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Stormwind Stockade Farming



Zone / Area :

Stormwind Stockade

Where :

The Entrance to the Stockade is inn the middle of Stormwind. This makes it pretty accessible for Horde players, who should do Ragefire Chasm instead.



Description :

The Stockade is one of the first instances you can visit in World of Warcraft along with the Ragefire Chasm. You can find it in the middle of Stormwind so farming here is mostly for alliance characters. Since the mobs here are only around level 20 + you can start farming here pretty early, making it a good newbie friendly farming zone. The instance is super short and quick and can be done in only a couple of minutes. You can probably do the instance 5 times (the limit for an hour) in about 20 minutes or so, so i like to hit it up a couple of time when i am in Stormwind just to fill up the trader a bit. Linen and wool cloth drop a lot here and you can usually get a couple of stacks in a run + 4-6 greens and a few other items.

Stormwind Stockade Entrance

Gold Per Run :

500g – 2000g

Gold Per Hour :

2000g +

Example Loot from one run :

Vendor Trash: 3g

5 Greens: 1500g

Cloth and Misc. Items : 200g


1703 gold in 5 minutes

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