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SWTOR Leveling Guide Quick Leveling From 1-80

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, leveling up is an essential part of the gameplay experience. With multiple ways to level up and a rich, immersive story to explore, players can tailor their experience to their preferences.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the various leveling methods, tips, and strategies to help you make the most out of your SWTOR journey.

Your Character

In SWTOR any class can level as quick as any of the other classes, but Stealth classes have a small advantage.

Stealth classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic offer unique gameplay advantages when it comes to leveling, as they allow players to bypass many combat situations and focus on completing objectives more efficiently. By using their stealth abilities, these classes can evade unnecessary battles, save time, and streamline their leveling experience.

The stealth classes in SWTOR are:

  1. Jedi Shadow (Republic) / Sith Assassin (Empire): These classes, which fall under the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor storylines respectively, utilize stealth, melee combat, and Force abilities to take down their foes.
  2. Scoundrel (Republic) / Operative (Empire): Scoundrels and Operatives are part of the Smuggler and Imperial Agent storylines, respectively. These stealthy classes rely on close-quarters combat, ranged attacks, and specialized skills to overcome enemies.

Running Away

If you don’t have stealth you can also just run away from combat. For fast leveling you will want to minimize the time spent in combat as mob XP is not the greatest.

Choose Your Leveling Path

To determine the best leveling path for your character, consider your goals, playstyle, and preferences. The following are some of the primary methods for leveling in SWTOR:

  • A. Leveling through Story Content
  • B. Leveling through Heroics and Flashpoints
  • C. Leveling through PvP (Player vs. Player)

Each method offers its own unique advantages and challenges, so choose the one that best suits your playstyle.

A. Leveling through Story Content

Dormaba looking smug in the Dark Temple

If you’re starting with a level 1 character, we highly recommend experiencing the origin stories. These narratives provide an engaging Star Wars experience filled with choices, fully voiced dialogues, and cinematic cutscenes. This method is the most rewarding in terms of lore and knowledge gained about The Old Republic era.

Once you’ve completed Chapter 3 of the Origin class stories, your character will progress through the expansions and story patches. While these storylines may not be as personal as the origin stories, some offer unique lines or moments for each character.

B. Leveling through Heroics and Flashpoints

Flashpoint esseles

For players seeking faster leveling, Heroics and Flashpoints are a popular option. These group content challenges provide substantial loot and XP rewards, making them an efficient leveling method.

Heroics are short missions designed for two to four players and often involve killing waves of enemies or solving mini-puzzles. Flashpoints, on the other hand, are four-player group content that becomes more story-driven in later expansions.

While these methods offer the most XP per hour spent, they can feel repetitive. If your main goal isn’t reaching the level cap as quickly as possible, avoid over-farming Heroics and Flashpoints.

C. Leveling through PvP

Swtor PvP

PvP content, such as Warzones and Galactic Starfighter, offers an alternative leveling method focused on competitive gameplay. Engaging in PvP matches rewards players with XP, Valor, and other resources, making it an exciting and rewarding way to level up.

SWTOR Leveling Tips

Here are some essential tips to help you level up efficiently and effectively in SWTOR:

  1. Pick up all initial quests: At level 1, ensure you collect all starting quests, including Crew Skills introductions, Flashpoints, and PvP terminals for Warzone-related quests.
  2.  Experience the Origin Class Stories: If you’re new to SWTOR or haven’t played the Origin Class Stories, don’t start at level 70, as you may later regret missing out on these immersive narratives.
  3.  Join a guild: Enhance your gameplay experience and socialize with other players by joining a guild.
  4.  Spend wisely on gear: Avoid spending too many credits on gear while leveling. If you’re struggling to beat an encounter, try doing a Flashpoint, a Warzone, or a few Heroic Missions to level up faster.
  5.  Utilize XP and boost items: Use your XP and other boost items when needed to maximize your leveling efficiency.
  6.  Rely on your companion: Learn to rely on your companion, letting them carry you if necessary. Pick the appropriate role for your companion based on your own role for maximum efficiency.
  7.  Plan your post-story content: Once you’re done with the story, consider playing through the various expansions in the order they were released.

If you don’t see a purple mission in your mission log but know you haven’t finished the story, check the terminal or console on your personal starship.

