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WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide – The Best 100+ Gold Making Tips For WoW Classic

Making gold in Classic WoW is a lot different from retail WoW. We are not talking about making millions of gold anymore, and that’s what makes it fun in my eyes. Gold is much harder to come by, and more fun to farm as you have to have some skill.

In this guide, we will go over all the possible ways of making gold in WoW classic all the way from level 1 to level 60.

  1. Basics Of Goldmaking
  2. Gold Farming Locations
    1. Level 1-40 Farming Spots
    2. Level 40-60 Farming Spots
  3. Dungeon Farming
  4. Class Specific Farms
  5. Auction House Investing and Reselling
  6. Professions

Basics Of Goldmaking

Before we get to the actual gold farming locations, let’s go over the basics of gold making in WoW classic.

What is the best gold farming class in WoW Classic?

Some classes are better than others for gold farming. Further down in this guide we do go over a lot of gold farming spots and methods for all the different classes.

  1. Mage – Mages are considered to be the best AoE farming class. There are a ton of options for AoE farming in the open world, and you can farm dungeons like Zul’farrak, Maraudon, and BRD even. You can make extra by selling Powerleveling runs to lower level players as well. It takes a bit of practice and skill to learn the ropes though.
  2. Hunter – Hunters are great at solo play. They are also fast to level up. At 60 you can farm dungeons like Maraudon Princess runs and Dire Maul Tribute
  3. Warlock – Another excellent solo class that can do a lot of the same a hunter can.

If you are looking for the best ways to level to 60, check out our WoW Classic Leveling Guide

What are the best Professions for Gold Making in WoW Classic?

Gathering professions are generally a good pick for making gold. In the professions section of the guide, we will go over methods to make gold with all professions.

Skinning is a very good choice to go with while leveling and if you farm a lot. If you are trying to get your mount at level 40, you can easily make some extra gold just by skinning while leveling and vendoring everything.

Skinning is also very good for Mages as they can AoE farm and kill/skin a lot of mobs quickly.

Mining is another solid pick for making gold, and especially while leveling. Just mine whatever ore you come by as you level up.

Herbalism is not as good as mining and skinning while you are leveling up, although still decent. At max level, this is perhaps the best gold farming profession.

Enchanting is also a good profession to have, but don’t have it on your main. Have it on your bank alt, which we will talk more about in the next segment.

How much gold per hour can I make in Classic WoW?

Gold farming in Classic WoW is very different from the retail version of WoW, where you can make tens of thousands of gold per hour.

Realistically most farms will yield 50-80 gold per hour. Mage AoE farming/boosting in dungeons will be able to make several hundred gold per hour.

Bank Alts

If you are serious about making gold, a bank alt is essential. This is to save time as you level or farm with your main, you can just mail all the stuff that you want to sell on the Auction House to your alt.

Get your bank alt to level 5 and get the Enchanting Profession, so that you can disenchant gear. Some gear will make a lot more gold if you disenchant it.

Now get it to your factions main city.


There are some great addons that optimize goldmaking. This list will be updated.

  • TSM – The best addon for making gold.
  • Auctionator is a huge improvement to the auction house and will make listing items a lot easier.
  • Vendor Price does what it says. Shows the vendor price for various items.
  • Onebag3 Classic simplifies your inventory and makes it easier to manage.
  • Gatherer is a must-have for anyone with gathering professions and will show you potential locations for herbs and ores on the map along with other features.

Gold Farming Locations Level 1-40 – Getting Your Mount at 40

Farming is important to bring in that early gold, so you can start investing and making several income streams.

The reason most players start farming gold early on is to get their mount at level 40. Start out by doing what we covered in the previous part of the guide regarding bank alts, bag space, and professions. In my opinion, the best professions to get if you want your mount at 40 is Herbalism, Mining or Skinning.

