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Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Tips

eso leveling tips

This guide are just tips and tricks that can be useful to know while leveling in Elder Scrolls Online. If you want specific grinding locations or leveling guides, check out our Leveling Guides section for more.

Grinding Vs. Questing: Leveling in ESO is quite slow. Grinding and Questing seems to be about the same when it comes to leveling speed, if you know the right grinding locations.

Addons and UI :  XPView is  a nifty addon to have. It won’t increase your leveling speed, but it will show you long it is until your next level both in minutes and in amount of mobs killed.

Ring of Mara: The Ring of Mara is obtainable by characters who get married. You will get a 10% XP increase when you level with your partner.

Potions : Potions area easily obtainable in Elder Scrolls Online. They drop from most mobs. Press Q while browsing your inventory to equip potions.

Crafting :  Crafting leads to better gear, better gear equals faster leveling. Crafting in ESO is very easy compared to many MMO’s and you will easily be able to craft yourself some gear upgrades.

Bag Space : To begin with, bag space is scarce in ESO. You can however get more bagspace from backpack merchants in town. Getting a horse can also give you more bagspace. The more space you have, the less you have to go back to town and sell things.

Mounts and travel: Horses lets you travel faster. Faster traveling equals faster leveling. Use waypoints as much as you can / can afford as well.


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