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How to Earn Runescape Money in the Wilderness


The Wilderness made its return back in 2011. Many players dislike the Wilderness as it is very dangerous. But it is also one of the best ways to make RS gold fast. The Wilderness or the Wild is quite a dangerous place for players, you won’t always be making gold here but when you hit the jackpot you are going to make a lot. Using this guide will greatly increase the amount of money you make in the Wilderness.

This guide will show you a few different ways you can earn gold here in the Wilds, mastering these can make you a millionaire quite quickly. When you first go to the Wilderness to make money, you might have a hard time but as you learn how it works it will go a lot faster. In this guide i will primarily be in Varrock Wilderness.

A high populated world works best, one with a lot of player in. It doesn’t have to be too many, but a fair amount works best. How much you earn is calculated by how many players are online, making the wilderness more populated, thus increasing the chances of making a lot of gold. Pay attention to the other players in the wilderness, so that you know where / who your competition or enemies are.

You should always know which items to pick up, and which ones to leave. Always try to get as much valuable gear, weapons and arrows. Go back to a store and sell these items. If you get some really valuable items, you should not sell these at a store, instead sell them to other player. This will make you a lot more money.


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