The Ultimate WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide

Welcome to MMORPGTips’ gold farming guide for WoW Classic. If you are looking for the best ways to level to 60, check out our WoW Classic Leveling Guide.

Farming gold in vanilla WoW is a lot different to current day WoW. Were not talking about making millions of gold anymore, and that’s what makes it fun in my eyes. Gold is much harder to come by, and more fun to farm as you have to have some skill.

In this gold farming guide we will go over all the possible ways of making gold in WoW classic all the way from level 1 to level 60.

If you haven’t reached 60 yet, check out Zygors Guides for the fastest way to get to level 60.

WoW Classic Gold Farming Basics

Before we get to the actual gold farming locations, let’s go over the basics of gold making in WoW classic.

What is the best gold farming class in WoW Classic?

Hunters & Mages are generally considered the best gold farming classes in WoW classic, with Warlocks right behind.

I prefer hunters as my main was a hunter in vanilla WoW, but it all depends on playstyle.

Hunters are a strong solo class with access to pets, powerful ranged damage and loads of utility like feign death, which comes in handy when farming dungeons. Hunters are also the fastest leveling class.

Hunters can solo many areas that other classes cannot like high level dungeons like Maraudon.

Mages are also a solid choice if you like AoE farming. Mages can also travel around quickly and save gold by summoning food and drink. And they can also sell food & drink for some extra gold.

Mages can AoE farm certain dungeons and open-world spots, making them very good for gold making as well.

What are the best Professions for Gold Making in WoW Classic?

Gathering professions are generally a good pick for making gold in vanilla WoW.

Skinning is the a very good choice to go with while leveling and if you farm a lot. If you are trying to get your mount at level 40, you can easily make some extra gold just by skinning while leveling and vendoring everything.

Skinning is also very good for Mages as they can AoE farm and kill/skin a lot of mobs quickly.

Mining is another solid pick for making gold, and especially while leveling. Just mine whatever ore you come by as you level up.

Herbalism is not as good as mining and skinning while you are leveling up, although still decent. At max level this is perhaps the best gold farming profession.

Enchanting is also a good profession to have, but don’t have it on your main. Have it on you bank alt, which we will talk more about in the next segment.

How much gold per hour can I make in Classic WoW?

Realisticly you can expect to make around 50-80 gold per hour from the best farms in the game.

A lot of videos and guides will have it that you can make 100g per hour but this is probably pushing it in many cases or is due to inflation later in the game.

Bank Alts

If you are serious about making gold, a bank alt is essential. This is to save time as you level or farm with your main, you can just mail all the stuff that you want to sell on the Auction House to your alt.

Get you bank alt to level 5 and get the Enchanting Profession, so that you can disenchant gear. Some gear will make a lot more gold if you disenchant it.

Now get it to your factions main city.

Bag and Inventory Space

After farming for a while, inventory space might become and issue. What you have available is your own inventory, so get the biggest bags you can afford.

The following quests reward you with extra bags:

In addition you have your and your bank alts bank space available for storage. But another good trick to store items is to simply mail them to your bank alt and don’t pick them up, if they expire they will simply be sent back to your other character.

Mage Food & Drink

Food & Drink ends up costing you quite a bit in the long run, so if you want to save money it can be wise to ask your mage friends for some summoned food if you aren’t one yourself.

Vendor Price Vs. Auction House

A lot of items are not worth posting on the auction house so always check the vendor price for random items. Some will be best vendoring and some will be worth disenchanting instead of putting them on the AH.

The addon Vendor Price is useful when determining what to do with an item.

Don’t Buy Gear

When you are leveling, buy as little gear as possible. Most players should be fine with whatever they get from quests. Buying gear that will be obsolete in a few levels is a huge gold sink.

If you feel like you need better gear it is better to find a level appropriate dungeon to run.

Don’t get every skill

Don’t get all your skills from you class trainer while leveling up. A lot of utility skills are completely useless for leveling and will just be a waste of gold.

Grinding Vs. Questing

While questing is the fastest way to get to level 60 quickly, grinding is better overall for making gold. Our WoW Classic Leveling Guide covers grinding locations for leveling from 1 to 60, and the best grinding locations for making gold is listed further down in this guide.

WoW Classic Gold Farming Addons

There are some great addons that you can use to optimize your gold making efforts in WoW classic. This list will be updated.

Auctionator is a huge improvement to the auction house and will make listing items a lot easier. A must have.

Vendor Price does what it says. Shows the vendor price for various items.

Onebag3 Classic simplifies your inventory and makes it easier to manage.

Gatherer is a must have for anyone with gathering professions and will show you potential locations for herbs and ores on the map along with other features.

WoW Classic Gold Farming Level 1-40 – Getting Your Mount at 40

The reason most players start farming gold early on is to get their mount at level 40. Start out by doing what we covered in the previous part of the guide regarding bank alts, bag space and professions. In my opinion the best professions to get if you want your mount at 40 is Mining and Skinning.

