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WoW Gold Guide : Dungeon Boosting Gold Guide


Boosting people through dungeons is one of my favorite ways to make gold. Most WoW players usually has some gold to spare and most players are sick of leveling so there is a good amount of gold to be made this way. You can usually make 1000g – 10000g an hour depending on your server doing this.

The way to do this is to go to your factions major hub (Orgrimmar og Stormwind) and post something like this in the chat “Doing dungeon boosts for gold. Send me a tell with price or budget”. Players are usually willing to pay a lot for this as you can level pretty fast being boosted through dungeons, especially if they are RAF (recruit a friend) character they get a 3x experience boost. If you get boosted with RAF you can level 5 – 10 levels an hour from level 15 -80. I’ve had people pay me 20000g gold an hour for boosts.

When you get a reply after posting in the chat, agree on what you are going to be paid. I usually like to be paid every hour or after every level instead of all at once as you know neither of you will get scammed. Also agree on what to do with loot, usually the players looking for boosts are rich and they won’t need any of the gear and items that drop so usually they will let you keep all the loot as well. This now combines two ways of making gold, so if you are getting paid 5000g for a boost + earning 5000g and hour from drops, you have now doubled your hourly income.

Once everything is agreed on, head to a level appropriate zone and blast through them as fast as possible (remember to get your payments as you go). If you do this a lot, people will tell there friends and guild mates. I get tells all the time from buddies of people I’ve boosted earlier asking for boosts, and i could probably make upwards a million gold a week doing this. Joining a guild with a lot of members and giving discounts for boosts to guild mates is also a good idea to get more customers.

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