demo only takes about 3 minutes.
  • Demonic Ichor: Is also dropped in Demogorgon and skirmishes, but is pretty much useless except for maybe the Drowcraft shirt and pants for new chars.
  • Twisted Ichor: From Epic Demogorgon which is now easy to farm but the weapons you can buy with these are now useless.

Completing Dread Ring

Dread Ring can be done just by using Genie’s Gifts, but check the Auction House first as buying the Dread Ring Completion token is propably cheaper than buying Genie’s Gifts.

The boon tasks in Dread Ring are pretty easy and quick. The Gauntlet tasks are adds a bit of work, but can be skipped. The gauntlets aren’t really necessary but can be used to make a bit of extra AD or refinement per day.

The main quests you should pay attention to is the daily lair quest from Sergeant Knox and the Demon Hunting Quest from the Demon Hunter.

Farming Dread Ring Currencies and Items

  • Thayan Cipher: The most important of the Dread Ring items. You can get two per day, one from the lair quest and one from the demon hunting quest.
  • Thayan Scroll: Can only be aquired from the Bag of Thayan Treassure at the end of the lairs, and from the weekly quest “The Red Wizards” from Knox. If you want more you need to use Genie’s Gifts.
  • Vanguard  Scrip: From all of the quests in Dread Ring. Some quests only award you with Vanguard Scrips, and can be skipped, unless you need a lot. The Bounty Master will also trade Onyx Fragments, which drop a lot or can be bought cheap on the AH, for Vanguard Scrips.
  • Onyx Fragment: Can drop from any mob in Dread Ring.
  • Seal of the Shadowmantel: Is from the Valindra’s Tower dungeon, but is pretty much useless.

Completing Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons can be a bit grindy if you are not using a Signet of Patronage or Genie’s Gifts. The boon tasks are however seperate from the rest of the tasks, and I recommend you skip all other tasks as the rewards are very outdated and there is nothing you need for endgame there. There are quite a few different currencies for Tyranny of Dragons, many of them are not used for the boons.

The first five tasks require common campaign currencies that you get from completing dailies and weeklies in Well of Dragons and from the Harpers in Protector’s Enclave. For the fourth and fifth one you will need “Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind” and “Breyer’s Draconic Investigations”, which is dropped in the Shores of Tuern skirmish but can be bought on the AH as well for nearly nothing. The sixth and seventh boon will also require “Linu’s Favor” and “Incantations of the Dragon Queen” which is dropped by Tiamat or bought on the AH.

Farming Tyranny of Dragon Currencies and Items

  • Linu’s Favor: The were once hard to come by but can be farmed quickly and easily now. You can either do the “Rewards for the Hoard” quest by clicking the wagon in the Well of Dragons camp. You can farm the items for the quest yourself but buying “Dragon Hoard Coffers” on the auction house is a much faster and pretty cheap way of completing the quest and getting “Linu’s Favor”. Additionally farm Tiamat now, which no longer has a entry timer and most groups can kill him in about 5 minutes.
  • Dragon Hoard Coffer: These are random drops in Well of Dragons or rewards from Heroic Encounters. The easiest way to farm Dragon Hoard Coffers and Coins is to run Dragon Herald Heroic Encounters that start a quarter to every hour in Well of Dragons.
  • Dragon Hoard Coins: These are pretty easy to come by. Drop from almost any Tyranny of Dragons content and reward from most quests. Drops a lot from Dragon Heralds.
  • Page of Arcane Lore: From weekly quests from Elminster in Well of Dragons and from the Various Harper’s in Protector’s Enclave. Only around 45 Pages of Arcane Lore can be gotten each week if you do all the dailies and weeklies, so it might take less time to farm AD and buy Genie’s Gifts.
  • Cult Secret: From various quests in Well of Dragons. Don’t need many for the boons.
  • Fallen Dragon Fang: From quests in Well of Dragons, not needed for the boons.
  • Dragon Sigil: Yet another one that you don’t need for the boons. Can be farmed through quests.

