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Zul’Farrak Farming Guide – Make 5k Gold an Hour


Welcome to our Zul’Farrak farming guide. Zul’Farrak is a level 46-50 instance located in Tanaris, to the west of Gadgetzan. It is a very good zone for gold making as it drops tons of mageweave, green and blue BOE’s, recipies and loads more that might be worth a few gold on the auction house. I play on a server with a very good economy, some players on smaller servers might not make as much as i will show you in this guide, but still gold making should be very good nonetheless in Zul’Farrak.

For optimal use of this guide you should be level 85 but it can be done easily earlier, classes with strong AOE will also have an advantage here.


zul'farrak farming

Zul’Farrak is a outdoor zone so using a mount is possible, so as soon as you enter mount up and start racking up mobs. Go through the zone while continuing to rack up mobs, mounting up whenever you can to save time. Loot everything and go back to the entrance once finished, destroy all grey items and all the stuff that isn’t worth anything or go to Gadgetzan if you want to sell it. Disenchant all blue BOP items and worthless greens (use auctioneer to know which ones are worth keeping). Rise and repeat until your bags are full. After about 5 runs you should have filled all your bags and can return to your city of choice to sell it all. This should take between one and two hours.
Below i have shown the most efficient route through the zone:

Zul'Farrak gold map

This is what i had in my bags after 5 runs:
33,5 stacks of Mageweave Cloth (40g per stack) = 1360g
8,5 stacks of Moonberry Juice (20g per stack) = 160g
4 x green recipies = 800g
2,5 stacks of greater mana potions = 150g
1,5 stacks of silk cloth = 30g
28 x radiant shards (14g each) = 390g
13 x lesser nether essence (15g each) = 195g
1 x aquamarine = 18g
6 x vision dust = 16g
7 x dream dust = 13g
2 x BOE Blues = 970g
16 x BOE Greens = 5000g ( this might be different on other servers but random greens sell for hundreds of gold on my server due to transmogrification etc.)
1 x Journeyman Backpack = 15g

Total: 9143 Gold

Here’s a screenshot taken only 30min after i listed all the item’s on the auction house:

zul'farrak ah gold

Video showing a full run through Zul’Farrak (Video skips ahead a bit on some parts):

If you have any questions about our Zul’Farrak Farming Guide, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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    Mar 28, 2014

    I just run it once, to test, and it gave 112 gold.

    • How did you manage that? Just the gold drops and vendortrash will be that much? Just one crappy green item on the AH on most servers will sell for more.

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