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Diablo 3 General Leveling Tips

Leveling up in Diablo 3 can be tedious and you will have to run some of the same content again and again. But there are some leveling tips you can use to level faster. And in this guide I will show you some tips!

–          Choose a class and stick It out. You might want to play the all down the line, but don’t start them all at the same time. Once you have a high level character you will have tons of gold and making alt and leveling them will be easier since you can buy them good gear. Starting new characters all the time will result in you never reaching level max level.

–          Find Players to play with. Leveling in a group is much more efficient and faster than leveling solo.

–          Get + XP gear. This will help your leveling speed.

–          Do all the good grinding spots atleast a couple of times before moving on to the next part. Check out our Leveling section for good bosses to farm for XP and gold.

–          Don’t go out of the way to destroy everything in every zone. You rush through the zone as fast as you can. If there is a barrel in front of you, smash it. If there’s a barrel down the hall and you’re not going that way, skip it.

–          Make your own strategies and try to think when running through zones, what would be a good grinding location.

–          Get a lot of gold! When you have gold, you can get new, better gear for your characters and you will in turn level much faster. Check out our Gold Guide Section for guides on how to make gold.

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