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Everquest Powerleveling Guide

Powerleveling is the act of gaining a lot of levels at a very fast rate. This is usually done with one account with a high level player and one account with the character you want to powerlevel. Powerleveling is the most efficient way of leveling, and you can gain hundreds of AA’s and a lot of levels in no time. Being PLed you can get to a very high level and tons of AA’s in a manner of hours. If you don’t have anyone to PL you, you can always do it yourself on a second account provided you already have a high level character. You can also kinda powerlevel yourself up until level 65 with a mercenary.

All classes can powerlevel, but some are better than others. Rangers with Headshot are the best. Classes with heals, buffs and damage shields are also very good. Rangers, Shadowknights, Bards, Clerics and Druids are excellent powerleveling classes.

Character can group with other characters 1.5 times your level. So to group with someone that are level 90, you have to be level 60. (60 x 1.5 = 90) Getting to level 60 is very fast though and can be done in a few hours.

There are several ways of PLing and below i will explain how they work. If you are looking for places to Powerlevel, check out the Everquest Leveling Guide.

Headshot Leveling: This can only be done with Rangers. Rangers that have the Headshot AA have a chance of their Ranged Attacks to instantly kill a mob that are significantly lower level than they are. As you spend more AA’s in Headshot the level of the mobs you can instantly kill increases. When you can group with the Ranger, hit up a zone with a lot of headshotable mobs and go to town. This is one of the fastest ways of leveling there is.

Damage Shield Powerleveling: This method works best with a Ranger, Bard or Druid. But any class can do it with a Damage Shield Potion. Before the character being powerleveled is high enough to level with the high level character, this is the most efficient method. Gear with damage shield on is also a bonus. Damage from damage shields count as neutral damage, so the low level character can do 1 point of damage to a mob, then let the high level character kill it with the damage shield and you will get XP. Pull everything in sight with the character with the damage shield on, be careful not to have a to powerful damage shield, this will kill the mob instantly. Then have the character being powerleveled hit every mob once and watch the XP flow. Having a Cleric merc helps a lot with keeping you alive. The character being powerleveled should also have a AOE to damage all the mobs, if your class don’t have a AOE you can farm Holgresh Mojo Sticks for the character.

Tank Powerleveling: You can also powerlevel if you have a tank. Get a Healer Merc for the tank, then have the tank pull a lot of mob. If you don’t have a damage shield, have the low level character damage the mobs until below 50% then have your tank kill him.

Grouping: When you are level 60 you can start grouping with level 90 characters.  Simply group up with a higher level characer and hit up any zone. The mobs should be green or higher to the level 90, gray mobs does not work.

Mercenary Powerleveling: If you have a gold account your Mercenary is going to be very powerful until around level 65. Having a tank merc will almost be like powerleveling, they have very high ac, regen and damage and will be able to kill yellow con mobs by themselves. This works very well with multiple accounts and you can have one tank merc, one healer merc and one dps for example. Let you merc or mercs to all the work while you get all the XP.


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