Great Frost Staff Build

The Best 2H Great Frost Staff Build for Albion Online – Solo AOE Build

This high AOE build is ideal for solo fame farming and dungeons, excelling in PvE and also performing well in PvP situations.

Tips for this Build:

  1. Utilize the Perpetual Energy and Speed Caster, allowing you to keep spamming your abilities, especially Ice Shard.
  2. Frost Nova is a great tool for crowd control, helping you escape from sticky situations or create distance between you and your enemies.
  3. Blink offers additional mobility, enabling you to reposition yourself quickly during combat or escape if needed.
  4. Consuming a Poison Potion can help you deal with tougher enemies, as it adds extra damage over time.


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  • Weapon: Great Frost Staff
  • Helmet: Royal Cowl
  • Armor: Scholar Robe
  • Boots: Cleric Sandals
  • Cape: Morgana Cape
  • Consumables: Poison Potion and Pork Omelette

Weapon Abilities:

  • Q: Ice Shard
  • W: Frost Nova
  • Passive: Aggressive Caster

Helmet Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Perpetual Energy
  • Passive: Aggression

Armor Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Speed Caster
  • Passive: Aggression

Boot Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Blink
  • Passive: Aggression


  1. Use Perpetual Energy.
  2. Use Hail and spam Ice Shard.
  3. Use Speed Caster and spam Ice Shard again.
  4. Use Frost Nova and Blink for movement.

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