Level 1-40

Before around level 25, there really isn’t much of a point in grinding anything for gold. Leveling should always be your main focus as the amount of gold you make in the first 30 levels or so is very little compared to what you start making later in the game. However, there are of course some spots that you can hit to be sure you can afford your level 40 mount.

Wetlands – Whelps – Level 23+

This is a good early Alliance gold farming spot.

  • Good area for Skinning
  • Dragonkin generally has a good loot table
  • Drops Small Flame Sac
  • Can drop Tiny Crimson Whelpling.
Whelps in Wetlands Map

Wetlands – Whelgar’s Excavation Site – Raptors – Level 25+

  • Good area for Skinning
  • Drops Medium Leather
Raptors in Wetlands Map

Thousand Needles – Centaurs – Level 25+

Another good early gold farming spot, this one is mainly for Horde.

  • Drops a lot of high-value vendor trash
  • Close to Freewind Post for vendoring.
Centaur in Thousand Needles Map

Hillsbrad Foothills – Snapjaw Turtles – Level 30+

  • Good area for Skinning
  • Drops Turtle Meat used for Soothing Turtle Bisque
  • Drops Clams also used in cooking, with a chance of pearls
Snapjaw Turtles in Hillsbrad Foothills Map

Desolace – Shadowprey Village – Shellfish – Level 32+

Shellfish can be picked up from the cages in the sea near the village. Turn them in to Jinar’Zillen on the docks for gold. You should have some form of underwater breathing.

Shellfish in Desolace Map

Stranglethorn Vale – Kurzen Compound – Kurzen Humanoids – 35+

  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
  • Drops Cloth, Herbs and decent vendor trash.
Kurzen Coumpound Map

Stranglethorn Vale – Venture Co. Camp – Level 35+

  • Venture Co. Shredders drops Fused Wiring
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
Venture Co. Camp Map

Badlands – Rock Elementals – 35+

The Lesser Rock Elementals are in the north and can be started at 35+. The regular ones to the south is around level 40.

  • Drops Elemental Earth used for crafting Field Repair Bot, Nature Protection Potion and Restorative Potion
  • Good amount of vendor trash
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
Rock Elementals in Badlands Map

Swamp of Sorrows – Swamp Jaguars – Level 35+

  • Good for Skinning Heavy Leather and Thick Leather.
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
  • Drops a lot of high value vendor trash
Swanp of Sorrows Cougars Map

Swamp of Sorrows – Dreaming & Adolescent Whelps – Level 35+

Theres a small cave to the south which has a possible chest spawn, so be sure to check that once in a while.

  • Good for Skinning
  • Dragonkin generally has a good loot table
  • Drops Small Flame Sac
  • A small chance at dropping Tiny Emerald Whelpling.
Tiny Emeral Whelpling Map

Stranglethorn Vale – Cold Eye Basilisks – Level 38+

  • Good for Skinning
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
Cold Eye Basilisk Map

Arathi Highlands – Elementals – Level 40+

There are four types of elementals in the Arathi Highlands. Burning Exiles, Cresting Exiles, Thundering Exiles, and Rumbling Exiles. The Burning Exiles are the best as they drop Elemental Fire needed for fire protection potions. This is still a good farm at level 60

Arathi Highlands Elemental Map

Badlands – Scalding Whelps – Level 40+

  • Dragonkin generally has a good loot table
  • Drops Small Flame Sac
  • A small chance at dropping Dark Whelpling.
  • Good for Skinning
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
Badlands Whelp Map

Level 40-60

Tanaris – Steeljaw Snappers – Level 42+

  • Good for Skinning
  • Good vendor trash
  • Drops a lot Big-Mouth Clam
Steeljaw Snappers Map

Dustwallow Marsh – Firemane Mobs – Level 43+

  • Good for Skinning
  • Dragonkin generally has a good loot table
Dustwallow Marsh Dragonkin Map

Feralas – Frayfeather Hippogryph – Level 43+

Only the Frayfeather Hippogryphs which are in the northernmost part of the area with different types of Hippogryphs will drop the Long Elegant Feathers.