XP bonuses in Star Wars: The Old Republic:

  1. Experience Boost Items: These are consumable items that grant a temporary increase to the amount of XP earned from various activities. They can be acquired through the Cartel Market, in-game events, or as mission rewards.
    • Major Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from all sources by 25% for 3 hours.
    • Minor Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from all sources by 25% for 1 hour.
  2. Rested Experience: When you log out of the game in a safe area, such as a cantina or your personal starship, your character will accumulate rested XP. This bonus XP is awarded for any experience gained from killing enemies while your character is in a rested state.
  3. Legacy Perks: As you progress through the game and build your legacy, you can unlock various perks that provide XP bonuses for your characters. These perks can be purchased using in-game credits or Cartel Coins.
    • Class Mission Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from class missions.
    • Exploration Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from discovering new locations.
    • Flashpoint Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from completing Flashpoints.
    • Space Mission Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from completing space missions.
    • Warzone Experience Boost: Increases XP gained from participating in Warzones.
  4. Guild Membership: Joining a guild provides a passive XP bonus for your character. The bonus is based on the number of active players in your guild and can range from 5% to 10%.
  5. Double XP Events: Occasionally, SWTOR holds special double XP events during which players earn twice the usual amount of experience points for completing missions, killing enemies, and participating in various activities. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements or SWTOR’s official website for news about these events.
  6. Subscriber Bonus: Players who subscribe to SWTOR receive a passive 20% XP bonus, making leveling faster compared to Free-to-Play or Preferred status players.
  7. Armor Set Bonuses: Certain armor sets in the game provide an XP bonus when equipped. One example is the “Rested Experience Armor Set,” which grants a 25% XP bonus when all five pieces are worn.

Remember to utilize these XP bonuses effectively to level up your character more efficiently in SWTOR.

In addition to the Experience Boost Legacy Perks, the following perks can help you level a bit faster.

  1. Early Speeder Training: This perk allows you to access speeder piloting at an earlier level, enabling you to travel faster across the game world. Speeders can significantly reduce travel time, making it easier to complete missions and level up more quickly.
  2. Mount While Moving: With this perk, you can mount your speeder while moving, saving you time and making travel more efficient.
  3. Rocket Boost: This perk grants you a temporary speed boost that can be used in areas where speeders are not allowed. It’s a great way to navigate crowded spaces or traverse short distances quickly.
  4. Quick Travel Unlock: This perk reduces the cooldown of your Quick Travel ability, allowing you to travel instantly between discovered locations more frequently. This can save you a significant amount of time when leveling and completing missions.
  5. Ship Travel Unlock: With this perk, you can instantly travel to your personal starship from any location, eliminating the need to visit a spaceport or shuttle. This is particularly useful for quickly accessing your ship’s mission terminal or traveling to other planets.
  6. Early Companion Unlock: This perk grants you access to additional companions at an earlier level, providing you with more options for combat, crafting, and gathering. Having a strong companion can make leveling easier and more enjoyable.
  7. Boost Companion: This perk increases your companion’s influence, making them more effective in combat, crafting, and gathering. A high-influence companion can help you complete missions faster and more efficiently.
  8. Portable Vendor: With this perk, you can summon a portable vendor to sell your unwanted items, freeing up inventory space and saving you time traveling to vendors in-game.
  9. Portable Bank or Stronghold: This perk allows you to access your personal bank or stronghold from anywhere in the game world, making it easy to store or retrieve items as needed.
  10. Portable Holo Trainer: The Portable Holo Trainer perk lets you access your class skill trainer on the go, allowing you to learn new abilities and improve your combat effectiveness without having to return to a hub area.

Leveling Tokens

The Commander’s Character Token and The Master’s Datacron Token are two different items available for purchase in Star Wars: The Old Republic that offer players a shortcut in leveling their characters.

  1. The Commander’s Character Token: This token instantly boosts a character to level 70, allowing players to jump straight into the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. The Commander’s Character Token also includes a full set of basic gear for the boosted character, ensuring that they are well-equipped for the challenges they will face.
  2. The Master’s Datacron Token: The Master’s Datacron Token instantly raises a character to level 70 but does not advance the character’s story progress. This allows players to continue experiencing their class storylines and planetary content without the need to grind levels. The Master’s Datacron Token also provides a set of basic gear suitable for a level 70 character.

By exploring these additional activities, you can further enrich your SWTOR experience and continue leveling up your character. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to making the most out of your journey through the galaxy far, far away.

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