Neverwinter Eternal Descent Guide

Intro Guide to Neverwinter Mod 18: Infernal Descent

Welcome to our guide to Neverwinter mod 18: Infernal Descent. This guide is meant to be a quick update to get players familiar with the gear and currencies of the new mod. Having said that, most of the mod is about farming a giant ape over and over.

After you have done the short introductory quest given to you by sergeant Knox, you will en up in Vallenhas Stronghold in Avernus. This is the hub for this mod.

Mod 18: Descent into Avernus Campaign

The campaign is mod 18 is a short and easy one if you are geared to be able to do the quests. Like previous mods it has a weekly haul that starts at 100 and goes up to 175. Quests to fill the weekly haul are quick and easy and the haul can be filled without much time spent at all.

mod 18 infernal descent campaign

Infernal Descent Currencies

There are two important currencies in mod 18, Chaotic Writings and Seal of the Fallen.

Farming Chaotic Writings

Chaotic Writings are obtained through doing Heroic Encounters or killing rare mobs. You can spend these on Juma’s Surprise Bag from Juma on top of Vallenhas Stronghold, which reward you with some pretty good gear.

The easiest way to farm Chatic Writings is by doing the Heroic Encounter “Demonic Summing” that also goes by the name “Ape”, since the boss is a big ape. His real name is Soul-Infused Barlgura though. See the video below for the fastest way to farm the “Ape” for Chaotic Writings.

Where to find Juma

Finding Juma on top of the castle can be hard as there is no obvious path up there. See the video below for the path up there.

Gear from Juma’s Surprise Bag / Chaotic Writings

Farming Seal of the Fallen

Seal of the Fallen is the other currency and works like other seals before it. The easiest way to obtain these are through the Random Epic Dungeon Queue or from Heroic Encounters.

The gear from Seals are class specific and I won’t be posting it all here. Talk to the Seals Trader to see your class gear. It is all item level 1200.

Seal of the Fallen

Rare Mob Locations and Gear

Mod 18 also has a few rare mobs around the map that can drop good gear. These respawn fairly quickly and the drop rates are decent so obtaining the items isn’t too hard.

The easiest way to farm these is just to keep changing instances and killing the rare mobs over and over. I was able to get the Rusted Iron Leggins after farming the Abomination for about an hour. See the video below to see how I farmed him.

mod 18 rare mob spawn locations

The Abomination

Rusted Iron Leggings

Ralbog The Ruined

frenzy mitts

Abyssal Flock

Vicious Hell Hound

veil of the blinking beast

Deamon the Lithe

Bralliel's Planar Bindings

Sir Galahan & Pippy

Djugg the Destroyer

Infernal Citadel

The Infernal Citadel dungeon will also reward players with class specific armor called “Lion’s Guard”. More info on this to come.

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  1. What about the additional currency required for the 1250 IL gear? Is that currency only found in the newest dungeon?

  2. Vey useful if you are already geared to do all that – But then again, if you are, then you also dont need the guide anymore.

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