  • Good for Skinning
  • Drops Long Elegant Feathers
Frayfeather Hippogryph Map

Searing Gorge – Magma Elemental, Inferno Elemental, Blazing Elemental – Level 46+

  • Drops Elemental Fire
  • Good area for Herbalism & Mining
Searing Gorge Elementals Map

Azshara – Spitelash Naga – Level 47+

  • Drops tons of Big-Mount Clam which can contain Golden Pearl
Azshara Naga Map

Felwood – Angerclaw Bears – Level 50+

  • Good for Skinning Thick Leather, Rugged Leather and Warbear Leather.
  • High value vendor trash
Felwood Angerclaw Bears Map

Blasted Lands – Boar, Basilisk, Snickerfangs, Vultures, and Scorpok – Level 50+

These all drop items that are used for a series of repeatable quests in the area which provide popular raid buff items. Some are a lot more valuable than others, so check prices and be aware of that as you farm.

  • Ashmane Boar and Helboard drop Blasted Boar Lung
  • Restone Basilisk drop Basilisk Brain
  • Snickerfang Hyena drop Snickefang Jowl (usually lowest value)
  • Black Slayer drop Vulture Gizzard
  • Scorpok Stinger drop Scorpok Pincer
  • All mobs has a chance at dropping Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment and Flawless Draenethyst Sphere which can be turned in to Kum’isha in the same area for green or blue items.
  • Good for Skinning
  • Good area for Mining and Herbalism
Blasted Lands Beast Map

Felwood – Jadefire Satyr – Level 52+

  • Drops Felcloth
  • Drops Demonic Rune (Useful for all casters)
Felwood Satyr Map

Azshara – Legashi Satyr – 52+

  • Drops Felcloth
  • Drops Demonic Rune (Useful for all casters)
  • Legashi Rogues can drop Formula: Enchant Gloves – Greater Agility
  • Good area for Mining & Herbalism
Azshara Legashi Satyr Map

Azshara – Thalassian Base Camp – Blood Elves – Level 52+

  • Drops a lot of cloth
  • Generally a high value loot table
Azshara Blood Elf Farm Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Plaguebats & Monsterous Plaguebats – Level 52+

  • Good for Skinning Thick Leather and Rugged Leather
  • High-value vendor trash
  • Good area for Mining & Herbalism
Eastern Plaguelands Bats Map

Deadwind Pass – Deadwind Ogres – 55+

  • Drops Cloth
  • Drops high-value vendor trash
  • Deadwind Warlocks inside the caves can drop Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Strength
Deadwind Pass Ogres Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Tyr’s Hand – Scarlet Crusade – Level 60

A very popular gold farming spot, especially for Mages who can AoE farm here.

Elite mobs so not available for all classes. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader does NOT drop here until TBC.

  • Loads of high value vendor trash and BoE’s
Tyr's Hand Farm Map

Feralas – Isle of Dread – Chimaerok – Level 60

These can be soloed by some classes like Hunters, Warlocks and Priests. Others might need to duo.

  • Drops Chimaerok Tenderloin used for Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops
  • Good for Skinning Thick Leather and Rugged Leather
Chimaerok Feralas Map

Un’goro Crater – Devilsaurs – Level 60

Un’goro is one of the most popular gold farming spots, especially in early phases due to not only Devilsaur Leather but good amounts of herbs like Dreamfoil, plenty of Thorium, and the various crystals found around the zone.

  • Good for Skinning Devilsaur Leather
  • Good for leatherworkers that can make the Devilsaur set
  • Good area for Mining & Herbalism
wow classic gold farming un'goro crater devilsaurs

Western Plaguelands – Scarlet Spellbinders – Level 60

  • Can drop Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader
wow classic gold farming western plaguelands scarlet spellbinders

Eastern Plaguelands – Water Elementals – Level 60

  • Drops Essence of Water
wow classic gold farming eastern plaguelands water elementals

Silithus – Dust Stormer / Desert Rumbler – Level 60

Desert Rumblers are marked with black on the map, Dust Stormers are in the red areas.

