The Complete Rogue Build – Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain

Welcome to our Rogue Guide, updated for mod 16: Undermountain and Level 80. In this guide, we will give you tips and info on how to play the Rogue class, previously called the Trickster Rogue.

The Rogue is a typical melee DPS class, relying mostly on stealth and cunning to attack their enemies from the shadows. They wield blades and daggers that they use to attack the mobs from the shadows.

The purpose of our class guides is not just to show you a build that you can copy and use on your character, but to show you a base build and teach you the mechanics and stats of the game, so you can understand and play your class to its fullest capabilities. Try different gear, feats and powers and learn to tailor your own build for your playstyle. See our guide to making your own build for more info.

Rogue Guide Index

Basic Rogue Info

Best Rogue Races

  1. Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn – 3% + Healing – +2 to Any two stats – 1500 Crit – 3% Increased Damage
  2. Dragonborn – 3% HP + Healing – +2 to Any two stats – 1500 Crit – 3% Increased Damage
  3. Half-Orc – 5% Crit Severity – +2 Dex and +2 Con or Str – 10% Movement Speed for 3 sec when entering combat
  4. Tiefling – 5% + Damage to targets below 50% health – +2 Cha and +2 Con or Int – 10% to reduce damage of target for 5 sec by 2.5%

Rogue Ability Score Priority

Put all your available Ability Scores into Strength and Dexterity.

Rogue Stat / Rating Priority

Offensive Stats:

Armor Penetration (Caps at 68k) > Critical Strike (Caps at 68k) > Accuracy (Caps at 68k) Combat Advantage (Caps at 118k) > Power (No Cap)

Defensive Stats:

Defense (Caps at 68k) > Deflection (Caps at 68k) > Critical Avoidance (Caps at 73k) > Awareness (Caps at 78k) > HP (No Cap)

Rogue Paragon Path & Powers

Rogue Assassin Build
Assassin is the current recommended Paragon path for Rogues.

Rogue Assassin Combat Powers

At-Will Powers: Duelist’s Flurry & Gloaming Cut

Encounter Powers: Lashing Blade – Deft Strike (ST) / Dazing Strike (AoE) – Assassinate / Blade Flurry (AoE)

Daily Powers: Shocking Execution & Bloodbath

Class Features: Sneak Attack & Invisible Infiltrator

Rogue Assassin Feats

  • Toxic Blades
  • Master of Shadows
  • Duelists Expertise
  • Back Alley Tactics
  • Shadow’s Flurry

Rogue Boons

You should always choose boons based on what stats you currently need. Therefor a selection of several viable boons is available to you for each tier.

Tier 1 Boons

  • Recruit’s Training – 250 Power
  • Critical Strike – 250 Crit
  • Cultist Bulwark – 1000 HP

Tier 2 Boons

  • Squire’s Training – 250 Power
  • Armor Penetration – 250 Armor Penetration
  • Demonic Bulwark – 1000 HP
  • Demonic Mastery – 1% Increased damage and damage resistance vs. demons.

Tier 3 Boons

  • Knight’s Training – 250 Power
  • Combat Advantage – 250 Combat Advantage
  • Dino Bulwark – 1000 HP

Tier 4 Boons

  • Captain’s Training – 250 Power
  • Accuracy – 250 Accuracy
  • Necrotic Bulwark – 1000 HP
  • Necrotic Mastery – 1% Increased damage and damage resistance vs. undead.

Tier 5 Boons (Choose 2)

  • Focused Precision – 1% Crit Severity per rank
  • Call of Power – 1% Action Point gain per rank
  • Quick Turnaround – 1% Recovery Speed per rank.

Master Boons

  • Blood Lust 3/3

Guild Boons

  • Offense – Power
  • Defense – Hit Points

Rogue Weapons & Gear

If you are new to Neverwinter and need to know how to get better gear and increase your item level, check out our Gearing Up Guide.

The best way to gear up in Neverwinter is by making a lot of Astral Diamonds, check out our Astral Diamond Guide to learn all the secrets of AD farming.

If you want to plan out your character and see what items are available the Neverwinter Character Simulator is a great tool.


Protégé’s Hood (Best in Slot) > Hood of the Spy’s Guild


Fured Kiuno of the Bear (Best in Slot) > Hide of the Spy’s Guild


Protégé’s Weathered Gloves (Best in Slot) > Bracer’s of the Spy’s Guild


Heel’s of Fury (Best in Slot) > Gaiters of the Spy’s Guild


Burnished Weapons (Best in Slot) > Mountaineer Weapons

Main Hand Modification: Enhanced Duelist’s Flurry

Offhand Modifications: Critical Severity & whatever stat you need.


