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Everquest 2 Plat Guide : Shard of Hate

In this guide i will show you how to make a lot of platinum by going to the Shard of Hate. To get to the Shard of Hate, head to Neriak and go through the portal there to the Shard of Hate. The bosses here drop a lot of plat and you can make upwards and above 100 plat here in less than an hour.

The map below shows the approximate location of the Shard of Hate

The mobs here are epic x4 mobs. But at level 90 + with decent gear and a merc they shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Optimally you should be above level 90 but not level 95. At 91 all the trash here will be greyed out so you can skip them. But at level 95 the bosses will be greyed out as well. Chronoing to 90 works, but you will have to fight all the trash. read more

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Everquest 2 Leveling Guide: Intro

Looking to level quicker in Everquest? Well look no further, this is a guide to the quickest and best leveling in Everquest 2. From level 1 all the way to 95!

Before you start you might want to check out “Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience

A few points to keep in mind before you start leveling:

Veteran rewards: Be sure to claim all veteran rewards and other items you can /claim. These items will help you level a lot faster.

AA Specs: Do research and find out what leveling AA spec works best for your class. EQ2Flames is a good place to start. read more

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Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 85 – 92 Destiny of Velious

Great Divide

At around level 85 you can leave behind Sentinel’s Fate and the Stonebrunt Highlands, and move on to Destiny of Velious. These zones are going to be a lot more active than most of the previous ones you’ve been through, and you should try to do the public quests here as they provide good gear for little effort. You can also try finding some groups for the various instances.

The first zone is the Great Divide, get here from the giant turtle at the docks in Sinking Sands. The zone is huge with a lot of quests. The biggest quest hub is right at the start and you will spend quite some time on the first island. Try to do some of the public quests here when you can to upgrade your gear, the PQ’s can award you with good legendary and fabled equipment. When you start to run out of quests head over to Eastern Wastes. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Leveling Guides

Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 78 – 85+ Sentinel’s Fate

When you are finished with the Rise of Kunark zones, you can move on to the Sentinel’s Fate zones. This is really when the fun begins, you are nearing the last tiers of the game. You can now also start looking for groups if you would like to gear up and get some experience for end game content. The Sentinel’s Fate zones, are just two zones but they are huge and both have tons of quests.

Sundered Frontier

The first zone is the Sundered Frontier. Like the Kingdom of Sky zones, you can reach most of the zone by using the cloud stations to get around. You start in and around Paineel and the quests here send you out into the rest of the zone. At around level 82 – 83 you can move on to Stonebrunt Highlands. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Leveling Guides

Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 66 – 77 Rise of Kunark

Kylong Plains

After finishing up in the Bonemire it’s time to move on to the Rise of Kunark zones, Kylong plains is the first one so head over there when you are ready. The zones in Rise of Kunark are huge and have a lot of quest hubs.

When you arrive in Kylong Plains the first quest hub will be right next to you. Start questing there then move your way through the zone.

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done:

Kylong Plains Leveling Guide

Below is a list of the quests you should do while in Kylong Plains: read more

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Leveling Guides

Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 58 – 65 Kingdom of Sky

Tenebrous Tangle

At around level 55 – 57 you should move on to the Kingdom of Sky zones. These zones are fairly small and you can travel on little clouds, so getting all over the zones goes fast. Leveling here is a piece of cake compared to a lot of other zones, there are tons of easy, fast quests that will level you up to level 65 in no time.

The first zone is the Tenebrous Tangle. This zone is especially good, because of all the repeatable quests in and around the mail island that you start on. These quests give awesome XP and can be repeated a set amount of times. The quests in Tenebrous Tangle should take you to at least level 60 before you move on to Barren Sky. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Leveling Guides

Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 53 – 57 The Sinking Sands

At around level 52 you will finish up in Lavastorm and you can move on to the Desert of Flames zones. In particular Sinking Sands, though heading to Pillars of Flame and doing some quests can reward you with some good XP. Stay in Sinking sands until around 57. Start by doing the quests where you zone in with the carpet then work your way around the zone. If you reach a level 57 before you completed all the quests you should turn the AA slider to 100% before completing the rest of the quests

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done: read more

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Everquest 2 : Best Solo Class

Nowadays most classes solo and level pretty well in EQ2, as the classes are mostly fairly well balanced. So any class can definitely solo just fine while leveling all the way up to level 95. But there are some classes that are faster, can take down harder mobs, and that can take down more mobs at a time. This will make you level up faster, but can also be used later to make tons of plat or acquire gear by yourself. A good solo class will be able to solo instances and raids one tier down from what they are, and this is one of the big money makers in the game. read more

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Warlock Guide

(The tips in this Warlock guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

The Warlock in Everquest 2 is a dark and powerful spellcaster, using poisons and the power of decay to destroy their foes. They have some very useful debuffs and DoTs and their AoE spells are mostly unmatched in the game.

Core Stats: Intelligence

Recommended Deity: Bertoxxulous (Evil)  Solusek Ro (Good)

Recommended AA Spec / AA Build: Warlock AA Spec (This is a good starting spec, but feel free to build / change it to suit your playstyle) read more