At launch, save all the rare and valuable items you get as they won’t fetch much on the AH yet.

Level 1-40 Gold Farming Locations

Before around level 25, there really isn’t much of a point in grinding anything for gold. Leveling should always be your main focus as the amount of gold you make in the first 30 level or so is very little compared to what you start making later in the game. However, there are of course some spots that you can hit to be sure you can afford your level 40 mount.

Level 23+ Whelps – Wetlands

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: Small Flame Sac and generally has a good loot table. Small chance at the Tiny Crimson Whelpling.


Level 25+ Raptors – Whelgar’s Excavation Site – Wetlands

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: Medium Leather


Level 25+ Centaurs – Thousand Needles

Drops: Vendor trash


Level 32+ Shellfish – Shadowprety Village – Desolace

Shellfish can be picked up from the cages in the sea near the village. Turn them in to Jinar’Zillen on the docks for gold. You should have some form of underwater breathing. Drops: Shellfish, Big Iron Fishing Pole

shellfish farm

Level 35+ Kurzen Humanoids – Kurzen’s Compound – Stranglethorn Vale

Drops: Cloth, herbs and vendor trash.


Level 35+ Venture Co. Camp – Stranglethorn Vale

Drops: Kill the Venture Co. Shredders in the area for Fused Wiring that can sell for a few gold each. Kill the other mobs while you wait for the shredders that patrol the area.

Level 35+ Swamp Jaguars – Swamp of Sorrows

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: A lot of vendor trash + Heavy Leather and Thick Leather.


Level 35+ Dreaming / Adolecent Whelp – Swamp of Sorrows

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: Small Flame Sac and generally has a good loot table. Small chance at the Tiny Emerald Whelpling.

Level 38+ Cold Eye Basilisks – Stranglethorn Vale

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: Heavy Leather and Thick Leather as well as Cold Basilisk Eye.

Level 40+ Elementals – Arathi Highlands

There are four types of elemetals in the Arathi Highlands. Burning Exiles, Cresting Exiles, Thundering Exiles and Rumbling Exiles. The Burning Exiles are the best as they drop Elemetal Fire needed for fire protection potions. This is still a good farm at level 60

Level 40+ Scalding Whelp – Badlands

Drops: Small Flame Sac and generally has a good loot table. Small chance at the Dark Whelpling.

Level 42+ Steeljaw Snappers – Tanaris

Recommended Professions: Skinning Drops: Various vendor trash. Big-Mouth Clam

Steeljaw-snappers [

WoW Classic Gold Farming Level 40-60

After hitting level 40 there isn’t that much you need for farm gold for until you are level 60, but there are a few spots that you can grind on the way.

At level 60 a whole range gold farming options opens up to you.

Level 40-60 Gold Farming Locations

Level 50+ Angerclaw Bears – Felwood – Drops various vendor trash and bags. Good for Thick Leather, Rugged Leather and Warbear Leather.

Level 52+ Jadefire Satyrs – Fellwood – Drops Runecloth and Felcloth along with other misc. items.

Level 52+ Legashi Satyrs – Azshara – Drops Runecloth and Felcloth along with other misc. items.

Level 52+ Blood Elves – Thalassian Base Camp – Azshara – Excelent gold farming spot, drops a lot of Runecloth, Mageweave Cloth and various items.

Level 52+ Plaguebats / Monsterous Plaguebats (56+) – Eastern Plaguelands – Drops a lot of vendor trash along with Thick Leather and Rugged Leather for skinners. Normal Plaguebats are found to the north and Monsterous to the south.

Level 55+ Ogres – Deadwind Pass – Ogres in Deadwind Pass have a pretty good loot table. Mages can AoE farm here pretty efficiently.

Level 60 Scarlet Crusade Mobs – Tyr’s Hand – Eastern Plaguelands – Loads of Runecloth and random items. People are saying Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader drops here but it seems like it might not until during TBC.

Level 60 Chimaera – Isle of Dread – Feralas – This is a hard spot to solo so you can also duo here. Drops Chimaerok Tenderloin which is used in cooking. Thick Leather and Rugged Leather for skinners.

Level 60 Devilsaurs – Un’goro Crater – Drops Devilsaur Leather and is one of the best ways of making gold in classic WoW. You will however most likely need to be a part of the Devilsaur Mafia to farm these. The Mafia is a group that constantly farms these and has a monopoly on the leather and gear used to make with it.

Level 60 Scarlet Spellbinders – Hearthglen – Western Plaguelands – Has a chance to drop Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader which sells for a lot.

Level 60 Water Elementals – Eastern Plaguelands – Drops Essence of Water.

Dungeon Gold Farming

Dungeons can also be farmed for good amounts of gold. Some are best for certain classes and are also listed further down in the Class Specific Farms.

No minimum level will be listed for these farms but it is recommended that you are level 60 to farm any instance efficiently.

Shadowfang Keep

SFK is a great low-level dungeon to farm as a lot of the twink gear in the game drops here. You have to be lucky but you will still get a bunch of items to vendor and a lot of cloth either way. Works very well for Mages.

