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How to get the Magic Banana


The MagicĀ  Banana is a pretty fun vanity item in WoW. The Magic Banana can be thrown on the ground and anyone who walks over it will slip. It has a 2 hour cooldown and can be pretty hard to farm. It drops of the rare mob Bonobos, in Valley of the Four Winds. The drop rare of the Magic Banana is about 10 %.

The location of Bonobos is marked on the map below.

magic banana

Like other MoP rare mobs, Bonobos has 3 special attack moves that you should be aware of.

  1. Toss Filth : Nothing to do about this.

  2. Bananarang : Move away from the giant banana to avoid damage

  3. Going Bananas : Either stun or kite.

Once Bonobos is dead, cross your fingers and hope for the Magic Banana to drop. Since the droprate is only 10%, farming for this item can take quite some time. Parking an alt here and logging in from time to time is a good tip to avoid wasting too much time.


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