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The Best Spear Build for Albion Online – Cheap Leveling PvE Solo Build

If you are a solo player seeking a cost-effective and highly efficient build in Albion Online, this guide is the perfect solution for your needs.

The proposed spear build offers an excellent blend of high attack speed, agility, and sustain. This allows you to excel at solo Player versus Environment (PvE) content, ranging from challenging dungeons to engaging in open-world activities.

Firstly, let’s understand the rationale behind this build. Albion Online provides a vast array of equipment options and skill trees, making the game flexible for numerous playstyles.

For this build, the focus is on using a Spear, chosen for its impressive attack speed and versatility. The Spear’s abilities, when paired with the correct equipment, can provide a robust toolkit for both offence and defence.


Equipment plays a crucial role in determining the power of your build. The better your gear, the higher your chances of surviving and dominating the treacherous world of Albion. If you are short on Silver, our Silver Farming Guide can help you secure the funds for superior gear.

Weapon: Spear

Spear is an ideal weapon for this build due to its high attack speed and adaptable abilities, fitting perfectly into this aggressive yet resilient setup.

Off-hand: Torch

Adding the Torch in your off-hand boosts your attack speed, perfect for spear-wielding adventurers.

Helmet: Hunter’s Hood

This helmet comes with the ‘Retaliate’ spell, a fantastic counter-attack mechanic.

Armor: Mercenary Jacket

The Mercenary Jacket is preferred for its ‘Bloodlust’ ability that, when activated, lets you heal for a percentage of your damage dealt, increasing your survivability.

Boots: Soldier Boots

Soldier Boots grant you the ‘Rejuvenating Sprint’ spell, which gives a much-needed speed boost and also heals you, providing further sustain in battle.

Cape: Undead Cape

This cape provides an additional survival tool. When your health drops dangerously low, it turns you invisible, allowing you to escape or reposition yourself in combat.

Consumables: Healing Potion and Roasted Clearhaze Snapper

Always have a supply of Healing Potions to keep you healthy and fighting. The Roasted Clearhaze Snapper increases your combat efficiency and is a fantastic food buff to maintain.

Weapon Abilities:

Each weapon in Albion Online comes with unique abilities that make the weapon more than just a source of damage. Here are the spear abilities you need to optimize:

Q: Lunging Strike – This is your primary attack, which provides decent damage output and builds up your essential spear stacks.

W: Forest of Spears – This ability is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack that can hit multiple targets, applying stacks and offering great wave-clear potential.

Passive: Attack Speed – This passive ability increases your attack speed, helping you build up spear stacks faster and deal more damage in shorter amounts of time.

Helmet Abilities

Item Spell: Retaliate – Activating this spell allows you to reflect incoming damage back to the attacker, providing additional damage output and defense.

Passive: Swiftness – Increases Attack Speed

Armor Abilities

Item Spell: Bloodlust – This spell enables you to heal for a percentage of the damage you deal to enemies.

Passive: Swiftness – Increases Attack Speed

Boot Abilities

Item Spell: Rejuvenating Sprint – This sprint ability increases your movement speed and heals you over its duration.

Passive: Toughness – This passive decreases incoming damage.

Skill Rotation:

Mastering your skill rotation is crucial to make the most out of your build. Here’s a recommended rotation to maximize your damage and survivability:

  1. Engage the enemy with Lunging Strike (Q), applying your first spear stack.
  2. Follow up with Forest of Spears (W), dealing AoE damage and applying more stacks.
  3. Keep using Lunging Strike (Q) until you reach 4 spear stacks.
  4. Upon reaching 4 stacks, unleash Reckless Charge to deal substantial damage and stun the enemy.
  5. Activate Bloodlust (Mercenary Jacket Spell) when your health drops low to heal based on the damage dealt.
  6. If under heavy damage, use Retaliate (Hunter’s Hood Spell) to reflect some damage back.
  7. Deploy Rejuvenating Sprint (Soldier Boots Spell) when you need a speed boost and some quick healing.
  8. Remember to monitor your health and use Healing Potions as needed for extra sustain.
  9. Don’t forget to consume Roasted Clearhaze Snapper for a notable increase in combat effectiveness.

In conclusion, this spear build is a shining example of a balanced blend of damage output and resilience, making it excellent for tackling solo PvE challenges in Albion Online. The key to success with this build lies in understanding the dynamic nature of the combat and adapting your skills to various situations. As with all builds, managing your cooldowns effectively and using the right skill at the right time can make a significant difference. Best of luck, adventurer!

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