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Limpwurt Collecting F2P Money Making


So for this F2P money making guide you will need 20 Dungeoneering skill, 25 Magic and A brass key. You should also have a staff of air and a way to teleport to Varrock. Before you start try to have as little weight on you as possible.

From the Entrance to the Grand Exchange head west to a little house near the river where you can climb down a ladder. Go south and go throug the dungeon entrance there. In this rather small dungeon you will find 4 Limpwurt Root spawn points. Collect these. They respawn every 30 seconds or so. Do this until you go a full inventory then port to Varrock and put them in the bank.

The Limpwort Roots will be worth about 1000g and you can get almost 300 in an hour so that’s close to 300k an hour doing this.

Learn to really make Runescape gold by checking out the guide below :


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