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Neverwinter Mod 19: Avernus Guide

Welcome to our guide to Neverwinter Mod 19: Avernus! In this guide we will go over all the new features, changes and content in the new module, as well as look at the gameplay.

To start working on the campaign talk to Alric in Vallenhas and accept the quest “A Friend in Need”

Mod 19: Avernus, Path of the Fallen Campaign

The Path of the Fallen Campaign for Avernus is another pretty straight forward one much like mod 18.

After a quick intro quest you will find yourself in the Wandering Emporium where you will gather Canian Iron Bars from quests to fill up your weekly haul.

The Campaign panel for Mod 19: Avernus.

Mod 19 Avernus Currencies

Canian Iron Bars

These are obtain from doing all sorts of quests and you will easily fill your weekly haul with these.

Infernal Scrap

These are also rewards from quests but can also be farmed in various Heroic Encounters.

Mod 19 Avernus Gear

Mod 19 adds some new gear to the game but none of it is really that good. To see all the new gear open up the Collections menu (CTRL+J) and go to Descent Into Avernus.

Weapon Sets

Mod 19 introduces three new weapon sets to Neverwinter. Hellfire Engine, Legion Guard and Celestial.

The new Weapons in Mod 19

The bonus for the Hellfire Engine Set is terrible, the Legion Guard set isn’t great either.

The only really good bonus is the Celestial Set but that will be a bit harder to acquire than the two others, as it is from the Trial – Zariel’s Challenge.

Devil, Demon and Fiend Forged

Infernal Forged gear from the Seals Trader can now be restored to Devil or Demon Forged Gear and then to Fiend Forged. None of this gear is really good, but a few of the pieces are decent, especially for fighting mobs in Avernus.

The new gear in Mod 19

To restore the Infernal gear you will need;

  • The Firesmith’s Hammer – From the Treasure Maps
  • Whispered Confessions – From Heroic Encounters
  • Brazier of Hellfire – From the Blood War Store
  • Demon’s Curse or Devil’s Contract – From the Bosses in the Blood War.

Treasure Maps & Locations

Like in some previous mods, Treasure Maps will drop from mobs

Map Showing the Treasure Map Locations in Mod 19
Locations for the Mod 19 Avernus Maps

If you have any questions or suggestions about Mod 19, leave a comment below. This guide will be updated!

Ernest W Madeley

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Yeah, exactly how or where do I find this wandering emporium i've been going in circles now for 3 days and can't find how to complete this quest. any help here please email me [email protected]


Sunday 19th of July 2020

Can u guys show a build for the barbarian for mod 19 ?