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SWTOR Best Solo Class Guide

Both the Empire and the Republic factions in SWTOR have strong solo classes, and there probably isn’t one class that is the best one. All classes can solo well with the right companions, but there are some classes that will fare better than others in solo situations. In this guide i will go over all the classes can look at the pros of soloing with the different classes and rate them. In the end, pick a class that suits your playstyle.

If you want to level as fast as possible to level 50 with any class i would check out :


Swtor Republic best solo class


The Troopers of the Republic are elite warriors, wearing heavy armor and carrying big guns they are strong soloers.  They can take a whole lot of damage, and deal quite a good amount of DPS.

Soloing Capability: Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing):  Both AC choices are viable for Soloing. Vanguards can take more damage, but Commandos deals more damage. I tend to lean towards Commandos.


  • Heavy Armor
  • Gets healer companion early

  • Good Defensive Skills

  • Good AOE


Smugglers are the opportunists of the galaxy. Most of the time they are looking for ways to make some coin, using stealth and cunning to get ahead.

Soloing Capability: Decent

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Both options are viable for soloing. Gunslingers deal more damage and has a long range and two blasters. Scoundrels can heal which can be a big advantage. But generally Gunslingers are better for soloing (especially with a healer companion)


  • Stealth
  • Good DPS

  • Large variety of skills

  • [Scoundrel] Healing

Jedi Knight:

Maybe the most iconic of all the SWTOR classes, the Jedi Knight is the melee choice for people wanting to play a Jedi character. Jedi Knights have strong defensive and offensive melee skills.

Soloing Capability: Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Sentinels have higher DPS and uses two lightsabers, while Guardians can use heavy armor and have better defensive skills. So Guardians tend to have higher survivability.


  • Good defensive cooldowns and skills.
  • High DPS

Jedi Consular:

Jedi Consulars works towards keeping the peace and balance in the galaxy. Their wisdom is unparalleled and they have a strong knowledge of the force.

Soloing Capability: Very Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Jedi Shadows have stealth skills and good dps, but the Jedi Sage have both strong healing and defensive skills. In the end i tend to turn towards Shadow when it comes to soloing.


  • [Jedi Shadow] Stealth
  • [Jedi Sage] Healing skills

  • [Jedi Sage] Defensive skills.

  • [Jedi Shadow] Crow Control

Swtor Empire best solo class

Bounty Hunter:

Bounty Hunters are fearless warriors employed by the Empire to do their bidding. Nothing stands between the Bounty Hunter and their bounty in the search for Credits.

Soloing Capability: Very Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Powertechs have superior defensive skills but Mercenaries have higher DPS and healing capabilities making them a bit better at soloing in most cases.


  • High DPS (Single Target + AOE)
  • Wears Heavy Armor

  • First Companion is a healer.

  • Some Crow Control

  • [Mercenary] Healing

Sith Warrior:

Sith Warrior are the champions of the dark side of the force. They have some very strong defensive and offensive abilities.

Soloing Capability: Decent

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Juggernauts have superior defensive skills, but Marauders have dual lightsabers and stronger DPS. Marauders will have the upper hand when it comes to soloing.


  • High DPS
  • Good Defensive skills.

Imperial Agent:

Imperial Agents use cunning and deception to impose the will of the Empire which they serve. The have good DPS and stealth, which are both valuable when soloing.

Soloing Capability: Very Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Operatives have healing skills, but Snipers have superior DPS . Operatives tend to be best at soloing,

– Pros

  • High DPS
  • [Operative] Healing

Sith Inquisitor:

Sith Inquistors use the secrets of the dark side of the force to their advantage. They have a wide variety of skills and can do a fair amount of damage.

Soloing Capability: Very Good

Best Advanced Class (For Soloing):  Sorcerers can buff and heal themselves, but Assassins have stealth and high DPS making them the superior soloer in many cases.


  • Good AOE

  • [Sith Assassin AC] Stealth

  • Life Drain