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How to get the Terracotta Fragment


In this guide i will show you how to get the Terracotta Fragment . It is a very awesome trinket that will summon a powerful Mogu Terracotta Warrior that will fight at your side. This can be very useful when soloing old raids and bosses as the Terracotta Warrior is actually powerful.

The Warrior lasts for 10 minutes with a 1 hour cooldown. He has 700k HP, he casts Mocking Blow, Cleave and Challenging Shout. This makes him a quite effective tank, and thus making him very helpful when soloing old content that you can’t quite handle on your own.

To get this awesome trinket you have to kill an rare mob in Valley of the Four Winds called Jonn-Dar. Jonn-Dar’s spawn location is shown on the map below. The droprate for the Trinket is about 15% and Jonn-dar’s respawn rate is around 1 – 2 hours.

jonn-dar spawn location

How to Solo Jonn-dar

Jonn-Dar has 3 different attacks. He can easily be soloed though if you know what to do.

Devastating Arc which is a high damage frontal AoE. To Avoid this step behind him.

Titanic Strength – Can’t avoid this one.

And lastly Summon Quilen – Kill the Quilen fast.


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