Completing Icewind Dale read more

Featured Guide Neverwinter Neverwinter Misc. Guides 9

Gearing up in Neverwinter – What to do at level 70

This guide has been updated for mod 15, the Heart of Fire!

So you’ve hit level 70 in Neverwinter, but you don’t know what to do now. Fear not, this is what most fresh level 70’s feel like. End-game in Neverwinter can be quite confusing, but this guide is designed to help you out on your way to gearing up your character. This guide is also great for new level 70 alts. In this guide I will be showing you how to get to around how to increase your item level after hitting level 70.

Maybe the best way to get higher item level is by using Astral Diamonds. You can use AD to buy gear, enchants, mounts, companions and even to skip campaigns. See our Astral Diamond guide, for methods on how to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of AD per day.

Gearing Up Guide Index

  1. Armor, Weapons and Artifacts
  2. Companion
  3. Mounts
  4. Boons
  5. Summary

Armor, Weapons and Artifacts

First things first! Getting some new gear after hitting 70, to increase your item level. To see what gear is best in slot for your class, go to our Neverwinter class guides.

Vistani Reward Box

As soon as you hit 70, you will want to to the quets “Unwelcome Guests” from Lord Neverember in Protector’s Enclave, which leads to “Welcome to Barovia”. After completing these two quests you will get a Vistani Reward Box with item level 460 gear for all your slots, that are even slotted with enchantments. The quests are very easy, but if you are struggeling, pick up some cheap armor, potions and whatever else might help you on the AH, or get help from someone to complete the quest.



Good news, right now weapons are easy to come by in Neverwinter. Primal Weapons are the a good choice for most classes at the moments. They can be bought for Seal of the Brave at the trader in Protector’s Enclave for 750 seals each. Seals are farmed by doing dungeons, heroic encounters and random queues. This should only take a fresh level 70 a few days.


Armor – Head – Arms – Feet

After getting your Vistani gear, and Primal Weapons, you can start saving your Seals for Primal gear.

As of mod 15, you can also buy cheap 500 and 510 crafted gear on the AH.

The next step when it comes to armor should be to get your best in slot items. These are mostly from hunts in Barovia and from Castle Ravenloft. To see suggestions for your class go to our Neverwinter class guides.

One star hunts can be soloed by most players for gear, and two star hunts should can also be soloed after you get your item level over around 12-13k. But it is easiest to either find a group in Barovia or join a guild that runs hunts. Hunts are generally very quick and can provide you with a lot of best in slot gear.

Items from hunts are account bound, so you can also farm these for on your main and give them to alts.

Cloak, Belt and Set

Don’t put too much refinement into your set before you got the one you want for your class and build. Some builds use a full set and others break them up or use items that aren’t part of sets. For the most part, getting your cloak and belt probably won’t be too hard. Some are bought through the AH for Astral Diamonds and others through campaign currencies.

Once you have the one you want, you can start putting RP into them to upgrade them. Try to get them to atleast Epic quality as quick as possible, working to upgrade the whole set at once, rather than one item at a time.


After getting your Vistani rings, like with the other gear, you can buy Primal Rings with seals.

As DPS you will want to get rings with two offense slots, the easiest way is to buy Beaded or Bronzewood rings from the AH.

Tanks can also pick up the Lichstone rings for two defense slots.

For most classes the Ring of Offensive Action from Omu is one of the best rings in the game, and can be farmed quickly. Do “The Tyrant” Heroic Encounter in Omu for an item called “Bundle of Lich Lore”, these can be turned in to Makos for 3 Makos’ Favor, you can do this as much as you want. You can also get “Lich Lore” from Thayan mobs in Omu but these can only be turned in once per hour. The fastest way is to do a combo of both, and you’ll have the ring within a day.

