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The Ultimate ESO Gold Farming Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive gold farming guide for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)! In this extensive guide, we will cover all the methods and strategies to maximize your gold-earning potential.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be swimming in gold in no time.

ESO Gold Farming Basics

The basics of gold farming in the Elder Scrolls Online is pretty easy, get as much gold as possible in an as short amount of time as possible. There are several ways to ensure that you are maximizing your hourly gold gains like movement speed, bag space and using the optimal route.

It is important that you are level 50 with at least a good amount of Champion points before starting to farm gold, check out our ESO Leveling Guide here.

First lets go over the gold making basics.

ESO Plus For More Gold

ESO Plus members enjoy a 10% bonus to XP and Gold, so any serious gold maker should consider getting it. The extra bank space, free crowns and other bonuses can also be beneficial to gold farming.

eso gold farming guide eso plus
Several of the benefits from ESO plus are beneficial to gold farmers.

ESO Gold Farming Build

Having the right build is also important for gold farming in ESO. The most imporant thing here is to optimize for movement speed so that you can farm faster and make more gold.

Check out our ESO Movement Speed Build For Gold Farming here. If you want to farm on another class you can easily use just parts of that build to suit your needs with any class.

eso gold farming guide build
Having the right build with the right gear can make your character much more efficient at gold farming.

Bag Space

Having a lot of bag space is another imporant thing for gold farming. Visit bag merchants to increase your personal inventory from 60 to 110. Also visit a stable every 24h to increase your inventory by an additional 60. Also visit the bank to store more items as your inventory fills up.

Movement Speed and Riding

The build shown above will max your movement speed on foot, but having a fast horse or mount can also be beneficial to making more gold. Visit the stable to increase the speed of your mount.

Join Guilds

Even if you are new to ESO, you have probably seen people that are recruiting for trading guilds. In ESO instead of a centralized auction house or AH, players use guilds to set up merchants around the world to sell their goods. Only members of the guild that employs the specific merchant can sell their goods there.

I recommend that you join as many trading guilds as possible on your gold farming character. Some guilds will have requirements to join by either paying a fee or by promising to sell for a minimum amount of gold per week.

Better trading guilds will have merchants in better locations so that you can make more gold.

guild merchant
Guild Merchants are located all around the world. The best guilds have the best merchants.

By using guild merchants you can also make a lot of gold by buying low and selling high, a technique we will be looking at more at the end of the guide.

Gold Farming Addons

Addons can make gold farming a lot easier and faster, I recommend getting the two below.


Get the addon and all the data, read more about that in the addon description. This addon will make farming a lot easier by tracking the location of chests, materials and anything harvestable both on the map and with a 3D marker in the open world.

harvest map
Here the HarvestMap is showing the locations of all chests within a zone.

Master Merchant

This addon will give you tons of data on prices and what items are worth farming and /or buying and reselling. A must for any gold farmer.

Tamriel Trade Center

Tamriel Trade Center is a website where you can look up prices for items in ESO. It can be very useful to keep bookmarked.

tamriel trade center
Tamriel Trade Center is a good tool to determine prices and make gold.

ESO Gold Farming Methods

So now that the basics are out of the way, lets get on to the acutal gold farming.


Completing quests not only provides experience points but also gold and valuable items. Focus on main story quests, zone story quests, and daily quests (such as Undaunted Pledges, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Cyrodiil dailies), which typically offer the most substantial rewards. Repeatable quests, like those found in Craglorn and the Thieves Guild, are also great sources of gold.

Farming Materials for Gold

One of the most straightforward methods for making gold in ESO is by gathering materials. Materials can be found throughout the game world and are used for crafting.

Focus on collecting valuable materials, such as raw materials (ore, wood, and cloth), alchemy reagents, enchanting runes, and jewelry crafting materials. Invest in the Keen Eye passives to make these materials more visible and easier to spot.

Good areas to farm Materials are:

  • Starter Islands
  • Craglorn
  • Stormhaven
  • Coldharbour

Overland Gear Farming

Overland gear can drop from bosses, chests, dolmens, etc. See this page for more info.

