Albion Online Crossbow Build

The Best Crossbow Build for Albion Online – Solo Dungeon Build

This build is designed for new players who want to solo dungeons quickly and efficiently. It combines the long-range damage capabilities of the Boltcasters with the utility provided by the Specter Hood, Druid Robe, and Hellion Shoes. The Thetford Cape further enhances your damage output, while Healing Potion and Cabbage Soup will help you sustain through the dungeon.


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  • Weapon: Boltcasters
  • Helmet: Specter Hood
  • Armor: Druid Robe
  • Boots: Hellion Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Consumables: Healing Potion and Cabbage Soup

Weapon Abilities:

  • Q: Explosive Bolt
  • W: Sunder Shot
  • Passive: Well Prepared

Helmet Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Flash of Insight
  • Passive: Balanced Mind

Armor Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Obsessive Burst
  • Passive: Aggression

Boot Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Refreshing Sprint
  • Passive: Balanced Mind

Skill Rotation:

  1. Begin by casting Obsessive Burst from your Druid Robe to increase your damage output.
  2. Use Explosive Bolt (Q) to build up 6 stacks on your target.
  3. Cast Sunder Shot (W) and Deathward Climax (E)
  4. Use Flash of Insight from your Specter Hood. This will reset the cooldown of your Obsessive Burst, allowing you to use it again.
  5. Cast Obsessive Burst once more to further increase your damage output.
  6. If needed, consume Healing Potions and Cabbage Soup to maintain your health throughout the dungeon.

By following this rotation and utilizing the synergies between your equipment and abilities, you’ll be able to solo dungeons quickly and efficiently, even as a new player in Albion Online.

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