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Everquest 2 Powerleveling Guide

Powerleveling in EQ2 can be very efficient if you do it right. Powerleveling means getting to level 92 with 320 AA’s as fast as possible. To level as fast as possible you will need as many XP bonuses as possible, a list of XP bonuses can be found here : Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience. Powerleveling used to be insanely fast with RAF (Recruit a friend) that gave you 3x XP, but powerleveling can still be really fast. If you can you should try to powerlevel on a double XP weekend. Reaching level 90 + 320 AA’s is possible to do during one Double XP weekend.

Powerleveling is done most efficiently with a second account with a high level character on it, or with a friend helping you out. But if you play a good solo class, with a merc, good equipment and some masters you can also attempt to solo your way through this powerleveling guide. When you are level 80+ you can also mentor down and go to these zones for good XP, at level 90 i mentored to 55 and went to Clefts of Rujark and grinded 220 AA’s in 5 hours during a double xp weekend.

To powerlevel you will hit heroic (group) dungeons and plow through as many mobs as possible in a short amount of time. If using two accounts, the mentor should be a strong AOE class, preferrably with high damage avoidance/mitigation, and heals of some kind. Wards also help a great deal when PLing.

Levels Vs. AA’s: It’s up to you if you want to get AA’s straight away but it is smart to atleast grind out a few AA’s before dinging level 90. I usually get 100-200 before 90, then mentor down at 90 to level 55 and go to Clefts of Rujark.

Level 1-15 : Starting Zones

Either follow the normal Everquest 2 Leveling Guide, or plow your way through your starting zone with a mentor or merc. Neriak and Frostfang Sea are the fastest of the starting zones, and if you are mentoring level 1-15 will take about 30 minutes.

Level 16-32 : Fallen Gate

Fallen Gate is a big dungeon in the Commonlands. It is filled with all kinds of mobs, mostly undead and Dark Elfs. As you level up, move further into the entrace. By the end you will be level 32. Lock at 23 if you want to farm AA’s as well.

Alternate zones :
Wailing Caves
Vault of the Fallen
Crushbone Keep
Ruins Of Varsoon
Chamber of Immortality

Level 33-40+ : Runnyeye

Runnyeye is a dungeon in Enchanted Lands. This zones will take you to level 40 and a bit further should you want to. Start up top and work your way down, when you reach the bottom you should be level 40.

Alternate zones :
D’Morte Burial Chamber: Unearthing
Nektropos Castle
Overlord’s Throne Room
Chamber of Ruglax
Deathfist Citadel

Level 41-47+ : Temple of Cazic Thule

Some people will claim that Obelisk of Lost Souls is the best for these levels, but i find that zone more difficult. Temple of Cazic Thule is simpler and usually quicker. Start up top, be sure to avoid the dragon if you can’t kill him. After a few levels go down below and work your way round the tunnels.

Alternate Zones:

Sanctum of Fear

Obelisk of Lost Souls

Level 48-52 : Permafrost

Permafrost is located to the north in Everfrost. The zone is inhabited by Frost Giants. Work your way around the dungeon until around level 52 then move on to Clefts of Rujark.

Alternate zones :
Sol Eye
Court of Innovation

Level 53-60++: Clefts of Rujark

Clefts is one of the best grinding areas in the game. Do the quest to get the key (very short, only have to kill one mob), then move up to the third floor. You should lock at 53-54 and grind out some AA’s here. If you want you can also mentor down to 55 later and come back to Clefts, XP here is still good all the way to 92. As a bonus there’s also a lot of nameds here. And also two instances that you should do while you are here : Vault of Dust on the second floor and Scornfeather Roost on the third.

Alternate zones:
The Sanctorium
Hidden Cache
Scornfeather Roost
Cazel’s Mesa
Poet’s Palace

Vault of Dust

Level 61-67++ : Sanctum of the Scaleborn

Another great powerleveling zone. Like Clefst of Rujark you can also come back here at any level and the experience will be good if you mentor down. Skip the first floor, only solo mobs here. Just go down at once and start working your way around.

Alternate zones:
Nest of the Great Egg
The Acadechism
Den of the Devourer
Mistmoore Catacombs
Blackscale Sepulcher
Vaults of El’Arad
Halls of Fate

Level 68-75++ : Palace of the Awakened

One of the best grinding zone in the game, this one can also be mentored down to and you can level here as long as you want. You will have to destroy 4 statues on the first floor to open up the barrier so you can climb further up. Kill everything on the top floor and climb down to kill things while waiting for respawns. You should consider locking here at 70 and grinding some AA’s as well.

Alternate zones:
Obelisk of Blight
Crypt of Valdoon
Caslte Mistmoore


 Level 75-92 + AA’s : Various zones or regular leveling

At 75 you have a few choices. If grinding is getting slow you should check out the regular leveling guide : Everquest Leveling Guide.

Or you can:

Mentor to 55 and grind Clefts of Rujark

Mentor to 65 and grind Sanctum of the Scaleborn

Mentor to 70 and grind Palace of the Awakened

Mentor to 80 and grind Sebilis or Chardok

You can also hit up any level 60+ instance for AA and / or levels. Chelsith being especially good, and a run through on a double XP weekend can net almost 30 AA’s.

That’s it, good luck grinding and grats on 92/320!


Friday 10th of May 2013

I love sanctum of the scaleborn. You can grind out 90 to 95 mentored down to 65 in there relatively fast with vitality and xp potions.  Just do a huge loop around the bottom floor, then go down where the epic drakes are to kill everything there until the main loop respawns.  Awakened was ok mentored down at 70, but not nearly as good as SoS at 65. This is for regular xp, not sure about aa xp as i used the 280 aa claimable when i hit 90 with coe expansion.  Great guide, thanks for sharing.


Sunday 4th of November 2012

An ideal PL class is a ShadowKnight, inquistor or warden. The SK is the best power leveler as it has wards, can heal itself and deals a lot of damage thru AOE. Ofcourse, a different tank can do it, like a guard, but the best is an sk.


Thursday 25th of October 2012

you can PL any class pretty fast with mercenaries.


Sunday 24th of June 2012

To powerlevel you will hit heroic (group) dungeons and plow through as many mobs as possible in a short amount of time. If using two accounts, the mentor should be a strong AOE class, preferrably with high damage avoidance/mitigation, and heals of some kind. Wards also help a great deal when PLing. So what classes do you recommend?