To make gold by farming these sets, find out which sets are selling for a good chunk of gold and start farming. Either visit guild merchants or check out our ESO builds to see what sets are popular.

Some popluar sets are Mother’s Sorrow, Briarheart and Necropotence.

Farming Chests for Gold

A good way to farm these sets and get additional gear and gold is to farm chests. Use the Harvest Map addon and filter the map to only show chests on the map and you can simply run from chest to chest.

eso chest farming for gold
Harvest Map will show you the possible location for all chests on the compass, the map and in 3D in the world around you.

PvP For Gold

PvP can actually be a good source for gold. Simply trade your Alliance Points for items that you can sell for gold.

Merchants that you can buy items from for AP and sell for gold are:

  • Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden
  • Elite Vendors in Vlastarus, Bruma and Cropsford
  • Battleground Vendors
eso gold farming guide the golden
The Golden shows up on weekends with powerful rewards.

Dungeon Farming for Gold

Participating in daily dungeons and trials can earn you gold, valuable items, and gear sets that can be sold or deconstructed for materials. Group up with other players to tackle these challenging activities. Use the Group Finder tool to easily join groups for daily dungeon runs, which offer bonus rewards upon completion. Trials can yield even more significant rewards but require coordination and teamwork.

Good dungeons to run for gold are:

  • Any Veteran Dungeon
  • The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March
  • Crimson Cove in Malabar Tor
  • Razak’s Wheel in Bangkorai

Motif Farming for Gold

Motifs are used to learn new crafting styles and can be sold for a high price. Farm motifs by participating in various activities like dungeons, trials, daily quests, and PvP. Some motifs can only be obtained through specific content, such as motifs from DLC zones or the Maelstrom Arena. Keep an eye on patch notes for new motif releases, as their prices tend to be highest shortly after release.

Stealing for Gold

Stealing and pickpocketing can yield valuable items to fence for gold. Focus on high-value targets, such as nobles and wealthy merchants, and always invest in passives that improve your Legerdemain skill line, like Light Fingers and Trafficker. Additionally, looting and selling stolen treasures from various containers, such as desks, cabinets, and backpacks, can yield a significant profit.

  • Windhelm – A lot of drunks to pickpocket
  • Ships in various cities
  • Vivec City for House Motifs.
  • Vvardenfell – Paintings.
eso gold guide stealing
Pickpocketing can be very profitable.

Fishing for Gold

Fishing in ESO can be a relaxing and profitable activity. Fish can be filleted to obtain crafting materials, rare provisioning ingredients (such as Perfect Roe), or even rare, valuable fish used to complete fishing achievements. Fishing in groups can increase your chances of obtaining valuable items, and using appropriate bait for each water type will increase your success rate.

Crafting for Gold

Crafting is an excellent way to earn gold in ESO. You can craft weapons, armor, glyphs, potions, and other items to sell on the market.

To make the most profit, level up your crafting skill lines, research traits, and invest in passives like Metal Extraction, Unraveling, Wood Extraction, and Hirelings. These passives improve your ability to obtain valuable materials, which can be used or sold for profit.

Secondly, you can also make gold by actual crafting. The best items to craft for making gold are:

  • Popular gear sets like Law of Julianos, Hunding’s Rage, and Shacklebreaker
  • Potions
  • Food and Drink
Crafting Writs for Gold

Complete daily crafting writs to earn gold, crafting materials, and valuable items like Master Writs, which can be sold for a high price. To maximize your earnings, invest in crafting passives, like Recipe Improvement and Recipe Quality for provisioning, Potency Improvement for enchanting, and Solvent Proficiency for alchemy.

Investing / Buy Low Sell High

Buy low and sell high by watching the market and taking advantage of fluctuations in demand and supply. Invest in items that are likely to increase in value, such as rare motifs, popular gear sets, and crafting materials.

Utilize addons like Master Merchant or Tamriel Trade Centre to help you track item prices and market trends. Be patient and don’t be afraid to hold onto items until the price is right.


If you are just starting out with gold farming in ESO, I would recommend that you start with material farming or stealing for gold, then moving on to buying and reselling and combining a few of the methods above.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our ESO Gold Guide for Elsweyr, let me know in the comments!

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