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ESO Movement Speed Build for Farming Gold

Welcome to our movement speed guide for ESO. In this build, we will be playing a Stamina Nightblade, but you can alternatively use other classes and use parts of this guide to optimize your character for speed.

The point of maximizing movement speed is to farm various items for gold. This guide has been updated for Elsweyr. If you have any questions about getting max movement speed in ESO, leave a comment below.

See our ESO Builds section for more builds.

ESO Movement Speed Build Index

Movement Speed Build Basics

Best Movement Speed Race: Orc for 10% increased Sprint > Khajiit for improved sneaking.

Movement Speed Build Attributes: All Stamina

Best Mundus Stone for a Movement Speed: The Steed

Best Potion for Movement Speed: Whatever you have available.

Best Food for Movment Speed: Jewels of Misrule

Movement Speed Build Skills

What are the best weapons to use for Movement Speed? It is recommended that you have one bar for Two-handers, and one bar for Bows.

movement speed gold farming skills for eso

Movement Speed Build Main Bar – Two-Hander:

Slot 1: Rally

Slot 2: Shadowy Disguise

Slot 3: Rapid Maneuver

Slot 4: Dizzying Swing

Slot 5: Concealed Weapon

Ultimate: Reviving Barrier

Movement Speed Alternate Bar – Bow:

Slot 1: Endless Hail

Slot 2: Relentless Focus

Slot 3: Poison Injection

Slot 4: Double Take

Slot 5: Resolving Vigor

Ultimate: Soul Tether

Movement Speed Build Passive Skills

Assassination Passives: All

Shadow Passives: All

Siphoning Passives: All

Two Handed Passives: All

Bow Passives: All

Medium Armor Passives: All

Undaunted Passives: All

Racial Passives: All

Thieves Guild Passives: All

You also need to max your crafting to be able to gather the best materials.

Nightblade Stamina DPS Build Champion Points

The first bolded number indicated below is for an 810 champion point build. The second number within the ( ) is for 300 champion point builds.

If you need to gain more champion points fast, see our ESO Leveling Guide.

The Mage Champion Points (Blue)

The Ritual: 56 (43) Mighty – 44 Thaumaturge – 56 Precise Strikes – 29 (57) Piercing

The Atronach: 66 Master-At-Arms – 19 Physical Weapons Expert

The Thief Champion Points (Green)

The Shadow: 37 Shadow Ward – 48 Tumbling

The Lover: 23 Tenacity – 100 (100) Mooncalf

The Tower: 20 Warlord – 42 Sprinter

The Warrior Champion Points (Red)

The Lady: 49 (23) Hardy – 49 (23) Elemental Defender – 48 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 81 (31) Ironclad – 43 (23) Spellshield

Movement Speed Build Gear

If you need gold to buy gear for your build, check out our ESO Gold Farming Guide, with tips on how to make tons of ESO gold.

Head: Blood Spawn Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Shoulders: Blood Spawn Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchantment: Magicka

Chest: Jailbreaker Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Gloves: Jailbreaker Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Legs: Jailbreaker Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Belt: Jailbreaker Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Boots: Jailbreaker Weight: Medium Trait: Divines Enchant: Magicka

Necklace: Fiord’s Legacy Type: Jewelry Trait: Infused Enchant: Weapon Damage

Rings: Fiord’s Legacy Trait: Swift Enchant: Stamina / Magicka Recovery

Two-Hander: Fiord’s Legacy Trait: Infused Enchant: Weapon Damage

Bow: Fiord’s Legacy Trait: Infused Enchant: Poison Damage

This Movement Speed build is continuously updated, leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Sunday 30th of August 2020

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