  • Dust Stormers drop Essence of Air, Elemental Air and Breath of Wind
  • Desert Rumblers drop Essence of Earth and Elemental Earth
Silithus Elemental Farm Map

Felwood – Toxic Horrors – Level 60

  • Drops Essence of Water and Elemental Water
Felwood Toxic Horrors Map

Western Plaguelands – Weeping Cave – Decaying Horror, Rotting Behemoth & Devouring Ooze – Level 60

  • Decaying Horror and Rotting Behemoth drop Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion
  • Devouring Ooze drop Oozing Bag which can contain Disgusting Oozeling
Eastern Plaguelands Weeping Cave Map

Western Plaguelands – Diseased Grizzly & Plague Lurkers – Level 60 (55+) – 50-75 Gold Per Hour

  • Spiders drop Ironweb Spider Silk
  • Bears can be skinned for Warbear Leather
  • Good area for Herbalism
Western Plaguelands Beast Farm Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Carrion Devourer & Carrior Grub – Level 60 (55+)

Carrion Devorer area is marked in black on the map and are slightly higher level, Carrion Crubs are marked in red. Can be combined with farming bats.

  • Drop Larval Acid, Devourers are at 7% droprate, Grubs are 4%
Eastern Plaguelands Larval Acid Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Hearthglen – Scarlet Mobs – Level 60

Hearthglen Eastern Plaguelands Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Zul’Mashar – Powerful Mojo – Level 60 – 50-100 Gold Per Hour

  • Drops Powerful Mojo used for Bloodvine Set
  • Some chests, herbs, and ores.

Silithus – Twilight Humanoids – Level 60 – (Phase 4)

  • Drops Encrypted Twilight Text
  • Drops Abyssal Crest
Silithus Twilight Humanoids Farm Map

Eastern Plaguelands – Dark Adept – Level 60

Kill all mobs in the area when you run out of Dark Adepts.

  • Can drop Recipe: Greater Shadow Protection Potion
  • Good area for Herbalism & Mining
Western Plaguelands Dark Adept Map

Winterspring – E’ko – Level 60

You must first to the quest Cache of Mau’ari to be able to farm these. Some of these are more farmed than others and the value of the E’ko differs. Check the AH for prices before farming. It can be farmed in a group as the E’ko will drop for everyone.

  • Frostmaul E’ko from the Giants in the South (Highest gold value)
  • Chillwind E’ko from the Wyverns all over the zone. It can be combined with skinning.
  • Frostsaber E’ko from the cats in the North, also good with skinning.
  • Ice Thistle E’ko from the Yetis all over the zone.
  • Shardtooth E’ko from the Bears all over the zone. Again good with skinning.
  • Wildkin E’ko from the Owlbears all over the zone.
  • Winterfall E’ko from the Furbolg
  • Winterspring is also very good for herbalism and mining

Dungeon Farming

Dungeons can be farmed for gold in a variety of ways. Either through boosting, selling loot or just good old fashioned farming. You can even combine all of them for some really serious gold. Some of these methods is restriced to one or just a few classes.

Selling Dungeon Boosts

This can be one of the most effective ways of making gold, especially as a Mage.

Other classes like Paladins and Warriors can also boost dungeons, but the AoE powers of the Mage make them the most efficient for the most part.

As a level 60 you will often get whispers just by being in a lower level dungeon asking if you are boosting, so finding people to boost shouldn’t be too hard.

To find customers, announce in chat, on the forums or many servers will also have dedicated boosting discord channels.

Ragefire Chasm

The only viable way to make gold from RFC is by selling boosts. Boosting here for a Mage is incredibly easy and the whole instance can be pulled in a few pulls.

