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Platinum Guide : Nektropos Castle Tribulation


One of my favorite ways to fill up my my sales crates in Everquest 2 and make hundreds of platinum is running through the Nektropos Castle Tribulation instance and picking up valuble collection items. The mobs in here are around level 70, so you should be in your early 80’s so that the mobs are greyed out and you can skip all the mobs. The run should take about 20 minutes and will net you 20-25 collection items worth anything from 1 platinum to 20 platinum.

You enter through the crypt in Nektulos Forest right behind Nektropos Castle :

nek castle plat guide

The first time running the instance it might seem a bit confusing, but it’s actually pretty easy and linear. There are also quite a few traps, once you learn your way around the instance it’s gonna go real quick. As you go through the instance, pick up every book you find along with all the ! and ? collectables. These collectables can fetch up towards 20 platinum on the broker. They don’t always sell very quick, but most of them will sell for between 5-20 platinum if you leave them on the broker for a while. This means you don’t have to run this more than every couple of weeks so you always have the collectables on the Broker and you’ll have a steady income.

This is all the items i got after one run through the dungeon:

Nek castle tribulation plat guide

Here’s a video of a run through the instance:


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