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Everquest 2 : Quick Dungeon Mark Farming Guide

The Dungeon Maker in EQ2 allows players to make custom dungeons that other players can adventure in. You don’t play as yourself however, you choose a avatar that you play as (orcs, goblins, gnolls and all kinds of monsters). These avatars can drop from mobs, be purchased through the marketplace or bought for plat. When you kill mobs in a dungeon maker adventure you accumulate a little bit of XP and dungeons marks. These tokens and the XP are only given to you if you go all the way to the exit, you don’t have to kill all the mobs though. The dungeon marks can be spent in the Marketplace, either for dungeons maker items, equipment, or mystery crates. The items from the mystery crates can be sold to vendors for a good profit.


When you enter a dungeon you will have to chose a avatar between the ones you have gathered. Everquest 2 is all about knowing your class, but these avatars have very few skills, 4 or so, making them really easy to learn to play. Your avatar should have good DPS and healing capabilities. There are no best avatars, so just pick one you like, learn to play it and start farming.

An example of a Dungeon Maker Avatar.
An example of a Dungeon Maker Avatar.


Some people like to farm short dungeons many times, others like to farm long instances a few times. I like both, depending on how much time I’ve got. But the most important thing to remember is that the entrance and the exit should be places right next to each other so you can exit and get all the marks/XP if you don’t want to go all the way through. If you do not, you might be stuck with having to exit without getting any XP or marks.

Pick a dungeon through the dungeon maker screen with high rating and find one with the exit near the entrance and start grinding.

everquest dungeon maker
A dungeon with the exit and entrance close to eachother.


Enter the dungeon and fight as many mobs you can / have the patience for. If you get stuck on a mob / mobs that are to powerful you can just exit, since you picked a dungeon with the exit close to the entrance, and re-enter.  Finishing a dungeon won’t reward you with more tokens, only killing mobs count towards tokens. So therefor i like to mostly kill all the first mobs in a fairly large 400 + token dungeon and then re-enter it.

Making Plat

Upon exiting the dungeon you will get rewarded with tokens. 30-50 tokens will take 10-20 minutes to farm this way. You can use these on anything you like, but if you want some quick plat chose the cheapest mystery crates. The reason why i chose the cheapest ones is because the items from the more expensive ones won’t sell for much more to vendor than the items from the cheap ones.A Small Mysterious Crate is costs 5 marks, and will reward you with legendary gear that sells for between 40-70 gold a piece. So for 50 token you can get up to 5 plat. Using this method i average 10 plat an hour.

Example Dungeon Maker Farming Run:

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    Jun 26, 2013

    Dungeon mark purchasable items can no longer be sold to vendors. All non-consumables can not be traded to other accounts.

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