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Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 53 – 57 The Sinking Sands


At around level 52 you will finish up in Lavastorm and you can move on to the Desert of Flames zones. In particular Sinking Sands, though heading to Pillars of Flame and doing some quests can reward you with some good XP. Stay in Sinking sands until around 57. Start by doing the quests where you zone in with the carpet then work your way around the zone. If you reach a level 57 before you completed all the quests you should turn the AA slider to 100% before completing the rest of the quests

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done:

Everquest sinking sands leveling guide
















Below is a list of the quests you should do while in Sinking Sands:

Port of Tears (A)

Kallon Ebbtide

  1. Kallon’s Vengeance (44)

Ghassan the Trader

  1. Hides for Ghassan (46)
  2. Spice Delivery (46)
  3. Venomous Venture (46)
  4. Questionable Merchandise (47)
  5. A Delicate Matter (46)
  6. Another Employer (45)
  7. Scorpion Scrounging (51)

Northern Croc Hunter Camp (B)

Chef Numair


  1. Cooking Crocodiles (48)
  2. Diggers for Dinner (47)
  3. A Terrible Crime (47)
  4. Scarabs and Spiders (47)

Fahad Nuhayd

  • Stopping the Flow (47)

Southern Croc Hunter Camp (C)

Aliyyah the Embalmer

  1. Unravelling the Mummies (47)
  2. Grisly Gathering (49)
  3. More Mummies? (49)
  4. Osseous Investigations (49)
  5. Undead Investigations (50)
  6. Sul’Dal Studies (52)

Sandslide Passage (D)

Xilla Beetlebinder

  1. Beetle Herding – Act I (47)
  2. Beetle Herding – Act II
  3. Beetle Herding – Act III
  4. Beetle Herding – Act IV
  5. Beetle Herding – Act V
  6. Beetle Herding – Act VI
  7. Beetle Herding – Act VII
  8. Beetle Herding – Final Act

Orc Highway (E)


  1. The Search Begins (48)
  2. The Lonely Crypt (50)
  3. The Final Piece (52)

Camp D’Sas (F)

  • Mender Mending (52)
  • Sand Thing Special (52)
  • Noxious Roundup (54)


Once you are around level 57 and have completed all the quests here you can move on to The Tenebrous Tangle.

Alternate Zones:

Pillars of Flame

The Lesser Faydark



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