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Arcane Mage PvE Guide

Arcane Mage PvE Guide

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Welcome to Arcane Mage PvE Guide, this guide is updated for level 110 and Legion patch 7.3.2. Arcane Mages draw upon great Arcane powers to destroy their enemies. Currently, in Patch 7.3, the Arcane Mage spec is the least powerful in terms of DPS of the Mage builds.


Patch Changes

Stat Priority




Talent Builds

Rotation, Macros and Keybinds.


Below you can see the Patch 7.3 Changes to the Arcane Mage

No Changes were made to the Arcane Mage in the latest patch.

For a full list of changes, go here.

Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE  Stat Priority

Intellect > Mastery > Crit > Versatility > Haste


Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE Gems

  1. Masterful Shadowruby

  2. Deadly Eye of Prophecy

  3. Versatile Maelstrom Sapphire


Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE Enchants:

Neck Enchants: Mark of the Hidden Satyr > Mark of the Distant Army

Cloak Enchants: Binding of Intellect

Ring Enchants: Binding of Mastery >Binding of Critical Strike

Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE Flasks, Runes, Potions & Food:

Flask: Flask of the Whispered Pact

Rune: Defiled Augment Rune

Potion: Potion of Deadly Grace > Potion of Prolonged Power

Food: Nightborne Delicacy Platter > The Hungry Magister


Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE Talent Build

Level 15 Talent – Amplification
Level 30 Talent – Slipstream
Level 45 Talent – Rune of Power
Level 60 Talent – Resonance
Level 75 Talent – Chrono Shift
Level 90 Talent – Erosion
Level 100 Talent – Overpowered

Patch 7.3 Arcane Mage PvE Rotation / Macro / Keybinds

If you really want to dominate in both PvP and PvE as an Arcane Mage you should really have a look at Impulse. This addon really transformed my game for all my toons and all players who use them certainly have a huge advantage over others as they really push your DPS to the max.

The Arcane Mage DPS rotation relies on cycling between conservation phase to save Mana and the burn phase.

Burn Phase:

The burn phase starts at the beginning of an encounter and when Evocation and Arcane Power is ready, and you have 4 Arcane Charge.

  • Rune of Power
  • Arcane Power
  • Arcane Missiles
  • Arcane Blast
  • Evocation

Conservation Phase:

  • Mark of Aluneth
  • Rune of Power (2 charges)
  • Arcane Orb
  • Nether Tempest (4 Arcane Charge)
  • Arcane Missiles.
  • Supernova
  • Arcane Barrage (Under 70% Mana)
  • Arcane Blast


Use Arcane Blast instead of Arcane Explosion

Our Arcane Mage PvE Guide will be constantly updated with new patches and content! If you have any questions or suggestions about our Arcane Mage Guide, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


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