Eventually you can start trying to aquire legendary rings, but these are very hard to come by. Doing hunts in Chult and Omu is a good way to get them, but it’s not really worth while since all the other gear from there is outdated. Alternatively you can try getting you rings by:

  • Getting you 6 weekly Chultan Treasures from Patrols in Chult, and 6 weekly ones from Patrols in Omu. Some info suggests that opening these chests early on Monday and Tuesday increases the chances of getting rings.
  • Completing Fane of the Night Serpent in Omu, once per week.

Shirts and Pants

First of all you can pick up Drowcraft shirt and pants from either farming Underdark content (heroic encounters, demogorgon and skirmishes) or you can buy them on the Auction House.

Shirt and Pants of the Chultan Merchant drop in Merchant Prince’s Folly. They drop all the time and are a decent choice until you can get your best in slot.

Lower and Upper Primal Paints will be best in slot for most classes and are bought with Omuan Treasures that can be farmed in Omu.

As of mod 15, the Adamantine +1 shirt and pants can be bought pretty cheap on the AH and are best in slot in many cases.


Getting and upgrading all your Artifacts will take some RP and time. I would recommend getting all your best in slot artifacts before upgrading anything past Epic quality. Upgrading to Epic quality is done pretty quickly, but slows down towards Legendary. Most Artifacts are bought on the Auction House, in the Trade Bar store, farmed in dungeons or from the Artifacts of Legends quests.

The best way to go about refining your artifacts is working on all of them at the same time. Refine all of the to the next tier, instead of working on them one at a time.


Rank 7 enchantments are the last rank where they are still very cheap, so as a freshs level 70, get atleast rank 7’s for every slot. Then you can start on either refining your enchantments or buying better ones. Like with Artifacts it is much better to work on all of them at the same time. Take them all to rank 8, then 9, etc.

The most important enchantments to get are Weapon and Armor Enchantments, along with Bonding Runestones (see below). Having a good Weapon Enchantment will make a huge difference in your DPS and on how fast you can do all sorts of content.

You will also want to get Dragon’s Hoard, Quartermaster’s and Fey Blessing Enchantments for your utility slots, so that you can earn extra RP. See our Refinement Guide, for more info.

Armor Reinforcement Kits

These can be made or bought on the Auction House and will boost your stats and item level a little bit. These are good to keep in mind when you need a little extra item level to be able to do new content.


Next up we have companions. These also give you higher item level. The problem with companions is that they can be really expensive. So you might have to wait with the ones you actually want. So before you can get the good companions, get some cheap rare and epic quality ones. For example the epic quality Redcap Powrie only costs around 10k AD, and does actually do a fair amount of damage. Rare companions are item level 50 and rare are 100, so it’s a nice boost.

Your end-game companions will mostly come from the AH. They are expensive but usually worth it as they can provide you with some big boosts to DPS, healing or to you defensive capabilities.

Work on getting all your active companions to epic quality, and your summoned companion to Legendary. Only your summoned companion will have any real benefit from being Legendary quality. Although it will increase your item level by having them all Legendary.

Bonding Runestones

Bonding Runestones are some of the most important items you are going to get. Buy the highest rank of these that you can afford. Bonding Runestones will grant you your companions stats, and when you stack three of these it can give up to 195% of their stats, if you have rank 14’s. They are far better than any other Runestone.


Companion Gear

You will also want to get some gear for your companion. Item level 420 companion gear is quite cheap to get on the AH, or you can farm it yourself in Illusionist’s Gambit. Slot the gear with at least rank 7 Enchantments. Remember to refine or buy new Enchantments for your companions as you upgrade your own.

Eventually you will want to start upgrading your companions gear. Either run Illusionit’s Gambit to farm it, or buy new ones on the AH. Some of it can be pretty expensive though. Bronzewood and Beaded Rings can also be good alternatives to get double offensive slotted rings for your companion. And of course legendary rings, if you are lucky enough to get a few of them.



