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Diablo 3 Fastest Way to Level 60

So what is the fastest way to level 60 in Diablo 3? There certainly are a lot of good power leveling methods on how to level fast in D3, and quite a few you can find on this site. In this quick guide i will show you some little tips that you can use to optimize your leveling speed in Diablo 3, so that you can level to level 60 quickly. If you really want to blast through levels, i would suggest looking at some premium Diablo 3 Guides, as they cover every aspect of the leveling game, and of D3 in general. Read on to find some good leveling tips for Diablo 3.

  • Socketet Experience Helmet. A good socketed helm can improve your leveling speed in D3 a lot. Head over to the Auction House and get the best helmet you can and a ruby. This will give you 5-30% increased experience gain from killing enemies. This won’t work on quest XP, but it still helps a lot. Lets say it a 30% experience gain from mobs helps you level 15% faster in general. And let’s say you spend 40 hours getting to level 60, just using the helm will cut down time by 6 hours and leveling time will be 34 hours instead of 40.

  • Don’t waste time on hard elites. If your goal is to just level as fast as possible, don’t get stuck on impossible mobs. Pull the mobs away from the path you are going, when you respawn and go back they will be wherever you pulled them.

  • Repeating Nighmare Act 1. The Xp here is great, so the rest of nightmare will be a lot easier if you repeat this once or even twice.

– Do Hell Act 1 until level 55. At level 55 you can get some amazing gear upgrades and a lot better weapons. This will help you a lot continuing on.

– Do Hell Act 2 until 60. With your new gear, act 2 will be pretty easy and leveling will be quick. Once you are level 60 you can get Inferno quality gear and the rest of Hell will be a piece of cake.

diablo 3 fastest way to level 60

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