While other dungeons are better for gold per hour, RFC is an good options for Horde players looking to earn an extra buck while still being close to Orgrimmar.

Shadowfang Keep

SFK has the best of both worlds, it has good twink loot and is good for boosting. A Mage can pull the entire dungeon in a few pulls without much trouble.

Some very powerful and expensive items drop from SFK. Chief among them the Shadowblade which can fetch several hundred gold.

  • Assasin’s Blade
  • Shadowfang
  • Night Reaver
  • Witching Stave
  • Black Malice
  • Guillotine Axe

Scarlet Monastery

SM is one of the most popular boosting instances. Skilled Mages can clear the Cathedral two pulls, and can make tons of gold boosting here.

Valuable epics have a small chance of dropping here like Nightblade or Staff of Jordan

There are also quite a few chests and herb spawns in SM so you can do stealth runs as a Rogue or a Druid.


Zul’Farrak is another excellent boosting dungeon for Mages who can AoE some parts of the dungeon like the Graveyard, which is some of the best experience per hour in the game.

In addtion the loot from Zul’Farrak is pretty good.


Maraudon is a good spot for Mages, Hunters and Warlocks to farm gold.

You can also farm here easily as any class by just running from entrance to entrance and picking herbs and mining.

Mages can AoE almost the entire dungeon in one pull and potentially make hundreds of gold per hour here, but it takes a lot of practice and skill along with the right gear and build to do this efficiently.

Hunters and and Warlocks will have an easier time as they can farm Tinkerer Gizlok, Princess Theradras and Rotgrip. The Princess can drop Blackstone Ring that can often be sold to by letting other players tag along and loot it.

Blackrock Depths

BRD can be AoE farmed by Mages. Since it’s a pretty high level instance, this takes some practice. The east garrison and the spectator area above the arena is the area you want to farm.

Rogues can also make gold by pickpocketing here.

Dire Maul East

DME can be farmed either by doing jump runs as a duo or trio, farming lashers, or by stealthing as a Rogue.

Dire Maul Lasher Farming

Most classes can solo farm lashers in DME by jumping down from the ledge at the start of the instance and farming the lashers. These drop herbs, valuable greys and have a descent chance at dropping rare and epic BoEs.

Dire Maul Jump Runs

Jump down to the garden area from the ledge near the entrance of DME. Here you can kill the lashers and find a bunch of herbs.

Move to Hydrospawn and kill him. The Satyr around here will drop a lot of Felcloth and there are often chest spawns here.

Dusty Tomes can also spawn around here so be sure to pick those up for a chance at Foror’s Compendium of Dragon Slaying

Next more on to Zevrin Thornhoof.

Then move back to Old Ironbark and have him open the door and go kill the last boss Alzzin the Wildshaper. Kill all the trash in the room first.

Next mine all the Rich Thorium Veins as you head for the exit.

Dire Maul North

Dire Maul North is a good gold farming spot for Hunters as they can solo Tribute runs. You can make extra gold by selling the loot rights of some of the gear that drops as the gear that drops at the end is in a chest.

Class Specific Farms



Since Druids can still pick up herbs in Travel Form, herbalism can be a bit more profitable as a Druid as you save time by staying in Travel Form. Tauren also gets +15 to Herbalism as a racial.

Maraudon Princess Runs

While not as efficient as Hunters, Druids can farm Tinkerer Gizlok, Princess Theradras, and Rotgrip in Maraudon for gold.

Tanking Service

If you are tank specced you can sell tanking services as most servers are low on tanks.

You often get paid by being allowed to loot all unwanted gear.

The best instance for this is Stratholme as it is common to let the tank loot the first Righteous Orb that drops.


Maraudon Princess Runs

One of the best ways to farm gold as a hunter is doing the Maraudon Princess Runs. This is a fairly easy run to learn and you don’t need very good gear.

Sell the Blackstone Ring drop for extra gold.

