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Runscape Money : Wilderness Looting


Wilderness looting is a tried and tested way of making money in Runescape. If you do it properly you can make 100-200k an hour no matter what level you are.


You are going to need some equipment for protection as you are looting to protect yourself. Good items to get are:

  • Low Grade Dragonhide, Preferably Green

  • A Defense Amulet

  • Wizard Robes, get several from Canfis

  • Armor, get low level looking armor (mithril) , this will help PKer avoid you as you look like a n00b.

  • A weapon to take out, should you be attacked.

  • Cheap Food

  • Teleport tab

How Looting in the Wildeness Works

There are many different ways of making RS money. Some players like skilling to make money and some prefer to kill for their gold. But Wilderness looting might actually be the fastest way to make money in Runescape. As you can go to the Wilderness at any level and start looting without wasting a lot of time.

It can be very dangerous though, so be careful so you don’t lose your loot.

When looting you should have as much space in your backpack as possible, to maximize how much you can carry and also maximizing how much gold you can make.

When you are ready go to the Wilderness, there are some that are better than others like Edgeville Wilderness. Most PKers only loot the gold and leave the rest after a kill, leaving a lot of gear and items. After this it will take 30 seconds before you can loot the stuff, there will be other looters here so look out. Don’t pick up food or anything of little value. Get all the equipment and weapons and valuble items.

This method can really make you a lot of gold if you are careful and at any level!


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