SWTOR Credits Guide

SWTOR Credits Guide – How To Farm Credits in Star Wars The Old Republic

In Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), earning credits is crucial for progressing through the game and enjoying its content.

This comprehensive guide will explore various methods for making credits, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of credit-making in SWTOR!

Making Credits as New Player

As a new player in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), there are several ways to earn credits.

Here are some methods to help you accumulate wealth in the game:

  • Questing: Complete missions, including main story quests, side quests, and planetary missions. These usually reward you with credits, gear, and other valuable items.
  • Heroic Missions: Team up with other players or use your companion to tackle Heroic Missions. They offer better rewards, including credits and gear you can sell.
  • Crafting and Gathering: Choose a crafting skill (Armormech, Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, Cybertech, or Synthweaving) and two gathering skills (Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging, or Slicing). Gather resources while you’re out questing and sell crafted items or gathered materials on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).
  • Daily and Weekly Missions: Complete daily and weekly missions on different planets, as these missions provide higher credit rewards.
  • Flashpoints: Participate in Flashpoints (group PvE content) for a chance to obtain valuable gear, which can be sold on the GTN or deconstructed for crafting materials.
  • Galactic Trade Network (GTN): Buy low and sell high. Study the GTN to understand market trends, then buy items at a lower price and sell them for a profit.
  • Conquests: Participate in guild conquests and earn rewards, including credits and valuable items.
  • Space Missions: Complete space missions to earn credits, gear, and other rewards.

Remember that as a Free-to-Play player, you’ll have credit caps and some limitations on your activities.

 If you enjoy the game and want to invest more time in it, consider subscribing to unlock additional features and remove credit caps, making it easier to accumulate wealth in SWTOR.

Heroic Missions

Heroic Missions SWTOR

Farming Heroic Missions is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make a lot of credits fast. Players can farm Heroic Missions at a low level, but the rewards will be lower. At level cap, each mission rewards you with Command Experience Points (CXP), which is a bonus. 

You can pick up Heroic Missions from the Activities Window, which is currently the fastest way to obtain the missions. They are all sharable, so if you bring a friend along, they don’t need to pick up the same missions independently. Choose the main planetary mission for Heroics and travel to the destination planet. You will land right in front of a Terminal, where you can pick up all the Heroics.

You can quick travel to the Mission Destination, so take full advantage of this feature! Although you won’t get incredibly rich from Heroics, it’s an easy way to make extra credits.


Conquest SWTOR

Update 6.0 introduced one of many revamps to the system since its release. Conquest objectives are abundant, making it difficult to participate in any activity without earning Conquest points.

While Conquest itself won’t make you rich, but you will earn rare and valuable crafting materials used to craft gear.

The Personal Goal is easy and fast. If you have multiple Level 71+ Characters, you can make money by selling the Solid Resource Matrix items you earn from Conquest.

There are several easy and quick Conquest tasks that can be done in no time to earn credits. These include crafting, using your companion for missions, giving them gifts, or sending them to sell your Inventory junk.

Deconstructing Gear

If you’re already in at the end game, you’re likely farming Flashpoints and/or Operations or engaging in PvP regularly. The Group content at level cap drops a significant amount of loot due to the Spoils of War Gearing System introduced with Onslaught.

Deconstruct items you don’t need as upgrades (most of them won’t be better than your current gear). Deconstructing has a rare chance of granting you a Legendary Ember crafting material, used in high-level crafting and valuable on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). Sell the Embers on the GTN to make easy money while playing group content and gearing up your characters.

Crafting and Selling Items

For this method to be efficient, you’ll likely need more than one character with maxed out Crew Skills levels and spend additional time placing crafted items on GTN.

It’s crucial to know which crafted items sell well at any given time since the meta may change between patches. Research what sells well and start crafting

it. Keep in mind that the time spent gathering resources and crafting items should be considered when calculating your profit. The more time you spend on an activity, the less productive it becomes in the end.

Crafting for profit can be tricky.

It’s essential to list items for sale with short duration to avoid being undercut by other players. Unless you’re selling items in your niche with unbeatable prices, other players will likely try to undercut you.

Flipping on the Galactic Trade Network


This is an interesting and risky method that requires detailed knowledge of the current meta-game and awareness of items being made, sold, and purchased on the GTN. The idea is to regularly check multiple categories and types of items being sold daily (and even hourly). After some time, you’ll start remembering the usual prices for certain items.

Desperate players seeking quick money may list valuable and rare items for prices significantly below their regular value, sometimes due to user error (e.g., listing an item for 10k instead of 100k). When you spot an item listed for a lower price than its standard value, buy it and relist it for a higher price.

As an experienced GTN player and game veteran, you’ll know which items are rare. If you spot a rare item that the community is looking for at a low price, snatch it and relist it at a higher price. Remember not to list items for extended periods.

Farming Daily Missions

There are numerous daily missions that can be completed quickly at level cap. Although not the most effective method, farming daily missions will still provide a decent income.

Selling Crafting Materials

SWTOR Crafting Mats

This method involves collecting large amounts of raw crafting materials from planets and various missions while enjoying the game’s scenery. Choose three gathering skills from the trainers on the Fleet and start collecting materials from planets. Bioanalysis, scavenging, archaeology, and slicing are all excellent choices. Ensure you have the maximum number of companions available for missions at all times.

Selling Cartel Market Items

SWTOR Cartel MArket

Selling Cartel Market items can make you a considerable amount of credits, but it often requires spending real money. If you have extra funds, purchase items from Cartel Market and sell them on Galactic Trade Network. Alternatively, you can purchase Cartel Packs and Hypercrates, but this relies on luck to pull rare and expensive items from these crates.

This comprehensive guide has provided you with detailed information on various methods to make credits in SWTOR. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to choose the one(s) that best suit your playstyle and preferences.

With this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your time in the game while enjoying its content and progressing through the levels. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

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