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How to make Plat on Project 1999

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In classic Everquest, making plat was no easy feat. No auction house or any other features you now expect from Mmo’s. Everything is sold through the chat or to vendors.

The first thing you need to know about making plat on the Project 1999 servers is that the East Commonlands tunnel is where it happens. The East Commonlands or EC is a zone right next to North Freeport. Once you zone into EC you will most likely see your chat flood with /auction messsages of people trying to sell their stuff. This is where you want to be when you’ve got loot to sell and leveling here from around 3 – 10 is smart since you can sell your loot in the same zone.

Below i will list some of the methods i have found to be the best to make plat.

1: Some low level items are pretty valuable and you should not vendor these.

Spider / Spiderling Silk : 10 – 20pp per stack

Bone Chips from Skeletons : 10pp per stack

High Quality Bear Skins : 20pp each

Greater Lightstones from Willowips : Can be given to npc’s in North Karana(good) and South Ro (Evil) for 9 plat each and XP.

2: Have a level 1 toon in North Freeport. Often you will find people killing the guards here and not looting since they can’t sell it and Fine Steel stuff weighs too much to carry around. I’ve made 1000 – 2000 plat in a day on a couple of occasions the last couple of weeks doing this. This step ties in with the next step as it also involves having a low level toon in NFP.

3: NPC vendors will often sell you cheap items that can be sold for much much more to players. As an example: I have a level 1 parked in Freeport that checks the vendors from time to time. Today i found 2 Sarnak Battlehammers that i paid 18 plat for each and a Ravenscale Cloak for about 40 plat. I sold the Battlehammers for 150 Plat each and the Ravenscale Cloak for 200 Plat making the total proft 420 plat for just a 5 min run through Freeport. The best vendors to check is Freeport + East and West Commons, Firiona Vie and the Overthere. This step ties in with the next step which also relies on having low level chars parked in FV and OT.

4: Make a Dwarf. Run to the Butcherblock docks and jump on the FV boat. Once you get to FV, find someone to bind you there. Run through the tunnels and into the Dreadlands. This part is tricky since you have to avoid the Drachnids and whatnot. Once in the Dreadland, run straight. Avoid all the mobs and get to Karnors Castle. You will die a lot doing this but it can be well worth it. Along the wall outside KC and inside KC a lot of high levels will be leveling. Many or even most of these won’t loot anything. So you can just stand around and loot. Gems and things like Mithril Amulets drop that can be sold for 100 plat to vendors and most of it rots. This is also a good way to get some gear. In one day of doing this i made 3000 plat + a Sarnak Hide Mask and some other nice items. This method can also be used in OT.

I hope this will help you make some plat in Project 1999. This guide will be updated with more tips.

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