Dire Maul Tribute Runs

Dire Maul Tribute can also be solo farmed as a hunter. It’s a bit harder than the Mara runs but not too bad once you get a hang of it.

Items such as Tarnished Elven Ring, Rod of the Ogre Magi and Ogre Forged Hauberk can be sold to players as it drops from a chest at the end.

Selling Rhok’delar Kills

Soloing the demons for Rhok’delar can be tricky and many hunter struggle with it. If you learn to master it though you can sell the kills to other players. As long as only you damage the demons and have the other Hunter in your group doing nothing, they can still loot the demon.


AoE Farming & Dungeon Boosting

Mage AoE farming is one of the most efficient ways of farming gold in WoW classic. Most of the open world farming spots mention further up in this guide can be AoE farmed as a Mage, and many of the dungeons listed as well.

The best spots to AoE farm as a Mage are ( See the dungeon gold farming section above for more info on these spots);

  • Maraudon – Takes some skill as you will have to pull most of the dungeon in one pull
  • Scarlet Monastery Cathedral / Armory – Great spot for AoE farming and boosting.
  • Zul’Farrak – Another great boosting and AoE gold farming dungeon.
  • Zul’Gurub Crocs and Tigers- Tough farm but can earn a lot of gold
  • Blackrock Depths Arena & East Garrion Area
  • Dire Maul Lasher Farming

Selling Portals & Food / Water

Mages can make some easy extra gold by selling the highest level food & water, or by selling portals to other players. Places like Kargath which have a lot of high level players moving through will always have a Mage or two selling portals and water.


AoE Farming & Dungeon Boosting

With the right spec and gear, Paladin are excellent at AoE farming and boosting. A good Paladin will be able to do SM Cathedral on par with a Mage.

Tanking Service

If you are tank specced you can sell tanking services as most servers are low on tanks.

You often get paid by being allowed to loot all unwanted gear.

The best instance for this is Stratholme as it is common to let the tank loot the first Righteous Orb that drops.


Dire Maul East Lashers

Priests can farm DME lashers efficiently and is probably the best way to farm gold, especially for Holy Priests.

Maraudon Princess Runs

Shadow Priests can farm Tinkerer Gizlok, Princess Theradras and Rotgrip in Maraudon for gold.


Stealth Runs & Pickpocketing

The one thing that Rogues can do to make gold that other classes can’t is pickpocketing and stealth runs (well Druids can stealth but to a lesser extent).

  • BRD – Pickpocket dwarves. If you are geared you can also kill Pyromancer Loregrain and Plugger Spazzring. If you have Relic Keys you can also open the Relic Coffers. Sell at the bar.
  • Razorfen Downs
  • Scarlet Monastery


Dire Maul East Lashers

Shaman can farm DME lashers.


Maraudon Princess Runs

Warlocks can do the Maraudon Princess Runs.

Sell the Blackstone Ring drop for extra gold.

Dire Maul East

Warlocks can solo DME lashers or if geared well and skilled they can do entire jump runs solo.


Dungeon Farming & Boosting

Decently geared Warriors will be able to solo dungeons and boost lower level characters.

  • Ragefire Chasm – Easy to solo but bad drops, if you can find people to boost you can make a bit.
  • Shadowfang Keep – Excellent boosting dungeon with a lot of high value items.
  • Scarlet Monastery – Another popular boosting dungeon with decent drops.

Duoing Dire Maul East is also a possibility if you have a healer friend.

Tanking Service

If you are tank specced you can sell tanking services as most servers are low on tanks.

You often get paid by being allowed to loot all unwanted gear.

The best instance for this is Stratholme as it is common to let the tank loot the first Righteous Orb that drops.

Auction House Investing and Reselling

Investing and playing the auction house is where the big bucks are made. It is available to all classes and if done right you can make hundreds or even thousands of gold a day.

