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The Oculus and Nexus Farming


Zone / Area :

The Oculus and The Nexus

Where :

Northern Borean Tundra. The Entrance to both instances is right next to each other on Coldarra.



Description :

The Oculus and The Nexus are two easily soloable Wotlk instances. They are both pretty quick and you will get a lot of green and blue gear here that you can make a profit from. When flying the drakes in The Oculus, most of it can be skipped and you can just head straight for the bosses. A level 90 of any class  shouldn’t have any problem soloing these and it can also be done easily way before level 90. These instances is one of the quickest places to stack up on Wotlk era gear to sell on the AH so i farm here quite frequently. You can get anything from 15 – 25 greens and usually 1 -2 blues in a run. You don’t need to do both instances but i like to just to switch things up a bit.

Gold Per Run :

5000g +

Gold Per Hour :


Example Loot from one run :

Vendor Trash : 130g
15 Greens + 2 Blues : 5200g
Cloth and Misc. Items : 500g


5830 gold

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