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DDO Leveling : Guide to Bonus XP and Faster Leveling

Leveling in Dungeons and Dragons Online can be a bit tedious and you will have to run the same instances quite a few times when leveling. Especially on TR (True Reincarnation ) Characters that require more experience points to level up. There are quite a few ways to speed up the leveling process though and in this guide I will show you all the possible ways to increase XP gain through Potions, Tomes, Bonus Xp weekends amongst other things.

Dungeon Bonus XP

These bonuses are the most common XP bonuses and you will almost always gain get one or two when running a quest. Examples of these are The Aggression bonus where you get a 10% bonus for killing a certain number of mobs in an instance or the Ransack bonus which gives you 15% bonus for smashing a lot of objects in the instance. Most of the time these are more effort than what they are worth, so I usually don’t pay much attention to these unless I know that a certain bonus in a certain instance is worth the trouble. read more

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DDO : How to Acquire Muckbane Guide

Muckbane is an extremely valuable and useful weapon for players in DDO.  Muckbane is a club that cannot be destroyed when fighting oozes and slimes, this is very useful because normal weapons will be destroyed very easily by oozes and you will be left with no weapon in the middle of a dungeon.  If you have Muckbane you can simply switch over to using that and your weapon won’t be damaged or destroyed.  This can also be used as a platinum guide as Muckbane can fetch up to and probably more than 20,000 Platinum. read more