As a new level 70 you can  buy cheap mounts off the AH, or from the mount vendor, or they can be gotten from events. Slot each of your mounts with 2 or 3 insignia’s.

You will then want to look at what insignia bonuses you want for your character. Wanderer’s Fortune is a good one to get for any character as it will provide you with some extra RP every day to upgrade your gear. When you know what bonuses you want, start saving up for mounts with slots for these bonuses. Our Mount Insignia Bonus Guide has more info on this.

Finally you can start saving for your Legendary mount.

Gearing up Mounts
Example of a budget stable


Boons also affect item level. Work your way through the modules by doing daily and weekly quests. You can also buypass them by buying completion tokens from the auction house or from the zen store. We are currently writing a campaign completion guide with the fastest ways to complete each module.

Joining a guild and activating the guild boons, is one of the quickest and best ways to increase your item level quickly.

Gearing up boons


In the end, Neverwinter is a game you need to take one day at the time. Work on everything mentioned above, a little bit every day and you will eventually get there. The main things to keep working at daily are:

  • Hitting Astral Diamond cap. AD is one of the most important factors to improve your character. Remember our Astral Diamond Guide.
  • Getting your best in slot gear.
  • Getting your Artifacts, Weapons and Enchantments so you can farm RP to upgrade them.
  • Working on your uncompleted modules.
  • read more

    Featured Guide Neverwinter Neverwinter Leveling Guides 12

    Neverwinter Leveling Guide 1 – 70

    Welcome to our Neverwinter Leveling Guide! Leveling in Neverwinter is relatively quick and easy. You will mostly be following the glowing sparks that show you the next quest objective so you don’t waste much time figuring out where to go. This guide has been updated in 2019, and is up to date with module 15, The Heart of Fire.

    If you need to learn more about your class, see our Class Guides for builds and info.

    Before we start with the actual Neverwinter Leveling Guide we will go over some general leveling tips.

    Neverwinter Leveling Guide Index

      1. Gear and Items
        1. XP Bonuses and Extra XP Gain
          1. Leveling 1 – 60
          1. Leveling 60 – 70

          Have some of the items listed below will make your leveling go a lot quicker, but you are going to need some AD. If you need help making AD, check out our Astral Diamond Guide.

          Gear and Items:

          • Put Azure Enchantments in every utility slot you have for bonus XP gain. Get atleast rank 5, these only cost around 200AD and boost your XP gain by 7.5% each. I usually go with the rank 7’s, at rank 8 they become a lot more expensive.
          • Mounts increase runspeed which helps with leveling speed, but you can also get Insignias of Prosperity from the Auction House that you can equip to your mount that give bonus XP. You will want mounts with regal, enlightened and universal slots, and slot the with Prosperity Insignias. You can get cheaps mounts for gold or on the AH, or from events.
          • Inscribed Garments can be purchased from the Zen Market and will give you 20% extra XP.
          • Ensorcelled Items and other scaling can be bought on the AH. This is powerful equipment that scales with your level and can be used at any level! A full list of scaling gear can be found here. I am usually not bothered with much gear as levelling is so fast anyway.
          • Get a companion at level 16. Companions are a really important aspect of Neverwinter. Companions come in different types like Healers, DPS and Tanks. Get one that complements your class and playstyle and they will really help you out. If you can, get a epic quality companion for the toon that you are levelling. I usually get the Redcap companion as it is a cheap epic quality striker that will help you plow through content.
          • You can give your Companions high level gear that will make them a lot more powerful.
          • Bagspace: If you can get some bags, this will help you out a lot. The more room you have in your inventory the better.

