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How to Get Essence of the Breeze


This guide will show you how to farm and acquire the rare item, Essence of the Breeze. The item will make you able to jump a bit longer and a wind swishy thing will trail behind you when you jump.

A rare mob named Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud will drop the Essence. It has a 20% drop chance. Ai-Ran will respawn about every 2 hours, so you might end up farming him for a while. The location of Ai-Ran is marked on the map below.

essence of the breeze

Like other Mists of Pandaria rare mobs, Ai-Ran has 3 special attacks. These are useful to know in order to kill him.

1 – Chi Burst – Stay within 15 yards of Ai-Ran to avoid damage.

2 – Healing Mists – Huge heal. Interrupt if you can

3 – Spinning Crane Kick- Stun him. Or Kite to avoid.

Since the droprate is 20% on the Essence of the Breeze, it is a bit quicker to farm than most other MoP rare drops. I usually park an alt where Ai-Ran spawns and just log in from time to time to see if he is there. Good luck!


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