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Dragoon Guide For Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Welcome to our Dragoon Guide for FFXIV, updated for Shadowbringers Patch 5.4.

The Dragoon is a Disciple of War Job that starts out as a Lancer but upgrades to a Dragoon at level 30.

This guide is meant for beginners that which to learn how to play the Dragoon efficiently. As with any class in FFXIV, if you wish to maximize DPS on end-game content, you will need a lot of practice.

Dragoon FAQ

Who Should Play A Dragoon?

FFXIV Dragoon Guide

The Dragoon is a fast-paced melee DPS class that is always in the middle of the action. They have a very distinct look and very recognizable armors and lance. If these aspects appeal to you, play a Dragoon.

Is The Dragoon a Good Class?

FFXIV Dragoon Build

The Dragoon has one of the highest damage outputs in the game and is generally sought after in groups and raids making it a very good class.

Is It Hard to play a dragoon?

FFXIV Dragoon

The Dragoon is not the easiest class to play as you have to manage your position for attacks and not get hit. This combined with jumps and OGCD’s can make it a difficult class to play at end-game.

How Do I Become A Dragoon?

FFXIV Lancer

To become a Dragoon you must first become a Lancer. Go to the Lancer’s Guild is in Old Gridania. At level 30 you will get the option to become a Dragoon. See our FFXIIV Leveling Guide for tips on how to get to level 30 and beyond quickly.

What is the Best Race for a Dragoon?

FFXIV Dragoon Race

Race doesn’t really matter much in FFXIV as the starting stats won’t make any impact, so generally, you should pick the race that you want to play. Str & Vit are the most important stats for the Dragoon so if you want to you can pick a race with high Str & Vit.

Dragoon Build

In this section, you will find all the information you need to quickly optimize your DPS as a Dragoon.

Stat Priority

When looking for Dragoon gear, get gear based on Item Level first.

  1. Critical Hit Rate
  2. Direct Hit Rate
  3. Determination
  4. Skill Speed


Best Dragoon Food

Stuffed Highland Cabbage or Smoked Chicken

Best Dragoon Potion

Potions or Tinctures of Strenght

Dragoon Rotation

Rotations in FFXIV can get pretty complicated and it will take a lot of time to really learn and perfect them.

Don’t worry too much about perfect positioning in the beginning if you are feeling overwhelmed.

In this guide, we will keep it as simple as possible so that you can learn your basic rotation for the Dragoon.

Keeping your Dragoon Gauge up is one of the most important aspects of the Dragoon rotation. Use Blood of the Dragon to start it, then use Mirage Dive to strengthen it, and then Geirskogul after the second Mirage Dive to enter the Life of the Dragon phase.

Dragoon Rotation
  1. Blood of the Dragon – Before Pull
  2. True Thrust
  3. Dragon Sight (Keep Up)
  4. Disembowel (Adds 10% Damage Buff, keep up)
  5. Battle Litany (Keep Up)
  6. Lance Charge (Keep Up)
  7. Chaos Thrust
  8. High Jump
  9. Wheeling Thrust (From behind the target)
  10. Mirage Dive
  11. Geirskogul
  12. Fang and Claw (From the side of the target)
  13. Spineshatter Dive
  14. Raiden Thrust
  15. Dragonfire Dive
  16. Vorpal Thrust
  17. Life Surge
  18. Full Thrust
  19. Fang and Claw (From the side of the target)
  20. Wheeling Thrust (From behind the target)

Repeat and second time you use Mirage Dive & Geirskogul and you will enter Life of the Dragon (the gauge will turn red). At this point you should use Nastrond 3 times and Stardiver once.

AoE Rotation

  1. Doom Spike
  2. Sonic Thrust
  3. Coerthan Torment

That’s it for our Dragoon Guide. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below!

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