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Skyrange Goat Farming 5k + Per Hour


The spot we are going to show you in this guide is one of the best farming locations i have found in Mists of Pandaria. You should have skinning though and mining helps a lot since there are a lot of deposits.. With a Potion of Luck you can easily make 5000 – 6000 gold an hour here or more.

The spot is the Skyrange in Valley of the Four Winds that is marked on the map below. This area is filled with goats that you can skin and you will get a lot of other nice loot here as well.

skyrange farming

Farming here for 20 minutes with a Potion of Luck on i got :

200 g in drops

19 Motes of Harmony

10 Black Trillium Ore = 150g

9 White Trillium Ore = 100g

15 Ghost Iron Ore = 50g

10 Greens = 1500 gold

200 Exotic Leather = 700g

Totalt = 2700 gold in 20 minutes!



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