          XP Bonuses and Extra XP Gain:

          • Invoke to the gods (after level 11). Pressing CTRL + I next to an Altar (found in Neverwinter or as drops from mobs) will have your character pray. You will get stat boost, potions etc, and you will get XP. Quite a lot of XP acutally, so pray as often as you can.
          • Experience Booster and Epic Experience Booster from the Zen Market. If you have Zen or is willing to buy Zen i would recommend that you buy an Epic Experience Booster.  You will get 2x XP all the way up to level 70 and will level twice as fast. These are also rewards from events sometimes, like the Winter festival.
          • Double XP events happen quite often and it can be wise to leave leveling alts to these periods. Check the calendar in game to see when the next XP weekend is!
          • Being a VIP member will give you 10% extra XP.
          • Most guilds have the Experience Bonus Boon available, so join a guild to get a 3-30% XP bonus.
          • If you already have a character at level 70 you will notice that you sometimes get Tomes of Experience from the overflow experience reward, these can be used by alts to level up very quickly.

          TIP: If you run out of quests in any of the zones listed below, and you are still too low level to progress to the next. Either return to Sergeant Knox to see if he has quests for you, or simply run a skirmish or dungeon.

          Leveling 1 – 60

          Level 1 – 5 Tutorial + Protector’s Enclave

          For the first 5 levels, follow the tutorial and then a few quests from Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave.

          Level 6 – 9 Blacklake District

          Until level 12, questing is really the only option. So after doing Sergeant Knox a few favours, you are sent to Blacklake District. Finish the quests here and you will be around level 9.

          Level 10 – 12+ Tower District

          Continue to the Tower District, and get to level 12. This is when you can start doing Random Dungeons and Random Skirmishes. These are really fast for levelling, and can be used to level to 70. A mix of dungeons, skirmishes, questing and other content is generally recommended.  One Random Dungeon and one Random Skirmish will take you from 12 – 17+ , if you have a booster active or during a 2x XP weekend, in about 15 minutes.

          If you want to continue to level by questing, see the map below for what zones to go to. It’s all pretty straight forward so I won’t go into detail about questing in every zone.

          Neverwinter Leveling Guide Map

          Leveling 12 – 20

          Either hit up random dungeons / skirmishes, or the level appropriate zone and get to level 20.

          Acquisitions Incorporated Level 15

          Be sure to start the Acquistions Incorporated campaign at level 15.

          Leveling 20 – 60+

          Guild Stronghold Quests

          At this point it is time to get a guild if you don’t already have one. Press the G button to browse for guilds and send an officer a message that you want to join or go to Protector’s Enclave, and say in the /zone chat that you are looking for one and you will have no trouble finding a guild.

          When you’ve gotten a guild go the guild stronghold, and finish the short introductory quest from The Steward. This will enable you to get the dailies from the NPC’s around the Stronghold. They are all worth doing but the main three ones that you want to do every day while you are levelling are the quests from the Cleric.

          • Doing Your Part
          • Stronghold Dungeon Delves

          These will provide you with massive (several levels) of XP, in addition to what you are already getting from doing Random Skirmishes and Dungeons in the first place.

          Illusionist’s Gambit

          At level 20, the skirmish Illusionist’s Gambit will also unlock, and you will find yourself running it a lot if you are wanting to level quickly. I still recommend queuing for a random skirmish, but most of the time it will be this one anyway, since people running it way more than the other skirmishes. The reason this one is better for levelling is that as opposed to the other skirmishes that you can run at lower levels, it has tiered rewards (fail, bronze, silver and gold). Most of the time you want to achieve bronze and then vote to leave. The XP reward for bronze rewards you with much higher XP than from any other Skirmish. If you want you can also queue up for Illusionist’s Gambit solo, by using the Private Queue, then die and fail the Skirmish on purpose and still get a nice amount of XP. This only works a few times in a row though, but will reward you with a few quick levels.

          The fastest way to reach level 60 is to do a combination of Random Skirmishes, Dungeons and Quests. I generally run mostly Random Skirmishes, and fill in the wait time with a few quests here and there.

          Leveling 60 – 70

          Leveling 60 – 64+

          At level 60, the Maze Engine and Elemental Evil modules will unlock, and you can start working on these. read more