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How to Cap Gold Find in Diablo 3


Making gold is a big aspect of Diablo 3 and almost all players are looking for ways to make the most gold. So to make the most gold you are going to want to maximize you gold find stat. The Gold Find stat is capped at 300% so reaching the cap isn’t too hard. In this guide i will show you the key aspect of capping gold find.

Diablo 3 Gold Find

Maximizing Gold Find

  • Every Paragon level gives you 3% extra gold find.

  • You follower gold find on items goes towards your gold find. The best way to maximize this is to get the Enchantress and deck her out with a 2 hand legendary staff with up to 50% gold find (shouldn’t cost too much). Also get a legendary amulet with 40% gold find for her as well and rings with about 20% on each ring.

  • Get a Helmet with Gold Find and put an Emerald gem in it for an extra 40% or so.

  • Buy an Amulet with around 45% extra gold find on it.

-Rings can have up to 25% gold find on them as well.

  • Lastly get an chest armor and pants with gold find.

  • All this shouldn’t cost over 1 million gold, so it is quite cheap. But remember to not neglect your others stats or you won’t be able to kill anything.

Now that you have reached the Gold Find Cap. You will quickly start to notice an increase in how much gold you make per hour so head out and farm some gold!

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