Neverwinter Leveling Guide 1

Neverwinter Leveling Guide 1 – 20

Welcome to our Neverwinter Leveling Guide! Leveling in Neverwinter is relatively quick and easy. You will mostly be following the glowing sparks that show you the next quest objective so you don’t waste much time figuring out where to go.

This guide has been updated in 2022 and is up to date with module 24, Northdark Reaches.

If you need to learn more about your class, see our Class Guides for builds and info.

In Mod 21, the leveling journey was changed in Neverwinter, making the leveling process very straightforward and easy.

Leveling to max level in Neverwinter should now only take about 10 hours and all you have to do is follow the main questline, and you will level up as you complete the quests.

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There are however a few tips you can use to level up slightly faster.

Leveling Gear

Having some of the items listed below will make your leveling a bit quicker, but you are going to need some AD. If you need help making AD, check out our Astral Diamond Guide.

Post Mod 21, gear doesn’t have as big of an impact on leveling as it used to have, and you can level to 20 just fine with the gear you get along the way.

Adventurer Seal Trader

You can now visit the Adventurer Seal Trader in Protector’s Enclave to buy Leveling Gear for your class for Seal of the Adventurer.

Seal of the Adventurer Leveling

Ensorcelled Mulhorand

Neverwinter Leveling Guide Gear

These weapons and cloak scale as you level and a generally more powerful than other weapons you find by leveling. They can be looted from lockboxes, bought at the auction house, or as rewards from certain events.

These are pretty expensive though and won’t boost your leveling time in any meaningful way.

Slayer of the Xvim

Works like the Mulhorand gear and scales as you level. The Amulet is not available at this time.

Neverwinter Leveling Gear


Artifacts can be equipped at any level and the stats of an upgraded artifact will be very powerful for a low-level character. Getting an artifact of at least rare quality is recommended!

artifact leveling


Companions are also a great way to boost your stats. Companion powers can be really powerful at lower levels, and high-level companions will be very helpful.

Several Epic quality companions are available cheaply at the Auction House, and you will get several decent ones just by leveling.

Movement Speed

XP bonuses are a thing of the past now in Neverwinter and the only real viable way of leveling quicker is by moving quicker.

This can be done by equipping gear or enchantments with movement speed boosts, the most viable are Azure Enchantments in utility slots. Increasing your movement speed stat will enable you to move faster through all indoor content.

Enchantment Leveling Neverwinter

In overland zones, remember to always use your mount to move faster.

As you don’t get any experience from killing mobs, it is better to skip as many as you can. (See our leveling video for optimal method)

Leveling 1- 20

The actual leveling path in Neverwinter is pretty easy. Just follow the tutorial and then the quests that Sergeant Knox sends you on to the following zones:

  1. Neverdeath Graveyard
  2. Vellosk
  3. Ebon Downs
  4. Icespire Peak
  5. The Chasm
  6. Whispering Caverns

And that’s it! Congrats on reaching level 20! If you are unsure of what to do at level 20, you can check out our Gearing Up Guide and our Campaign Completion Guide!

If you have any questions or suggestions for our Neverwinter Leveling Guide, please leave a comment!

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  2. I know this guide isn’t meant to be followed exactly, but I tend to do almost every quest I can get, so I tend to be higher level than what you mention for the areas. So, is it bad if I skip an area? Also, if you can, can you tell me any gear guides that are good? I tend to get stuck with lower level gear and wish to fix this.

    1. Hi, skipping areas is fine. On my last character i skipped quite a few zones entierly since i had a huge xp bonus and leveled very fast. We have a short gear guide here : . Most of the guides on the site hasn’t been updated in a while, and i am working on updating them all, so the gear guide and the leveling guide will propably get an update pretty soon. There is also generally gearing tips to be found on the Neverwinter subreddit

  3. you did forget to tell people in your guide that they can do daily in stronghold those quests give a massive xp gain. kill 50 creatures in the questzone where you leveling xomplete a dungeon for 80.000xp at lvl 50 means level up etc.

  4. Also Illusionist gambit the skirmish is also a good way to level up even in level 70 to get overflow experience/

  5. Hi I am a player in Neverwinter

    I am stuck on a part that I can’t figure out I am new to Neverwinter. I am Ranger warden female wood elf. I am 24,340 item level. I can’t find the Blacklake flairs in the town. I am trying to do the next quest step called Acquisitions Incorporated it’s level 30,000. I am not level 15. I have looked everywhere and it says I have to be level 30!! So I don’t know what one is true. Do I need to start over or something. Need help

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