The main items you are looking for are:

Assasin’s BladeShadowfangNight ReaverWitching StaveBlack Malice Guillotine Axe

Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery is a good mid range dungeon to farm. Mages work best here since they can AoE farm.

Valuable epics have a small chance of dropping here like Nightblade or Staff of Jordan

The Graveyard is the best one to farm since there are quite a few blue BoE twink items that drop here like Scarlet Boots, Mark of Kern and Cobalt Crusher

Class Specific Gold Farming

Hunter Gold Farms

Level 60 – Maraudon – Do the quest to get the Scepter of Celebras which port you inside Maraudon. From here go kill Tinkerer Gizlok, Princess Theradras and Rotgrip.

You can make extra gold from here if you sell looting rights for some of the BoP gear like Blackstone Ring.

Level 60 – Dire Maul North Tribute Runs – One of the best ways of making gold in the game. Was nerfed on private servers due to Hunters making updwards of 150g per hour.

Warlock Gold Farms

Level 60 – Maraudon – Do the quest to get the Scepter of Celebras which port you inside Maraudon. From here go kill Tinkerer Gizlok, Princess Theradras and Rotgrip.

You can make extra gold from here if you sell looting rights for some of the BoP gear like Blackstone Ring.

Mage Gold Farms

Level 60 Dire Maul East Lasher AoE Farm – Packs of lashers can be AoE farmed for a good amount of gold. They drop a lot of herbs and vendor trash.

Level 60 Black Rock Depths AoE Farm – Mages can AoE farm the entrance area to BRD and the mobs up on the Arena. Very good with skinning and mining for Dark Iron Ore.

Level 60 Zul’gurub Crockolisk Farm – Mages can also farm the crocs in ZG.

Rogue Gold Farms

Rogues can pickpocket mobs for gold. This works great in a few dungeons with a lot of humanoids.

  • Razorfen Downs
  • Scarlet Monastery
  • Blackrock Depths

Vendor Reselling Limited Quantity Recipes and Items

Gold can be made from buying limited quanity items from various vendors around the world and selling them on the auction house for a profit.

Alterac Mountains

Arathi Highlands



  • Neutral Jazzrik – Blacksmith supplies


Dire Maul


Elwynn Forest


Hillsbrad Foothills

Loch Modan

Redridge Mountains


Stonetalon Mountains

Stranglethorn Vales

Silverpine Forest

Stranglethorn Vale

Swamp of Sorrows

The Barrens




Cross Faction Auction House Vendor Pet Reselling

Certain pets are only available from vendors that are only available to the horde or the alliance. These pets can be sold for a small profit on the normal auction house and for a bigger profit on the neutral auction house.


Donni Anthania – Cats

Lil Timmy – Rare spawn with Cat Carrier (White Kitten) for sale

Shylenai – Owls

Yarlyn AmberstillRabbit Crate (Snowshoe)


Xan’tish – Snakes

Halpa – Prarie Dog

Jeremiah PaysonCockroach


Narkk – Parrots

WoW Classic Professions for Gold

Professions are a great way to make gold in WoW Classic. This part of the gold farming guide will be updated after release.


Enchanting is a good profession to have for gold making. Especially if you farm a lot.

If you do not have enchanting on your main, you should at least have it on a bank alt so you can disenchant random BoE greens.

You can also make money by enchanting other players gear.


Herbalism is decent for gold making pre 60, but maybe the best at level 60. Simply pick herbs and profit.

Combine Herbalism with either Alchemy to make potions or with Mining for farming.

Plaguebloom Farming Routes

Eastern and Western Plaguelands also has Dreamfoil and Arthas’ Tear. And eastern has Black Lotus as well. Can be combined well with mining.

Icecap Farming Route

Icecap is only found in Winterspring. Can be combined with mining.

Dreamfoil Farming Route

Azshara is the best zone for farming dreamfoil. Can also be combined with mining.

Gromsblood Farming Routes

The best zones to farm Gromsblood is Felwood and Blasted Lands. Felwood also has Plaguebloom and Dreamfoil, making it a great zone to pick herbs. Blasted Lands is also good for mining.


Mining is also one of the best professions for making gold. Especially when leveling.

Copper Farming Routes

Copper ore farming should just be considered if you need a little extra gold at very low levels. You can make around 5g per hour.

Mithril Farming Routes

The best place to farm Mithril is in Blasted Lands, and can be combined with farming Gromsblood.

Thorium Farming Routes

Winterspring is great for Thorium and can be combined with farming Icecap.

Un’goro Crater and the Burning Steppes are also good options.


Skinning might be the best profession for making gold while leveling, and if you farm a lot of mobs. All skinning spots are covered about in the farming section of the guide.

WoW Classic Gold Guide Summary

That’s it for out WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide, this guide will be updated continously as time goes by in Classic.

If you have any questions or suggestions about gold farming, please let me know in the comments!

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