The only real way to learn it is to spend a lot of time at the auction house and trying different approaches, in this part of the guide we will give you some tips and pointers though.

Below you can see the sniper running. Depending on your operation string, the sniper will show a bunch of different items, but many of these might not be good buys, even if the sniper says so, as not all the price data can be trustet 100%, so you still need to use some common sense and your experience to find good deals.

TSM & Sniper

Tradeskill Master is an addon for WoW and anyone serious about making gold should look into it. It takes some time to learn though as it is an extensive addon that has tons of guides written about how to use it.

You can use it to quickly buy, list all your items for sale, find deals and even calculated profits for professions. In this part of the guide, we will be looking at the sniper function that can be used to quickly find deals on the Auction House.

TSM Buyout Sniper
The sniper will show a bunch of items that it thinks might be a good deal.

A guide on how to set up the Sniper in TSM can be found here.

Items to Invest in for Phases

Some items will be super cheap in some phases of the game, but might increase by a lot for the next phase as it will suddenly be needed for a new recipe. Below are some of the items that you can try to invest in for the different phases.

Items to Invest in for Phase 2

  • Free Action Potion
  • Oily Blackmouth / Blackmouth Oil
  • Arcanite Bar
  • Living Essence
  • Essence of Undeath
  • Larval Acid
  • Small Flame Sac
  • Swiftthistle
  • Elemental Fire
  • Fused Wiring

Items to Invest in for Phase 3

  • Small Flame Sac
  • Black Lotus
  • Essence of Air
  • Golden Pearl
  • Mountain Silversage
  • Dramfoil
  • Plaguebloom
  • Ghost Mushroom

Items to Invest in for Phase 4

  • Living Essence
  • Powerful Mojo (Sell just before the release of Phase 4)
  • Larval Acid
  • Felcloth
  • Mooncloth
  • Ironweb Spider Silk

Items to Invest in for Phase 5

  • Arthas’ Tear
  • Purple Lotus
  • Greater Eternal Essence
  • Essence of Air
  • Large Brilliant Shard
  • Elemental Earth
  • (Greater) Nature Protection Potion

Items to Invest in for Phase 6

  • Arcanite Bar
  • Grave Moss
  • Firebloom
  • Firefin Snapper
  • Large Venom Sac
  • Cured Rugged Hide
  • Elemental Water

Track Prices Through the Week

Some items will also increase and decrease in value through the week. Most items will increase a bit during peak hours like on weekends, while items used in raids will increase by quite a bit on days with a lot of raids.

Many guilds will raid on reset day so pay attention to when raids reset and what items are used a lot in that raid. This will be items like potions, flasks, food and misc. buff items.

A good way to track this is having a simple spreadsheet and writing down the value of an item throughout the week.

Control the Market

Another way to make gold off the auction house is by controlling the market for a certain item. It can be pretty much any item, but pick one that is in demand but that you still think is a good deal at the moment. Then buy up everything up to a certain price and the relist it for more. Keep buying if someone posts more for less than you are selling it for,


I won’t go too much into detail about shuffles that you can do for gold, as it will all depend on the prices on your server,

The basic way to do this is to craft a weapon or armor piece that you can then disenchant and sell the enchanting materials for a profit. Finding a good one is difficult but using the TSM profession window makes it easier, as it shows the profitability of each item that you can craft and how much it will cost for you to craft it.

TSM Crafting Panel

Now take the crafting cost of the item and check if the disenchant value is higher than the cost.

Reselling Limited Quantity Vendor Recipes and Items

Gold can be made from buying limited quantity items from various vendors around the world and selling them on the auction house for a profit. You can find a list of vendors with limited supply items here.

Cross Faction Auction House Vendor Pet Reselling

Certain pets are only available from vendors that are only available to the horde or the alliance. These pets can be sold for a small profit on the normal auction house and for a bigger profit on the neutral auction house.