Protégé Rings (Best in Slot) > Spy Guild’s Rings

Neck & Waist

Orcus Set (Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might, Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman)


Protégé’s Shirts (Best in Slot) > Spy Guild’s Shirts


Protégé’s Pants (Best in Slot) > Spy Guild’s Pants

Rogue Artifacts

Primary Artifact

Sigil of the Cleric (Best in Slot)

Secondary Artifacts

Choose secondary artifacts based on the stats you are lacking.

Arcturia’s Music Box – Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives – Shard of Orcus’ Ward (For set) – Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation – Tiamat’s Orb of Mastery

Rogue Enchantments

When getting enchantments, always get the ones with the stats you are lacking in with your gear, boons, etc in mind. For example, if you’ve capped Crit with your gear and boons, don’t get azure enchantments for your offense slots. If you still need to refine your enchantments, see our Refinement Guide for tips on how to farm refinement.

Offence Enchantments

Radiant Enchantment – Brutal Enchantment – Black Ice Enchantment – Cruel Enchantment – Viscious Enchantment – Savage Enchantment

Defence Enchantments

Dark Enchantment – Radiant Enchantment – Wicked Enchantment

Armor Enchantments

Barkshield Enchantment

Weapon Enchantments

Vorpal Enchantment

Overload Enchantments

Various Marks from Stronghold Vendor > Corrupt Black Ice / Lethal / Piercing > Black / Red Dragon Glyph

Armor Reinforcement Kits

Accuracy Kit – Armor Penetration Kit – Critical Strike Kit – Power Kit

Jewelry Reinforcement Kits

Combat Advantage Jewel

Rogue Consumables & Buffs

Consider to get VIP for the Power of VIP HP buff if you aren’t already. Also always stand in campfires to get the +1 ability campfire buff.

Get one from each of the rows below:

  • Empowered Chain of Scales (Best in Slot) > Adorable Pocket Pet > Tymora’s Lucky Coin
  • Wild Storm Elixir > Elixir of Fate
  • Squash Soup > Watermelot Sorbet

Rogue Companions

Companions changed a lot in mod 16, so the information below is not yet complete.

Summoned Companion

Deepcrow Hatchling


You will want to maximise your Bolster by having more of the same type of companion as your summoned companion, up to 15% Bolster.

Companion Powers

There is a lot of viable Companion powers to choose from. Generally choose powers for the stats you are neeeding. This section will be updated further.

Companion Equipment

Bold / Fierce / Heroic of the Companion

of Adorable Licks / Bites

Companion Runestones

Enigmatic – Arcane – Profane – Empowered – Recondite

Rogue Mounts

When choosing a Legendary Mount for the Mount Powers, look for a mount that has both a useful equip and combat power. The best choices for a first legendary mount as a Rogue is a Swarm or a Tenser’s Floating Disk.

What other mounts you use is not that important. What is important is to get the right insignia bonuses, and many different mounts can offer the various bonuses. To find out what mount has the bonus you want, check out our Insignia Bonus Guide.

All classes and specs should consider using Wanderer’s Fortune before you have refined all your gear and enchantments, for extra refinement every day.

Rogue Mount Insignia Bonuses

Assassin’s Covenant – Protector’s Camaraderie –  Artificer’s Persuasion – Sheperd’s Devotion – Cavalry’s Warning

Insignia Type

Aggression – Brutality – Mastery – Dominance – Skill

Rogue Mount Powers

Mount Equip Power:

2000 or 4000 Power / Critical Strike / Armor Penetration / Accuracy

Mount Combat Power:

Bat Swarm (Swarm) (Best in Slot) > Tenser’s Transformation

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Neverwinter Rogue guide, please leave a comment below! More info about the Rogue class can be found at The Neverwinter Reddit. More builds and further info can also be found at MMOMinds.

  • Josh
    June 26, 2019

    No reason for protectors camaraderie bonus. Augment comps dont attack.

  • Keith Rupe
    July 14, 2019

    Is there a rotation?

  • Melissa Quail
    September 27, 2019

    Is there anything at all that could make my movement faster? Or is there something I should look for that is slowing me down somehow

  • Andrew Lackner
    September 29, 2019

    rogues are slower by nature, i use deft strike to mone around the battlefield injunction with rolls, goo as it gets without sacrificing power or melee damage on boots (or whatever piece) for movement speed,

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