Professions are a great way to make gold. Gathering professions can supplement mob farming or is great just by itself. Crafting professions tend to be less profitable in general but is still a great and more passive way to make more gold.


Enchanting is a good profession to have for gold making, since it basically opens up two methods of making gold, enchanting and disenchanting. Disenchanting is especially if you farm a lot.

If you do not have enchanting on your main, you should at least have it on a bank alt so you can disenchant random BoE greens.

You can also make money by enchanting other players gear.

Crafting Professions

Crafting professions are professions that you use to craft gear or other useful items. We won’t do much into detail about any of them in this guide, as the best way to find make a profit from is by using TSM, as TSM will use data from your realm to tell you what items that you can craft will be proftiable.

TSM Crafting Panel used for gold making
Use TSM to find items that are profitable to make.
  • Alchemy – Can be profitable combined with Herbalism as you can craft may potions and other items needed for high-end PvE and PvP
  • Blacksmithing – Is generally not too great, but you can make some gold by charging players a fee to craft high-end items such as Lionheart Helm
  • Engineering – Not the best gold making profession.
  • Leatherworking – Can also make some money of high-end recipes.
  • Tailoring – Can make money from high-end items and from shirts and some twink items.

Gathering Professions

Gathering professions are the way to go if you want to make serious amounts of gold. Some farms like DME jump runs will be drastically more profitable if you have herbalism and mining.

The big question people have when gathering is what routes to take, but the truth is that there isn’t a set one for a zone. As there often are other players in a zone that are also gathering you must always adapt and change your route to increase your gold per hour.

The best thing to do is to get the Gathermate2 addon and also the Gathermate2 data. Now import the data and you will have a map of every possible ore and herb in the game as well as chest and fishing spots.

Gathermate 2 Map
This is what the Eastern Plaguelands map look like with Gathermate2.

Now you can follow the nodes on the map and make your own route and change if you meet fellow players that are in the same area.

Use the Find Herbs and Find Minerals skills to see spawned herbs and ore on the minimap. To use both at the same time, use this macro. You will have to keep pressing it as you run around to switch quickly between herbs and ore.

showtooltip /castsequence Find Herbs, Find Minerals

To find out what herbs or ore you should farm, you should always check the AH prices for the most valuable ones.

For mining this is mostly Thorium Ore which is best to farm in;

  • Winterspring
  • Un’goro
  • Silithus

The prices for the different herbs will vary a lot, and will change from phase to phase.

The most valuable is the rare Black Lotus which will spawn only once an hour in certain spots in Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, Silithus, and Burning Steppes. The best way to farm the Black Lotus is to look for it and when you find it, wait an hour and then hit up the spawn spots again.

Other valuable herbs are Mountain Silversage, Dreamfoil, Ghost Mushroom, Plaguebloom, Icecap and for lower levels Wild Steelbloom.

Below are some good spots for gathering both herbs and ore;

Winterspring is one of the best gathering zones with plenty of Icecap, Mountain Silversage, Thorium Ore and Black Lotus spawns.

winterspring throium farm r

The Eastern and Western Plaguelands has Thhorium Ore, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Arthas’ Tear Plaguebloom and Eastern Plaguelands has Black Lotrus spawns.

Eastern Plaguelands Mining & Herb Map
Eastern Plaguelands Mining & Herb Map Route 2
Azshara Mining & Herbalism Map
Azshara has Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage and Thorium Ore
Felwood Mining & Herbalism Route
Felwood has Plaguebloom, Thorium Ore, Mountain Silversage, Gromsblood, and Dreamfoil.
Burning Steppes Mining & Herbalism Route
Burning Steppes has Thorium Ore, Dreamfoil and Black Lotus Spawns
Un'goro Mining & Herbalism Route
Un’goro has Thorium Ore, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage and Blindweed
Silithus Minign & Herbalism Route
Silithus has Thorium Ore, Dreamfoil and Black Lotus spawns

If you have any questions or suggestions for our WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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